Cable/Streaming Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Cancelled? What's On the Bubble?

Renewed Cancelled Cable Series

Update: This scorecard is no longer current. For the latest renewal/cancellation intel, visit our new Cable and Streaming TV Scorecards.

New year, newly-updated Cable Renewal Scorecard!

The following handy cheat sheet features the current status of more than 100 of the buzziest* non-broadcast, PBS and streaming offerings.

(*Due to issues related to length and our own sanity, not every cable series is included. Nor should they be. For our Broadcast Network Renewal Scorecard, click here.)

We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. 

And now the Scorecard, grouped alphabetically by network…

Bates Motel: Series finale aired April 24

Alpha House: Unofficially cancelled
Bosch: Renewed for Season 4
Catastrophe: Renewed for Season 4
Crisis in Six Scenes
: Season 2 is a long-shot
: Season 2 could go either way
Goliath: Renewed for Season 2
Good Girls Revolt: Officially cancelled
Hand of God
Officially cancelled
I Love Dick
: Season 2 is a safe bet
The Man in the High Castle
: Renewed for Season 3
Mozart in the Jungle
: Renewed for Season 4
One Mississippi
: Renewed for Season 2
Patriot: Renewed for Season 2
Red Oaks
: Renewed for (final) Season 3
Sneaky Pete
: Renewed for Season 2
Transparent: Renewed for Season 4
Z: The Beginning of Everything: Renewed for Season 2

Better Call Saul: Renewed for Season 4
Fear the Walking Dead: Renewed for Season 4
Feed the BeastOfficially cancelled
Halt and Catch Fire: Renewed for (final) Season 4
Hell on Wheels: Series finale aired July 23, 2016
Humans: Renewed for Season 3
Into the Badlands: Renewed for Season 3
Preacher: Season 2 premiered June 19; Season 3 is too early to tell
The Son: Renewed for Season 2
TURN: Washington’s Spies: Final season premiered June 17
The Walking Dead: Renewed for Season 8

Full Circle: Season 3 finale aired Oct. 5, 2016; Season 4 is a long-shot
Ice: Renewed for Season 2
Kingdom: Final season premiered May 31
Mr. Mercedes: Series premiere airs Aug. 9
Rogue: Series finale aired May 24
You Me Her: Renewed for Season 3

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