Faking It Cancelled After 3 Seasons

Faking It Cancelled

Proving that broadcast networks aren’t the only ones dropping the ax this week, MTV has confirmed that Faking It will not continue beyond Season 3.

“My hope is that Faking It will be the first show that started what I call the post-gay era on television,” showrunner Carter Covington tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We always tried to approach the storytelling as coming from a place beyond coming out stories and really exploring the lives of all of our characters, regardless of their sexuality. My hope is that other shows will pick up from this move the ball forward. Audiences are ready for shows that don’t focus on characters’ differences and sexuality and speak more to our common characteristics as human beings.”

Convington adds, “That will always be my sole regret: that I never got to explore Karma and Amy together. I never got to look inward at Karma and have her question her friendship and why it’s so intense and her affection for Amy. I’m sad that I won’t get chance to do that. I felt like fans really deserved that and I’m sad they won’t get that.”

Because MTV owns the property, Covington says he’s unable to shop it around to other networks, effectively killing all hope for a revival. That said, Covington promises to share what was still to come:

Faking It‘s season series finale airs Tuesday, May 17 (10:30/9:30c).

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