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Penny Dreadful Cancelled

Penny Dreadful Not Returning for Season 4, Confirms EP John Logan: 'Vanessa's Struggle Had to End'

The following story contains major spoilers about Sunday’s Penny Dreadful — proceed at your own peril.

What could be worse than Penny Dreadful creator John Logan killing off leading lady Eva Green? Logan killing off the show altogether.

Read it and weep: The Showtime drama will not be returning for a fourth season, meaning that Sunday’s Season 3 finale — which concluded with the death of Green’s long-suffering, demonically tortured heroine — was actually the series finale.

In the following Q&A with TVLine, Logan and Showtime president David Nevins reveal why and when they made the call to bring down the curtain, defend their decision not to give viewers more of a  heads-up that the end was nigh, and answer this doozy of a question: Was there a contingency plan in place to continue the series without Vanessa Ives?

TVLINE | When did you make the decision that this would, in fact, be the final season?
DAVID NEVINS | I will let John handle that because it was, ultimately, his decision. It was a creative decision about the trajectory of this character.
JOHN LOGAN | [The decision] was made a while ago. The show, to me, has always been about Vanessa Ives and her struggle with faith. I knew, sooner or later, it would get to a point of apotheosis, where she would either accept her God or deny her God. Midway through [Season 2] – so, two years ago — as I was planning a third season, I realized, “Oh, I see exactly where this is heading. She’s going to have that moment, and the only way she can truly have it is at the moment of her death.” So, in my mind, I began shaping the third season thinking about all the characters and how I could lead them to a place that felt like a fitting conclusion. And it was very difficult to do as a writer. I’m deeply attached to these characters. I feel like I created them, even the ones I didn’t, like Victor Frankenstein and the Creature; they’re real parts of me. Penny Dreadful Cancelled Season 4That’s particularly the case with Vanessa Ives. I felt like it was the graceful, perfect way to end her story and therefore the story of all the characters.

TVLINE | So you knew going into Season 3 that this was the final season?

NEVINS | That’s when I found out. I always knew this was not going to be a six- or seven-year show, but it was working really well for us. It was getting richer and deeper with each season. But when John came in to lay out Season 3, he said, “I think I have to end the season with the death of Vanessa Ives.” Then I went through a period of like, “Do I try to talk John out of it? And is there a show beyond her?” It just felt like the creative elements of this show are dependent on John Logan writing [for the character of] Vanessa Ives, and Eva Green playing Vanessa Ives. And I didn’t want to make the show without the creative elements that made it great. So after trying to talk John out of it for a little while, I said, “It’s OK. We can do it this way.” Then the question is, do we sort of warn the audience that this is the end? But, given the trajectory, that would have been really unfair, because people want to be surprised.

TVLINE | So you never considered promoting this as “the final season of Penny Dreadful“?
NEVINS | I considered it. But it seemed like the wrong way to do it. It wasn’t in the spirit of Penny Dreadful. I’m sensitive about it, because I think the show has a really passionate fan base. And [they’re] going to be very emotional.

TVLINE | John, did you consider doing a fourth season without Eva? Because it certainly seemed like Perdita Weeks’ Catriona was being groomed as her successor.
LOGAN | To me, the show was always going to achieve closure with the death of Vanessa. And all the storylines this season were meant to be leaving characters at a place of appropriate and beautiful stasis. So, in the last episode, Dorian Gray is left alone staring at his portrait; Sir Malcolm finds the family he lost with Ethan; Ethan finds the surrogate father he lost with Sir Malcolm; the Creature realizes that he can’t be part of the human family or the human community and he’s left kneeling on a grave, which is, poetically, where he belongs. So it was apparent that this season was leading toward the ending… And along the way, what makes a show interesting is vibrant characters. I loved [Weeks’ character] Catriona.

Penny Dreadful Cancelled Season 4TVLINE | So Mr. Lyle going off to Egypt wasn’t setting up the arrival of the Mummy in a potential Season 4?
LOGAN | [Laughs] No, that was really just to give that character a beautiful ending for a homosexual man in 1892. I love these characters so much. I wanted to give them all fitting endings.

TVLINE | I think fans are going to be bummed that Vanessa was so scarce a presence in these last two episodes. Since you knew going in that this would be the end, why not give us more Eva Green?
LOGAN | It’s akin to the decision of not announcing [Season 3 as the final season]. I believe in the coup de théâtre. I believe audiences want to be surprised. They want to have their breath taken away. I wanted to do a major reveal when you saw Vanessa as the Mother of Evil, per se, when she’s living with Dracula and you see what she’s become. Because she is responsible for this horrible plague that’s killing London. I thought less of her was better to make her appearances much more powerful. And she becomes the Maltese Falcon — that thing they’re all striving toward. It was purely a dramatic decision.

TVLINE | Maybe I’m just having a tough time letting go, but I feel like there is still so much life left in this franchise. I love Eva Green, but I could see the show potentially carrying on without her. John, why weren’t you more eager to keep the show going?
LOGAN | Because Eva Green is my muse for this show. And Vanessa Ives is my muse for this show. Her story had to end exactly as it ended for me. Would I have loved to keep telling her story for 10 years? Yes. But that would’ve been an act of bad faith. Vanessa’s struggle had to end, and it had to end in peace. That’s what the series was about for me. And as much as I love the other characters and the other actors and running this show, the central ticking clock of it was always Vanessa Ives.

TVLINE | When did you tell Eva that this was the end?
LOGAN | Eva and I talked every day on the set. First thing I would do is go sit in her trailer, and we would talk, sometimes for 10 minutes and sometimes for three hours. So she was aware of every permutation of my thought [process].
NEVINS | I can tell you that she knew before I did. [Laughs]
LOGAN | And I continue to have that relationship with her. Of all the Dreadfuls, she is the one I’m most kin to. From the first episode that I wrote, when I begged her to do the show for six months, she has been embedded in my DNA.

