Post Mortems

The 100 EP Breaks Down Series Finale's Biggest Moments: Humanity's Fate, Those Epic Returns and Much More

“The Last War” reached an unexpected conclusion in Wednesday’s series finale of The 100, which put the entire human race — what’s left of it, anyway — on trial. READ MORE & GRADE IT

Fall TV Preview

The Walking Dead Showrunner Reminds 'Donnie' Fans That Daryl Still Hasn't Given Up Hope That Connie's Alive

Fans of The Walking Dead have seen neither hide nor hair of Connie since February’s “Squeeze,” in which Carol appeared to blow to smithereens BFF Daryl’s first real chance at a romance. READ MORE

Fall TV Preview

The Conners Trailer: Darlene and Becky Take Jobs at Wellman Plastics Amid Pandemic in Season 3 — Watch

As the old saying goes, “History is doomed to repeat itself.” Darlene and Becky learn that the hard way in The Conners‘ pandemic-themed Season 3 trailer, as the single moms follow in Roseanne and Jackie’s footsteps. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO