Midnight Mass: The Best Monologues


By now, there’s a good chance you’ve attended Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan’s recently released Netflix horror drama. And once you’ve gotten past the shock (whoa that angel) and the angst (soooo much heartbreaking loss), you’ve probably noticed something else: In typical Flanagan fashion, the show contains some great monologues.

Both of Flanagan’s previous Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, were hallmarked by extended speeches that allowed viewers a special kind of insight into the characters’ inner thoughts. Midnight Mass is no different — and we thought we’d go back and highlight some of our favorite moments.


The list below contains what we feel are the best monologues from the seven-episode season. From the galvanizing (go Leeza!) to the gutting (pretty much anything Riley uttered!), we’ve drawn attention to the passages that really moved us. In each case, we offer a little context and the best bits — in case you want to go back and revisit those episodes at your leisure.

But warning: The rundown contains spoilers, so if you haven’t yet watched and don’t want to know what happens, make sure to bookmark this page and return after you’ve seen through to the season finale.

And if you’re already good to go? The power of the Lord compels you to scroll down and see our picks!