Outlander Video: Tobias Menzies Takes Us Inside Frank's Violent Breakdown

If you’ve had a stressful day, Outlander star Tobias Menzies has a suggestion for breaking the tension… provided you’ve got an old, cluttered shed and years of repressed worry handy.

Because when Frank had a momentary breakdown and busted up the Rev. Wakefield’s outbuilding in the Starz series’ highly emotional Season 2 premiere, the effect was largely cathartic, the actor says. “I can recommend it,” he adds, laughing.

Much of the drama’s return involved Frank’s reaction to his wife’s reappearance in the 1940s after a two-year absence. He feared she’d been kidnapped, killed or (worse) taken up with another man; in reality, she’d been sucked back in time to the 1700s, where she eventually married a Scot and wound up in France.

We talked with Menzies about “Through a Glass Darkly,” specifically, the heavy scenes he played opposite co-star Caitriona Balfe as Claire revealed she was pregnant with Jamie Fraser’s baby. Find out why Menzies looks forward to filming such intense scenes — and why he thinks he and Balfe might not have been able to make the highly charged moment happen in Season 1.

Press PLAY on the video above to hear Menzies’ thoughts on the episode.

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