Quarry Cancelled at Cinemax, Creators Unable to Find Drama a New Home

Quarry Cancelled

Quarry will not be returning for Season 2 — on Cinemax or any alternative outlet, series co-creator Michael D. Fuller confirmed on Wednesday.

Based on the novels of Max Allan Collins, the drama starred Logan Marshall-Green as Mac Conway, a Marine who after being shunned upon his return from Vietnam in 1972 gets drawn into a network of killing and corruption. TVLine readers gave the September premiere an average grade of “B+.”

“After a protracted and agonizing process, we have final confirmation that Quarry will not be returning to television,” Fuller, who co-created the series with Graham Gordy, wrote on his blog.

“There were several factors that contributed to the show’s ultimate fate, but a regime change at HBO and a re-(re?)-branding at Cinemax were of particular significance,” he explained. “We attempted to find another home for the show but were unable to do so.

“By virtually every metric (ratings, critical response) the show succeeded in all the ways a show needs to for a second season, but, as the erstwhile Head Ball Coach of my beloved Gamecocks was fond of saying, ‘It is what it is.’ TV’s tough and life is tougher, and like the titular character of the show, the series itself was ultimately the victim of a system that is relentlessly unforgiving.”

Interestingly, Cinemax pulled the plug on The Knick in March while claiming it would be re-focusing on “high-octane action dramas.”

Update: In a statement, HBO said of the decision, “We are immensely proud of the work by all of the talented individuals who contributed to Quarry. After evaluating ideas for continuing the story in the context of our future plans for Cinemax, we decided that it was best for all involved to end the narrative with Mac swimming across the Mississippi.”

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