Outlander: Your Quick Guide to Catching Up Before Season 3 Starts

Outlander Season 2 Catch Up Recap All Episodes

Sure, you were planning to get up to speed on Outlander‘s second season ahead of the drama’s Sept. 10 return (Starz, 8/7c), but the entire summer — just like the 200 years that (Spoiler alert!) now separate Jamie and Claire — flew by in an instant.

Dinna fash: You’ve got more than a week until the Season 3 premiere, and TVLine is here to help.

Below is an ultraquick recap of each Season 2 episode. If you’re super busy, keep it handy on Sept. 10 as the new episodes begin. And if you happen to have a little leisure time this holiday weekend, use it as a guide as you watch Starz’s Season 2 marathon, airing Saturday.

Got questions? Want more detail? We’ve included links to our full recaps, as well as post mortems and other fun features related to the series’ sophomore season. So read on to catch up on the adventures of Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the rest of the plaid gang.

Outlander Season 2 Catch Up Quick RecapEPISODE 1, “THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY” Claire’s back in Scotland. Years after she disappeared. And she’s pregnant, but only a little. Huh? Frank trashes a shed, then offers to raise the kid as his own… provided she never speak of Jamie again. She agrees. In a flashback, the Frasers make an enemy — the nefarious merchant Le Comte St. Germain — on their first day in France. Full recap here.

EPISODE 2, “NOT IN SCOTLAND ANYMORE” | Jamie meets Prince Charles Edward Stuart, leader of the Jacobite cause (which the Frasers are outwardly supporting yet secretly trying to thwart, in hopes of changing a history that ended badly for the Scottish clans). Claire learns that Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall survived the stampede at the prison and that his brother, Alex, is assistant to the Duke of Sandringham. Full recap here.

Outlander Season 2 Catch Up Quick RecapEPISODE 3, “USEFUL OCCUPATIONS AND DECEPTIONS” | A bored and pregnant Claire begins volunteering at a charity hospital. Jamie essentially adopts a young pickpocket named Fergus. The Frasers yell at each other a little. Full recap here.

EPISODE 4, “LA DAME BLANCHE” | Claire and Mary Hawkins, a young Englishwoman she’s befriended, are attacked in the streets; Mary is raped, and Claire is sure Le Comte is behind it all. The Frasers host a dinner party designed to thwart Prince Charles’ funding for the war; it doesn’t work. Claire and Jamie make up, and it carries over into the (very blue) bedroom. Full recap here.

Outlander Season 2 Catch Up Quick Recap

EPISODE 5, “UNTIMELY RESURRECTION” | Claire and Jamie run into Black Jack Randall at Versailles. Jamie and Randall agree to duel, but Claire asks her husband to put the fight off for a year, which is time enough for Randall to father the child who will eventually become Frank’s ancestor. Jamie angrily agrees, but he really doesn’t like it. Full recap here.

EPISODE 6, “BEST LAID SCHEMES” | The Frasers tell Murtagh that Claire is a time-traveler. When Jamie catches Randall trying to rape Fergus, the duel is back on. The fight ends with Jamie’s sticking his sword into Black Jack’s crotch and Claire’s fainting on the sidelines as she begins to miscarry their child. Full recap here.

Outlander Season 2 Catch Up Quick RecapEPISODE 7, “FAITH” | Claire and Jamie’s daughter, who is named Faith, is stillborn at the charity hospital. Jamie is thrown in the Bastille for dueling. Claire springs him by asking a favor of the king. Le Comte dies, and Claire is there, but it’s not her fault. Realizing France was a verra, verra bad idea overall, the Frasers plan to return to Scotland. Episode post mortem interview with Caitriona Balfe here.

EPISODE 8, “THE FOX’S LAIR” | Back in Scotland, Jamie and Claire try to get his grandfather, Lord Lovat, to support Charles’ cause; they’re kinda successful. Laoghaire pops up again and clearly isn’t over Jamie. Full recap here and post mortem interview with Nell Hudson here.

Outlander Season 2 Catch Up Quick RecapEPISODE 9, “JE SUIS PREST” | Dougal, Rupert and Angus show up ready to fight with the Jacobite army, though Jamie’s uncle chafes at having to take orders from his nephew. Lord John Grey, who will be important next season, is introduced. Claire suffers WWII PTSD. Full recap here.

EPISODE 10, “PRESTONPANS” | The Jacobite army is victorious over the British at the Battle of Prestonpans, but Angus dies. Full recap here and post mortem interview with Stephen Walters here.

Outlander Season 2 Catch Up Quick RecapEPISODE 11, “VENGEANCE IS MINE” Rupert loses an eye when Jamie’s camp comes under enemy fire. Claire winds up at an estate belonging to the Duke of Sandringham, who tricks her into luring Jamie there so he can turn him over to the British. Oh, and Mary Hawkins is staying there, too. Claire realizes that Sandringham was behind the attack/rape in Paris; this news causes Murtagh, who rides to the ladies’ rescue with Jamie, to behead the aristocrat. Full recap here and post mortem interviews with Duncan Lacroix and Simon Callow here.

EPISODE 12, “THE HAIL MARY” Prince Charles presses on, even though the army is about to drop. Claire runs into Mary, who is living with Alex Randall; Black Jack is there, as well. Alex is dying, so he asks his brother to mary Mary, who’s pregnant. Black Jack eventually agrees, but no one thinks the union is a good idea. And in exchange for easing Alex’s suffering, Black Jack gives Claire info on British troop movements. But the prince botches Jamie’s last possible chance at subverting the massacre to come, so onto Culloden Moor we go!  Full recap here.

EPISODE 13, “DRAGONFLY IN AMBER” | Dougal walks in on Jamie and Claire plotting to poison Prince Charlie — in order to stop the impending carnage — and attacks them. In the end, Dougal is dead at Mr. and Mrs. Fraser’s hands… and Jamie is sprinting back to the standing stones to make Claire return to her time before the battle begins. When she balks, he reveals that he knows she’s pregnant again, and he begs her to go back for the baby’s sake. After some tearful farewell sex, she complies. Decades after her return to the so-called present, Claire and her grown-up daughter, Brianna, attend Rev. Wakefield’s funeral in Scotland. The reverend’s now-adult adopted son, Roger, takes a fancy to Bree and winds up helping her discover that Frank Randall isn’t her biological father. When the young woman confronts her mother, Claire confesses everything — time travel and all — and Bree doesn’t believe her until they and Roger witness Gillian Edgars (aka Geillis Duncan) going back through the stones. Then Roger and Bree discover that Jamie actually did not die at the Battle of Culloden, leading Claire to decide that she must return to James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser’s side once more. Post mortem interview with Ronald D. Moore here and Diana Gabaldon’s thoughts on a moment cut from the Frasers’ farewell here.

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