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2021 in Review: The Biggest Plot Twists

TV Plot Twists 2021

In another overwhelming year full of 500-plus TV shows to choose from, it’s nice to know some small-screen offerings still found ways to shock and pleasantly surprise us.

From murders by rattlesnake to body swaps, faked deaths and duplicitous Squid Game identities, TV in 2021 kept us talking and comparing notes — if only over Slack and Twitter. To that end, in the list below, we’re revisiting nearly 30 of the TV plot twists that sent our jaws straight to the floor this year.

As is the case with all of TVLine’s year-end roundups, be warned: THIS GALLERY IS A SPOILER MINEFIELD. Therefore, if you aren’t fully caught up on any of the following 28 shows, you might want to consider revisiting this list once you’ve gotten your binge on:

Batwoman, Behind Her Eyes, Charmed, Cruel Summer, Evil, Good Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Heels, La Brea, Legacies, Loki, Lucifer, Mare of Easttown, Mayans MC, Midnight Mass, Money Heist, NCIS, SEAL Team, Snowfall, Squid Game, Ted Lasso, This Is Us, True Story, Tyler Perry’s The Oval, Tyler Perry’s Sistas, Virgin River, The Walking Dead and/or Yellowstone.

Scroll down to relive the two-dozen-plus good, bad and ugly moments that blew our minds this year, then drop a comment or two with your own suggestions for plot twists that are still taking up space in your brain.

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