TVLINE | Was her reaction, “No, I want to keep going” or was it, “Thank God, I’m exhausted from playing this character”?
LOGAN | It was closer to the latter. [Laughs] Eva’s a true heavyweight. She’d go into the ring as often as I would send her in. But she knew as well as I did that it was the right ending for the character. She just wanted a beautiful ending.
Penny Dreadful Cancelled Season 4NEVINS | I think her performance will go down in history as one of the magnificent performances on television. Ultimately, the thought of trying to continue this iteration of Penny Dreadful without Eva seemed definitely wrong to John and fairly quickly seemed wrong to me, too. I think this is a part that, during the six months of the year that she’s doing it, takes a huge toll on Eva. She lives in it. She is haunted by the devil, and it’s not an easy way to get through life. So it was a relief to her soul that it was going to come to an end. But I think it’s great that we got 27 episodes.

TVLINE | Did Eva’s exhaustion influence the decision to end the series?
LOGAN | No. She has always been incredibly respectful of me and the character.
NEVINS | I think it’s pretty clear that Eva would crawl across broken glass for John Logan.

TVLINE | John, favorite moment from the series?
LOGAN | My personal favorite episode is Eva and Patti LuPone, when they’re off in the cottage in the second season. My relationship with Eva is such that being on the set with her when she was creating this incredible character with that kind of commitment was one of the most flattering and amazing experiences of my life.

TVLINE | What do you think the reaction will be when fans see the “The End” card?
NEVINS | I think they’ll be emotional. And maybe even devastated. But I hope, when they get past that, they’re going to feel satisfied. I think John has done a brilliant job of creating closure. Nobody can say he didn’t end the story on his terms.

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  1. Im going to miss this series. great cast.

  2. Murica! says:

    I will miss this show so much! One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Eva Green is a phenomenal actres!

  3. Jim says:

    Beautiful, moving, perfect. This show captured the feel of literature from its era in a way that other productions set in the period just do not. The ending like this just fits so well with that. Much respect. And those last few scenes, the visuals, were just so overwhelmingly pretty and achingly sad.

    • Nino says:

      Well said….
      I’m such a fan of the show. I’m sadden to see it end.

    • Tom Kohls says:

      I was so unprepared and so devastated. I’ve never felt like this over a series before. This was so much more..poetic and beautiful,the treatment of this genre has never been seen like it was in PD…And the characters were so real and layered. Thst is why I feel like it is incomplete…Especially the character of Lilly. She wasn’t finished in my mind. And the metaphorical connection of these two stories…one a powerful woman allowed to be,but cursed,and Bhrona a subjugated woman who found power,but way,but her loves and the world would allow ,didn’t want that for her,,that story wasn’t finished

      But we have to respect Logan’s need to stop this,,I just didn’t feel it was done,,the person I watched it with did She was fine with the ending. I was in shock. So,to each his own. But I’m very disappointed.
      I’m worried I’ll never feel anything close to what this work gave me … It will be hard to find. Game of Thrones,but I put it in another category ,but we will have it for a couple more years.

      • James J says:

        Well thought out and said. It takes a lot of writing to describe this show. I agree with you on everything. I truly believe this show is up there with The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel, and such if not better. I think “A Blade of Grass” episode is one of the best tv series episodes I’ve ever seen. Thanks for posting your enjoyable thoughts.

    • Maria M. Sanchez says:

      I will miss this show very much. I kept seeing Seasons 1 and 2 over and over again. I think once I saw Season 3 it will end my obsession with Penny Dreadful but I will always miss it and remember it as the best scary movie I’ve ever seen and the most beautiful and tear-jerking movie I’ve ever seen too. I loved all the characters, I was in love with Dr. Frankenstein and his Creature John Clare and of course Proteus. My heart is truly breaking that this beautiful, yet scary movie has ended. Thank you Mr. John Logan and your staff.

  4. Brooke says:

    You always want shows to end when the story is over, rather than when the ratings drop and they end ahead of what the showrunners planned. Good for them for focusing on the perfect story.

  5. Annie says:

    Wow I am impressed, satisfied and sad all at the same time. Well done, Penny Dreadful. Well freaking done.

    • Terrie says:

      very well said ! I agree but it has great potential for a come back. let’s cross our fingers lol. I would love to see the rest of the crew in a come back.

      • Maria Sanchez says:

        Yes Terri I would like to see if Lilly goes back to Dr. Frankenstein now that she knows that Dorian won’t get attached to anyone person . Since she doesn’t agree with living an eternity without love perhaps she’d go back to Dr. Frankenstein knowing that he truly loves her.

  6. nonobstant2000 says:

    ..but the show could go on without Eva Green – and despite her performance was stunning from the beginning to the end, isn’t it disrespectful for the other characters to leave it here? Why introducing Dr Jekyll, Catriona and Dr Seward then? These are wonderful adds to the cast and there a lot of potential interesting stories to tell with them..

    • Luce says:

      This interview/press release is dog and pony show. Nevins and Showtime wanted to cancel Penny Dreadful.

