Z Nation Renewed for Season 4

Z Nation Renewed Season 4 Syfy

Get ready for lots more zombie blood and guts: Z Nation is stayin’ alive.

Syfy has ordered a fourth season of the tongue-in-cheek zombie series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Starring Kellita Smith and DJ Qualls, Z Nation takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland overrun by the flesh-eating undead, with a band of human survivors teaming up with a human-zombie hybrid named Murphy (Keith Allan) to transport a possible cure across the country. And along the way, they dispense with quite a few zombies… by any means necessary.

Unlike AMC’s zombie hit The Walking Dead, Z Nation (from Sharknado producers The Asylum) doesn’t indulge in any ponderous moralizing, preferring to focus on cool zombie kills, over-the-top gore and pitch-black humor. And it’s paying off so far for Syfy: Z Nation has been a under-the-radar ratings winner since its 2014 debut, pulling in over a million total viewers for September’s Season 3 premiere.

Season 3 of Z Nation is currently airing Friday nights at 9/8c on Syfy; the season will wrap up with the Dec. 16 finale.

Z Nation fans, hit the comments and let us know how you’re feeling about the Season 4 renewal. 

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