Scream Renewed for Season 3

Scream Renewed Season 3

Tuesday’s Scream Halloween special (MTV, 9/8c) won’t be the last you see of the Lakewood Six; the slasher drama will return for a six-episode third season, TVLine has learned.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to report at the moment. Further details — including cast members and a premiere date — are not yet available, though MTV did confirm that the show is expected to get new showrunners for Season 3.

When last we left the Scream gang, Kieran — now in prison, following a few killer reveals — got a chilling phone call from someone claiming to be the real Ghostface. (Hmm… Could that be why a hotel clerk is seen welcoming “Mr. James” back to Lakewood in the Halloween special trailer?)

“There’s so much we can’t say about the future — and one of those things, of course, is how Kieran will continue,” then-showrunner Michael Gans told TVLine in August. “But he is alive and in prison … which means anything can happen.”

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