    • Good to see I’m not the only one thinking that! I thought they were going to do more with Dr Jekyll then just have him sort of help Dr Frankenstein try and brainwash Lily! It made no sense to me! I think they are lying about having it all planed out this way! I think they started out planning to do more, but sometime during the making of this season, maybe Showtime decided to get rid of it, or maybe Logan then decided to end it or Eva wanted out! But I don’t think it was as they say it was! Otherwise why bother with Dr Jekyll at all! Or why make a big deal about adding Patti Lupone as a regular character, if they planned to end it from the beginning? Or why bring in the new girl, Catriona Hartdegen, who had so much potential? There are way too many holes in this story they are trying to make us believe! Frankly as much as I loved the show, the whole devil/god story I felt kind of ruined the show! And as it turned out, in the end, it was what caused it to end! Why couldn’t they have left the god/devil stuff out, so they could focus on bringing in all the classic monsters and monster hunters into the show! Then it could have lasted longer! I always hate it when people combine Dracula with the devil! I mean they took out all of the classic things that went with vampires, like not being able to be out during the day, being afraid of crosses, and not being able to be killed by normal means, oh and the whole not being seen in a mirror bit! So why not stay away from the religious bit completely, why not just leave it a mystery? And why not have Dracula after Vanessa from the start, instead of first playing around with the Devil and having witches who are following him! Which by the way is stupid sense witches don’t believe in the devil, because they aren’t Christians! At least the real ones don’t, they’re pagans, and they have nothing to do with devils or angels or the Christian god! As much as I loved this show, they’re were way too many holes in the story, way too many things that didn’t really fit together with the rest of the show! This show could have been so much better then it was, its a shame that because of some silly writing it had to end! Because if they had just done away with the whole devil/god story, it would have been fine, and they wouldn’t have had to end it so soon! With it being just Dracula a vampire after Vanessa, it could have just been them battling vampires, instead of the devil and the end of days! That’s what happens when TV show creators shove religion where it doesn’t really need to be or fit into! Hopefully in a few years someone else will come up with their take on the classic monsters for a show, but then everyone will see it as a copy of this show, which of course is probably why it wont happen for many years to come! In a way Penny Dreadful just turned around and wasted the chance to create more stories of these classic monsters, all because they through in something that didn’t fit with the rest, that in the end, made them have to end it! When they wouldn’t have had to end it, if they had left the whole end of days story out! Why is it that most of the best shows get ruined by their own creators? Like Lost ending so stupidly, and so many others too! I can only think of a handful of shows who’s ending didn’t suck! Actually not even a handful, maybe 2 or 3 at most! Oh and I’m not talking about ones that got canceled just all of a sudden ether!

      • Amandria says:

        I am with you somewhere here at the last minute someone decided to end this. Clearly the characters of Mr. Hyde/Lilly and Catriona were added and were so super cool that it makes no sense that this was the ending of show. It felt rushed at the ending with the Talbot. I was only happy and saddened with the end of Frankenstein. This show was gearing up once again with great additions to just drop it, wonder what really happened.

      • Lee says:

        While I agree that the show should not have ended, and yes there are holes in the finality of the show. However, your comments about the “Christian God”, I cannot disagree more. This was set in 19th century, when God had much to do with that culture. As I will assert, God has always been apart of every culture, in recorded history.
        Someone connected with religion or some church must have hurt you very badly. Alternatively, you are actually angry with God Himself, for allowing you to go through something terrible. But was it really God, or someone else that hurt you? It was a person. God made us creatures with a free will, but we abuse it daily, so others hurt us, and we strike out and hurt others. Do you think it hurts Him when you mouth that anti-religion crap! It does not. It’s just you saying “look at me, I don’t believe, I’ve been hurt, look at me!” That much angst does not come from nowhere. If you think there is no God, than you are just an accident of evolution, and have no higher purpose. If someone kills you, they are just killing an accident of nature, and there is no moral wrong in it. But you will say, “No, I have a purpose in life, because I give myself a purpose”. But you are only borrowing that belief that from the belief about God, trying to make it yours. God has been a part of every culture since the beginning of recorded history. One reason for this is that no one knows what happens when we die, do you? If there is no God, who made your highly complex brain. Neuro-research has no ultimate explanation how the brain works, or how it came about. The brain is physical, chemical, and electrical, and controls every action or thought in your life. The brain is the most complex thing in the known universe. And your proclaiming, “No! No! There is no God who created me!”. How do you know? Can you explain the highly complex and wonderful organ that makes us who we are? Can you explain the heart: an amazing pump that lasts between 80- 100 years? There is no pump on earth that can reach that efficiency. Yet, it just popped into existence?
        No, Clara. You’re just a hurt woman who shakes her fist at the heavens. And yet, God, amazingly, still cares about you. He is still pursuing you. You should seriously think about turning to him. He will take care of you, but you have to stop being so angry with Him; when you’re this angry, you cannot perceive God.

        • Themistoclez says:

          oh boy….

        • Lana says:

          I agree.. I will miss the show and “everything” about it..

        • Shari says:

          Thank you so much.

        • Guy says:

          Religion and “God” are about as real as the fairy tales you were told as a child. And achieve the same result. They “comfort” you in the face of some unkown perceived mystery that frightens you. We are not all so pudding brained.

          • Ginger bug says:

            So sorry to hear your brain has turned to pudding!!! Keep your believes to yourselve no one wants to hear your opinion on our lord. This is suppose to be comments on a tv show not our faith!!! So I’m sure I speak for a lot of other people when I say keep your opinion to yourselve when it comes to religion!!!

        • Mauro Delgado says:

          You do know that the average life expectancy has only made it into the 70’s because of medicine and not God right? Believe what you want but don’t criticize someone for not believing the same as you. Your faith is based on Man made books not historic fact, and if I’m wrong please show me your facts and I’ll consider it. I’m not a closed minded person.

          • Ginger says:

            Good for you!! Everything back then was based on faith, and your rite when saying they want to base everything on scientific facts which I know is nothing but bs…….pick up the bible and read it. How is it a book that was written hundreds of years ago could tell us exactly what’s happening today, something writers should think about!!!!!

          • Miss Suzanne says:

            Thank you for being so polite with your reply, Mauro. Those of us who are religious appreciate it.
            Stuart Chase once said, “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t, no proof is possible.”

            As for me, I no longer have any reason to subscribe to Showtime.

          • James J says:

            Lol. Good luck trying to pass on science, human being progression, and evolution to a reluctant and simple-minded person. Read the old bible where it’s stories have of living 400 plus years old in age. Our creative and imaginative minds can come up with some outlandish ideas when life is extremely primitave like when this so-called Jesus walked amongst us. All you can do is laugh.

        • Teresa says:

          Lee, what are you talking about? I didn’t see anything that Clara said to be negative about the Christian god. She only said that witches are pagan and don’t believe in that god, and that she would prefer that religion had been left out of the series. I don’t see anything anti-god or anti-religion about that. Are you projecting your own issues onto Clara, Lee? Or did I miss something in her post?

        • Roger Choate says:

          Jeez! Thanks for sticking to the discussion about the show, Lee. Go preach elsewhere.

      • Yiannis Spyropoulos says:

        I completely agree with you… And then we will stay with the mystery of how the creature died and was disfigured, and which were the events before the brain operation of Vanessa. So much potentiality that was lost…

      • Chaos28 says:

        Maybe you need to become the writer/director for your own series.

