Legacies Sneak Peek: Is Josie Finally Ready to Accept Hope's Apology?

The following scene from tonight’s Legacies (The CW, 9/8c) may not pass the Bechdel test, but it does suggest that Hope and Josie might someday manage to repair their damaged relationship. And that’s not nothing. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Evil: Renée Elise Goldsberry Teases Her 'No-Nonsense' Lawyer's Charged Reunion With David — Watch Video

David will find himself haunted in this week’s Evil, but not by any unholy entity: Tonight’s episode (CBS, 10/9c) marks the first time he’ll be in the presence of a key figure from his past. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Year in Review

2019 in Review: The 25 Character Deaths That Just About Killed Us

Here’s the thing: We understand that TV characters aren’t real people, but it still hurts when our favorites suddenly die on us, making the past calendar year especially rough for Team TVLine. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS