Year in Review

19 Series Finales From 2021, Graded

With over 80 shows having ended this year, we definitely said goodbye to many, many comedies and dramas in 2021. But not every single one of them was intended to be a farewell, and even those that were didn’t always hit the mark. READ MORE & VIEW LIST

Year in Review

2021 in Review: Underrated Actors, Saddest Cancellation, Most Improved Series, Lamest Cameo and More

Thus far in TVLine’s Year in Review, we’ve been looking at the big picture: The very best shows! The most jaw-dropping plot twists! The TV performance that outshined them all!

But now, we’re going a bit more granular. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Year in Review

2021 in Review: 12 Dumb Things TV Did

If we have learned anything from our years and years of interviewing network executives, producers and actors, it’s that making TV is not easy. So, the occasional foul-up and blunder is bound to happen along the way.

All of which is our genteel way of saying READ MORE