      • Couldn’t have said it any better!!!!

      • Jae says:

        Waaaaaaay too many exclamations buddy.

      • Jocelyn says:

        The devil religious part IS the story. Which isn’t hard to miss…the whole idea of PD is her fight…do you give up and be who you are “destined” to be or do you fight as hard as you can to be good and have faith even when you feel all is lost. That’s what this is…not monsters

      • Tina says:

        Totally agree with everything people are saying on here this show had so much going for it the way it ended I thought the Monster was going to to dig poor old Vanessa up and take her to Frankenstein to reincarnat her and welwolf was going to meet up with the lovely Lilly and Dr Jekyll do his nice guy act to bad guy act been left very dissatisfied with the whole thing please reconsider and make a 4 episode please

    • I cannot agree more.. by season 3, I was over her storyline and tuning in for the others, with her as a backdrop.. the show easily could have gone on for 4-5 more seasons based off the other characters and I as a fan would have gladly stay tuned… Vanessa was great but she wasnt the end all, be all…. so many other amazing actors and characters we as fan got shafted on

      • cms says:

        Completely agree! There were so many other story lines and directions the show show could have explored that could have carried he show for at least a few more seasons. Shows of far less quality seem to go on forever while this one was snuffed out prematurely…..Very disappointing

      • Jaykpants says:

        And they could have at least had Frankenstein bring Vanessa back for just one more season to polish off the new characters!

    • Pedro A Devera E says:

      I agree. Even if the story had to end with Vanessa’s death, they could have done several seasons before that. Dr Jekyll’s character was not exploited. What happened to Dracula’s brother? He was so active in season two but totally mute after the Blade of Grass episode, why didn’t he fight Dracula for Miss Ives?

      • Roger Choate says:

        It seemed as though several more episodes were planned, but not a whole season more. It seemed rushed—truncated. Dracula was vastly underdeveloped. Catriona was underused.

    • Hank says:

      I agree whole heartedly!

    • Maria Sanchez says:

      Yes I think so too. Maybe down the road Mr. John Logan will reconsider writing another perfection, let’s all hope.

  7. Pete Roman says:

    Penny Dreadfull was the name of the show. And Dreadful was it’s ending. Your show was a bummer, a wanna be and was not. Robbing the faithful audience of a fair ending with most of the loose ends tied up. Crap.

  8. Yolanda says:

    Could Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo or Hulu save it? It cannot end that soon, not yet. Give us at least one more season. I’m guessing the ratings weren’t enough for Showtime and it was their decision to cancel it. Now they’re spinning it like every other show’s team.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      I’d ordinarily be on board with this but honestly, as much as I loved this show, I think this was the appropriate ending. The more I think about it, the righter it seems. Let’s let it stay where it lay. It was a redemptive ending for Vanessa, and it just … feels right.

      • Michael says:

        Agreed. I like how it came full circle with the Creature. He ended up being the most humane character in the end. His reciting of William Wordsworth’s Imitations of Immortality was spot on. Rory Kinnear is a great stage performer, but I think he cemented his place in television now as well!

    • There’s literally five references in this article to it being a creative decision. Nobody cancelled it, it just ended. More shows should have the dignity to go out like this.

      • Lucifer says:

        If it really was a creative decision, then Logan is a horrible writer. Why bother wasting time on a boring and unimportant plot like Ethan’s father along with introducing new characters if he knew it would be the final season? Logan is saving face with the network because he reportedly has a new project with them. There’s a pretty large amount of PR he and Nevins have been doing in the wake of that abrupt ending. Which is funny because PD never even got half of this in marketing.

        • Robert says:

          extremely well put. honestly the ending wasn’t so bad but it CERTAINLY happened prematurely considering, as you mentioned, the introduction of new characters that we didn’t even get to see developed. when things like this happen to a show its not because of a “creative decision” but more so because of lack of funding, lack of ratings, lack of interest etc

          • Luce says:

            Agree. I feel bad for Logan who was obviously taken to the woodshed by Showtime.

          • Paul Faughey says:

            Surprise bitches! Sorry that the show didn’t follow your formula (incidentally, which probably would’ve resulted in way too many seasons, at which point you would’ve complained that the show was “tired” and “overwritten”) But I think this was a beautiful piece of story telling.. Self-contained story in three seasons that kept viewers consistently wondering what was going to happen next. Characters could have had further stories developed for them, but their story arcs were magnificently written and closed. Too many shows keep the seasons going for ratings, but few of them maintain an artistic integrity from beginning to end. Bravo Penny Dreadful. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three years.

    • Pedro says:

      It seems very clear the creator decided to end the show, which he had said years back he had three seasons planned, and he did on his own terms.

    • Murica! says:

      Did you even bother to read the article before you wrote this nonsense?

      • asd asdf says:

        The comment sections for articles about PD’s ending are full of this kind of “showtime cancelled, they’re lying” conspiracy crap. I don’t know where people come up with it either (and man, why do I read these comments?). Logan says he was passionate about the show, and that he thought this was the best ending. And there is zero evidence to call him a liar. He can end it how he wants, and he stuck to his vision, without pandering to people (i.e. “fans” – aka fanatics) who haven’t put in the years of work that he has in his craft. I understand people voicing their opinions that the ending was bad, but to make up conspiracy theories out of whole cloth…

        And frankly, I question if many of the negative opinions I’ve read about the ending have been though through; some have (to which I say, “hey, I don’t feel that way, but okay, you’ve got a legitimate point of view”), but most appear to be knee-jerk reactions along the lines of, “I like the show, give me more of what I want”, without thinking about staying true to the entire premise of the series.

        Someone above made a point about the ending being akin to what you’d read in one of the Victorian novels the show was based on – that’s a great point and how a show based on such literature should end. But mostly, we get complaining about not tying up loose ends (very few important ones that I could see) or “they just introduced characters, how can it end?”.

        Oh well, it’s the same with every show. Or at least the ones that are good and – probably more importantly – lucky enough to be able to write a true ending, as opposed to being cancelled. We should be grateful for that instead of begging for tacked-on material; such a soulless extension just to pander to… I’ll be polite… fans, would only result in extending the show to the point were it would be actually be cancelled (for real and not in some conspiracy theorist’s head) – and then you’d have REAL loose ends, and that would suck, despite them being loose ends in an artificially extended, sub-par story.

        • Robert says:

          i agree with what your’e saying, fans can be that way which is kinda why they’re fans i guess (not all of them obviously, i’d hate to generalize). i do however think that there should have been AT LEAST a few more episodes to this. it just felt so premature don’t you agree?

        • Lucifer says:

          I don’t get why people like yourself try to pretend there are not major inconsistencies with Logan and Nevin’s claims when you look at how the end of season 2 and the whole of season 3 played out. It’s pretty clear PD was cancelled around the production of episode 7, which is where the tone and pacing of the show changed. Then there were two YouTube videos showtime posted right after the finale aired, but then pulled them immediately because of massive downvotes and negative comments. The next day, Logan and Nevins are doing PR all over the place for the show claiming it had been planned for over a year to end that way.

          I would have been completely fine with it only being 3 seasons, had they not wasted more than half of it on boring plots (Ethan in America & Lily’s army of prostitutes), new characters that were never developed so they were simply a waste (Catriona & Jekyll), and having Vanessa’s 3-season battle to fight the darkness end with her begging to die. They could have at least had her go out fighting.

          If this was planned then Logan is a horrible writer be he managed to tarnish the quality of the show in just those last 4 episodes of season 3 – something that takes most TV writers until at least season 5. That is why I and many others don’t believe his story of it being planned out, because the first two seasons and part of 3 were exceptional TV.

          And in all honesty, the season 2 finale was a much better “true ending.”

          • I totally agree with you Luclfer! And frankly I think people give Logan too much praise for his writing! The show could have been allot better, if he had left the religious part out of it, then he could have just focused on the different classic monsters and their hunters, instead of this silly ending! And yes the bit of sending Ethan to America was boring! And Lily and her prostitutes didn’t seem to have much meaning! Its like why did he bother? Was it to focus on how woman were horrible treated back then? Because in the end they got tossed out on the asses by Dorian Grey, and Lily was nearly brainwashed by Dr Frankenstein! I frankly want to see Lily kill Dorian’s ass, he deserved it! Also if this was planned as the ending, why did they let Dracula live? That was kind of a odd way to end things with something so evil as this Dracula! I mean he was a truly evil creature, so why not kill him too, instead of just Vanessa! But then really, they could have had him be killed and Vanessa finally be free, instead of dead! But then with the whole religious crap in it, I guess they couldn’t! Like I said, the religious stuff ruined it!

  9. hallowedny says:

    They stunned us with a spectacular 2nd season, and this season was all over the place only to rush together in the final episode and end it all? So inconsiderate to Eva Green who poured her soul into that role, and Billie Piper, Rory Kinnear, Josh Hartnett, Tim Dalton, and all the others whose characters had so much left to do and say. Penny Dreadful will always seem unfinished, how sad such a great show could not have put more into it’s final days since apparently they knew of them the whole time. And the introduction of all these new characters was spectacular, they certainly could have kept it going and I believe it would have been even more magnificent. I just don’t understand why people value some of these horrible shows (especially some on showtime) and this show goes undervalued and abruptly canceled, for Patti Smiths book? Not cool, not even in the same league.

    • Nino says:

      You make some very valuable point, and I agree. I am also confused as to why they introduced several new characters, just to end it abruptly. Really seems unfair to the actors and to us the fans. I was really counting on this show being around a few more seasons.

    • Johnney Crystal says:

      Now if you want to talk “boring” then lets discuss the stupid decision to put on screen the Patti Smith book that has been told in a thousand ways a thousand times before. It really speaks to the mediocrity of Showtime and the PennyPinching bean counters that have the ultimate control over everything.

  10. Kero says:

    They could made a new arc without vanessa .. Mr Hyde as Lord Hyde ? wtf i was waiting when he would turn .. lucifer ? dracula ? they are still around . i wanted to see the wolf and bat fighting ..

    • Michael says:

      The Lord Hyde remark was yet another spin they did with the literature it comes from. Instead of being two separate entities, he is meant to embody both Jekyll and Hyde in the one body, hence “Lord Hyde”

  11. VJ says:

    I thought the finale was very appropriate and well done. I’m a fan of ending a series with a plan. I don’t have to see sixteen seasons and then a series finale that doesn’t wrap up anything so this is okay with me. One minor thing I always had with the series: sometimes the stories were so disconnected from each other. Especially Dorian. I had hoped that somehow they would manage to bring all these arcs together. But that it is. This was a beautifully done series and it will be hold dear in my tv heart (here is to hope that Turn will be given a similar proper ending or be renewed because that is another series I really would miss).

  12. Really didn’t see it coming, what with all the character arcs not being fully explored just yet.

    Maybe a movie spin-off? Or a standalone Season 4 in some other form at some point later?

    Oh well, regardless, that was indeed quite the ending. Well done, to all involved.

  13. Hurley says:

    So Dracula doesn’t die? What abaout Mr. Hyde?? WTF, I’m so pissed. I like knowing in advance that I have to say goodbye to a show I love. And Vanessa and Ethan only shared one scene in the entire season! ugh.

  14. Tanya Hamilton says:

    I’m not happy with ending. it will not fade in time. there was a big build up to the “end of days” and Ethan’s wolf being so important in saving the world and Vanessa. There was no epic battle btw the wolf and Dracula, all we got was kiss, an “i love you” and a bullet to stop the ends of days. REALLY..lame…it could have been done much better. I would like to see the series come back and address all the things it left undone. why introduce new characters to only end it like this. I think John Logan didn’t think this through at all..fair enough Vanessa has to die AT SOME POINT, but really after all the build up to what should have been a much different ending I’m very disappointed for Ethan and Vanessa. Logan did such a good job with character development, and then this lame shallow ending, just didn’t fit the series..he rushed the ending with not one of her friends or Sir Malcolm getting to even see Ms. Ives…what the heck dude..”redo”… and it’s a shame this how it will be remembered.


      It all happened so abruptly purely because of the average ratings from the viewers. Will miss every character

  15. I’m not happy with ending. it will not fade in time. there was a big build up to the “end of days” and Ethan’s wolf being so important in saving the world and Vanessa. There was no epic battle btw the wolf and Dracula, all we got was kiss, an “i love you” and a bullet to stop the ends of days. REALLY..lame…it could have been done much better. I would like to see the series come back and address all the things it left undone. why introduce new characters to only end it like this. I think John Logan didn’t think this through at all..fair enough Vanessa has to die AT SOME POINT, but really after all the build up to what should have been a much different ending I’m very disappointed for Ethan and Vanessa. Logan did such a good job with character development, and then this lame shallow ending, just didn’t fit the series..he rushed the ending with not one of her friends or Sir Malcolm getting to even see Ms. Ives…what the heck dude..”redo”… and it’s a shame this how it will be remembered.

    • I completely agree with you. The ending doesn’t do justice to this multi-faceted, wonderful show. Instead of the long-awaited apocalyptic battle, in which Vanessa and Ethan as “lupus dei” join forces with their friends, and crush the otherwise “indomitable” Dracula and his evil acolytes , we get something that might have easily been done before. Why put them through living hell, if the only solution to their problems was Vanessa’s sacrifice? Why stress the importance of Ethan’s protective “hound of god” if he was set to do anything but? Ah well, I guess it made sense that such a strong character like hers who spat in devil’s face would end up being swayed by a lesser evil and not have the courage to put an end to her misery herself.

    • S. Ramuria says:

      I absolutely agree with everything you and Andrada have said. If he wanted fans to be devastated then he succeeded, but not in the way he had hoped. I’m devastated that he ruined a spectacular show with such a pathetic ending. I feel cheated and pissed off.

      • Deron says:

        I was excited for a season 4 only to be left with “The End”. I’m not sure that I believe the story that season 3 was all planned. It sure looks like the show got canned shortly before the end of filming or even after. There are simply too many story arcs in season 3 that just end with no explanation.

  16. Veronica says:

    Tremendously unsatisfied by this ending. So many loose ends. Too much time spent on the least interesting story (Frankenstein/Lily) and not enough on the main on. It’s ruined the whole show for me because now I know, the story was going nowhere. Makes the ending of LOST seem brilliant. And now, off to cancel Showtime…

  17. sherr says:

    Devastating ending and devastated that the show is over, but bravo for giving us three terrific seasons. Eva Green was phenomenal, and loved the entire cast. clapping and crying at the same time.

  18. Jeanna says:

    I’m devastated that we are losing this show. It’s not just a television series it’s a work of art. Add this to only one more season of Orphan Black and two more short seasons of Game of Thrones, and I’m really wondering if we are losing the very best of the sci fi fantasy shows ever produced. Sigh.

  19. Maja says:

    No!! This show was so amazing! I can’t believe it’s over! I am so shocked and pissed. This season , IMO, should have been grander if it was to be the final one…. Esp, since with the addition of the new characters there was so much more story to be told .

  20. Catherine says:

    I do love this show and when you have a good thing you dont want it to end. I was really hoping it would go the way of Extraodiranary Gentlemen and perhaps she’d become a Vampire and continue on

  21. Tracy Dahlke says:

    This has truly brokeny heart as PD was the best tv show on in term of acting, writing, directing, cinematography, costumes, and music. It could not be beat. I hope Eva Green gets an Emmy next year.

    • LAwoman says:

      I agree. PD was just on another level in every category. I respect Logan’s reasons, but that won’t make me miss the show any less. There are so few good fantasy/horror shows on TV.

  22. Kristina Nilsson job reverent says:

    This series is the best. A mash-up which evolutes monsters AS Lily. a mash-up of Dr. Jekyll as an outcast with a week Dr. Frankenstein. Vanessas struggle with God. Mr. Chandler the lost son. I have joined a Class at Syddansk University in the series. It tales the best of dreadfuls! Sad it has to end. I hoved for the mummy and for a even more Evil Lily (women are dangerus).

  23. LABete says:

    I’m so sad that PD is over! But it really was a heartbreaking yet beautiful ending. The story was about the characters understanding and ultimately accepting their demons and their destinies. Vanessa finally accepted herself as Mother of Darkness, and Ethan finally accepted his destiny as The Wolf of God. Ethan did save Vanessa in the end, spiritually if not physically, by killing her and returning her soul to God. 😭

  24. chaosrainz says:

    AH! No! Dang it! :(
    At least I won’t be paying for Showtime any more. This was the only show on there I watched.

  25. Mo says:

    I understand ending the series with Vanessa’s death. But I feel like if they knew from the beginning that this was the final season, the season wound up feeling off balance. Like things were too expansive in the first half so it felt too crammed in the second half…or even final third. I think another season would have been too much, but 2 more episodes would have gone a long way imo to balancing things out in a more satisfactory way.

  26. Alichat says:

    I appreciate that this was a creative decision, and respect that. I love all the characters and would have liked to see it continue, but I understand the creative decision. That being said, knowing that he had this planned at the beginning of season 3 casts a pall over alot of this last season and most especially the finale. I mean, he knew he was bringing it to an end and that the end was her death, and this was the season and finale we were presented with? Don’t get me wrong, there were things I loved about the season such as the episode with Vanessa going back into her memories of the Banning Clinic. But knowing this was the final season, the story arc for Vanessa and Ethan should not have been rushed or full of plot breaks. Why spend half this season and most of last season having people tell Ethan that he is the Wolf of God and the only one who can protect Vanessa and end the darkness? Why were we subjected to episode after episode of Ethan wandering the desert with Hecate? If Ethan was turned because he is the Wolf of God and he is supposed to end the darkness, why was he turned? He ended it because he could use his trigger finger. That’s all he needed. A love for Vanessa such that he was willing to fulfill her wish to die and a working trigger finger. That’s it. Kaetenay reiterated numerous times that Ethan’s curse was given to him because he is the Wolf of God. Dracula was afraid of Ethan and knew he could be the one to end him. So why isn’t Dracula dead? Why was he able to toss Ethan around like a sag of grain? Why wasn’t there some larger battle between Dracula and Ethan? And for that matter, why was Vanessa so strong in the previous seasons yet so weak in this one? Why did we have her just give into Dracula without it being some ultimate plan to defeat him? This strong, flawed, and complex character was created, and she fought all the way until end, only to have her just show her neck, allow thousands of people to die, and then need Ethan to shoot her. I’m just more disappointed after reading this interview and knowing they had all that time to plan this out, and left such gaping holes in the story. Also, it was rather crappy to not tell fans it was ending. I don’t mean announcing at the beginning of the season, but a heads up last week would have been nice. To find out an hour after the finale aired by going to YouTube to watch post-interviews and see everything labeled ‘Series finale’ was rather lame.

    • chris says:

      Totally agree about Ethan — the way his story played out is completely absurd. Though a final big showdown of Wolf-Man vs Dracula would have been too cheesy for me to take, at least there has to be SOME justification that Ethan had to go through (and be the cause of) all that pain and suffering.

  27. LaurelNixx says:

    Surprised it lasted this long. I tried to watch it on a few occasions. I found it slow and uninteresting.

    • Most of the people like you, found the series slow and uninteresting. Market realities forced the series to end as the ratings were just not doing it. It is surprising to actually see that there were many like me who absolutely loved the series and loved everything about it until the end. That the ending seems contrived and not planned seems likely and all the PR that this very ending was as per design has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Not that I am naive to ever imagine that absolute truth is spoken at these PR exercises, the reality is that, the creators of the show and us fans who were hooked by the premise, story arc and the execution, are only a minuscule few. The large majority like LaurelNixx found it slow, boring and unwatchable, hence the low ratings, so let us all accept that. Just like we have accepted a Narendra Modi as the Indian PM and a Donald Trump as soon to be US President (sorry for the political similitude). Good television may not always reflect in the numbers.

  28. Lori Nicocia says:

    We’ve reached the point where producers, in their quest to shock viewers, think “sneaky” is OK.

  29. JL says:

    Foremost, my hats off to all involved for each of the 27 episodes. Fantastically done! Bravo!

    However, I am deeply saddened the show has ended. Penny has always had a deep fan base, which included myself. All shows are created to entertain its viewers. To give the viewers a fantastical journey to another world, place, life…a temporary escape if you will. It should not be driven to its conclusion by what the producers or writers envision, but more by the audience and how we perceive the show. I think I am joined by many in saying we were NOT ready to conclude this journey. There is so much more to tell! Please don’t let it end!! But alas, Logan gave in to his own needs, and not the viewers.

  30. Paula says:

    Tanya and Andrada I wholeheartedly agree with you too. Also its final message was so poor. Have a struggle? the best thing to do is to put an end to your life. Great show but a poor very poor finale

  31. Brennan Clarke says:

    I am absolutely devastated in a way I have never been for the end of a series. I thank you for the gift of Penny Dreadful and respect your decision to end this masterpiece on your terms. I will continue to follow the comic books and hope you will be involved Mr.Logan. Bravo Eva and cast you were all remarkable!

  32. the cookie queen says:

    This was so wrong not telling us the faithful,passionate fans this was the final season of our show. If I could swear I would!! I have loved this show even when I didn’t like it. I really had to remain committed with the mental institution episodes. Your decision to kill off Vanessa and not even consider a season without her,I’m at a lost for words. I just feel so cheated keeping Showtime just for the show was wrong of ur deceit. I hate that u killed her,period. This was a great show and I am pissed that it’s over.

  33. Chuck tamblyn says:

    I understand having to end the series the way it ended but we need more series like this the characters had Deep story lines it was a well written series it will be sadly missed

  34. Lori says:

    I am severly desappointed that penny dreadful is no more! There are several defferent was the show could continue and as and adimant fan i think it should. Just because john logan says it is the doesnt mean it should be. Show-time could find another writer, other shows do it all the time. This is just one fans opinon. Thank you

  35. Kara says:

    What a shame. I have always been a “Penny Dreadful” fan from the very first episode. The acting was always incredible! I’m going to miss this show. I loved the various connections amongst the characters. Last nights episodes left me with so many questions once “Vanessa’s” character had been killed. I’m really going to miss this show.

  36. Sylvia says:

    Can I just say, MALARKEY! What a half-azzz way to end this show. The show and it’s fans deserved better. And please stop saying it was planned that way.

    • I agree, Mr. Logan had no choice, but to come up with an ending, immediately, to give us, fans of the show some closure and not have us “hanging” in permanent limbo! I heard the show was lucky to get this 3rd and last season! Showtime wanted to just end ‘Penny Dreadful’, after season two! Now that would have been torture!

  37. Dianne says:

    Of all we’ve been through in this series the best you could do was have Ethan shoot her? She’s been bitten by Dracula, don’t vampires come back after dying. Not a creative way to end this, I fear.

  38. Yes, Mr. Logan was definitely correct; I was very saddened to know that this was, in fact, the final season of such a beautifully produced, written and acted show! I feel they could have gone one or even, two seasons, with the arrival of the mummy! However, the end for Vanessa, was a perfect ending for such a beautiful, yet, tragic, suffering character! I’m just sorry to see such a terrific show end too soon!

  39. Yvonne says:

    Please before too much time pass think about it over again of continuing penny dreadful please is a lot more to this that we do fans love thank you

  40. GreenMoon says:

    This serial meant to me the magic shell that whenever I opened it, I entered with my heart full of hope that this can be the reason of my fulfilling, which can offer to me a totally dark and unique Universe. I found out even me, the viewer, I belong to this beautiful world that was created by all those great artists who contributed to born such deep and intelligent, gothic dream.
    I understood in the end all was meant to be turned to a lesson about LOVE, about searching for the light, about making it. Vanessa was saved by the chance of meeting with the other part, Ethan, her doomed man, they blessed themselves with a kiss and a pray before the veils of another world would fall. The most intense moment that I lived when it comes the word about cinematography. They would have meet beyond flesh, their spirits would have shared love in Heavens, or at least in the ether.
    The destiny of Vanessa was the pillar of this series, I know…
    But look around again through all the characters remained, pure masterpieces, the ones who fought and suffered along or against Vanessa!
    Their destinies must continue to be created, to be told! And who said the Vanessa’s destiny is ended? She must reappear as whispers and moves, as a lure again, through the chamber walls that I saw through the last minutes!
    I still HOPE for SEASON 4. That should be subjective, but I’m very disappointed because I readed other comments and I do not see other people so excited as I am, as we all should be, to scream out what we want in fact, how much we support this great world created. Some are appreciating it, but I fear that they may not understood it completely. I wish they did and ask for more.

    • JL says:


      I too feel as you. The series transported me to a dark yet magical and surreal place, where I could be set free to wonder and live in fantasy. It was wrong for Logan to take this from us! Let’s voice our opinion now!

  41. Amanda says:

    One of my favorite shows ever. I am bummed.

  42. Chyrel Bowen says:

    I’m so sorry to see this show end 😭 We have so enjoyed it for the three seasons it was on!

  43. penspages says:

    Stupid way to bail out on a great show. This is Lost level stupidity.

  44. nabila says:

    excellent ending, well deserved.

    • Marijay says:

      Absolutely Pens. Just a TERRIBLE way to bail there at the end. If it must end prematurely, at least 50 other GENUINE options maintaining character and story integrity were available to Mr. Logan and his senior writers. My god, after all that to just do that?? It will never be right with me. I’m not saying others shouldn’t enjoy the finale, or what led up to it, (of which some elements looked promising, however there were also growing flaws with others, in my view), but for me it was simply false in every respect. The most serious of which was Vanessas choice to suddenly pivit 180° from the grand fighter we know her be, submit to this “sad/seeking” version of Dracula, become passive, pay no or little mind to when the plague besieges the city, not have any desire to rejoin her to-the-death loyal ‘family’, to include Malcolm, and finally beg for death when she is yet anything but beaten. For me, this was nonsense and a complete anathema of the outwardly petite woman with the courageous fighting spirit of a warrior, and the fierce heart of a lioness (horrors come what may), that I had come to know over the space of three seasons. (I dont negate anyone else’s interpretation, but this is simply mine.)
      I couldn’t be more shocked and frankly gravely disappointed this, of ALL possible worlds, was the choice Mr. Logan chose make. He went the cheap gut shot and the sadness that grief and sudden, unexpected loss produces (based upon a false narrative IMO), then the TRUTH, as I see it. Well, so be it if after all he wrote that’s how he sees it, but frankly from a storytelling perspective I find that impossible.
      *THAT’S* not the ‘Penny Dreadful’ I know. That’s not the Vanessa Ives *I* knew, through that entire previous narrative process beginning three years ago.

  45. debra says:

    I knew it get something good and ruin it that was the best show. And I hate the way it ends. Money being selfish not giving the stars more money. Now what bring it back what happens when the network get alow then showtime nights gets taken off the air cause no one watching please please please bring the show back.

  46. Honestly really pissed. As cool as Vanessa’s character was, I always found all the other storylines WAY more interesting. The main focus on her really annoyed me the past 2 seasons because I wanted to see more about Ethan and Dorian’s stories, not hers. I don’t like that he chose to kill the potential of literally every other character on the show because “Vanessa had to die”. They had SO much material to work with that they could’ve easily done another 2 seasons without her. Classic stories that were beginning to become new and super interesting! I was so excited to finally see the progression of Mr. Hyde into madness, and for The Creature to find peace, instead of the way they left it, with literally everyone he loved gone or dead. And I was hoping they would introduce Van Helsing, seeing as Dracula just peaced out, clearly still alive. Not to mention they jipped us of an actual wolf vs. bat fight with Ethan…Ugh. I don’t even really watch TV anymore so the fact that I feel like the carpet’s been ripped out from beneath my feet way too soon is saying something.

    • Michael says:

      Stop complaining if you can’t get your facts right. Number one they did introduce Van Helsing already and killed him off. The creature kills him to push Victor to make him a mate. Number two it’s on showtime not HBO…

    • Marijay says:

      Girl, I literally just finished series yesterday, and hadn’t caught up in two years nor did I know it was ending now for good or like *that*. You can imagine how I feel right now. Sure its just fiction but once you start making that emotional connection it can start feel all too real. A little late to the wrap party I am but I’m feeling -just- that sad, shitty way right now. Yep, I feel that way too! #SUCKSBADLY
      And yes, at a minimum, it is extremely tragic that all the OTHER great individuals that were part of the story both old and new will never get their chance to shine or to continue!
      Showtime is a hell of a bitch, I really must say.

  47. Nino says:

    I’m devastated that you ended the show. There is not many “quality “shows on television. Why you would end this show is beyond me. This show has a great following and much success. I’m truly disappointed and considering cancellation of HBO because of it..

    • Michael says:

      Recheck your facts. Don’t want you to cancel the wrong channel. PD was a Showtime show not HBO. Hope this helps, cheers

  48. Ethan says:

    I’m furious at John Logan and Showtime for ending this amazing show in a rushed, all over the place type of feel in the last few episodes. End of days buildup, Wolf of God battling Dracula, adding characters like Catriona=for what!!?? I’m really ticked off how this phenomenal series ended. He knew the series was over before filming season 3 and we the viewer along with the show and all involved with the show deserved so much better. I never would’ve guessed that a show which did everything in A-plus fashion would end the series in failure.

    • I too am Very Furious at John Logan! “Penny Dreadful” is an amazing Series! With all the special characters… There’s so many different directions Logan can take it…. Plus, Everyone knows that if Dracula is killed, his living/semi-Dead victims, can become human living again!!

    • Clare says:

      So agree. Is there a way for us to email Logan?

  49. Yvonne L says:

    I am very disappointed this will be the last season of Penny Dreadful. What a bummer! My sister watches the show too and she was also bummed out. You had a great show that I looked forward to watching on Sunday night.