TV's Hottest Triangles: Good Trouble — Are You Team Gael or Team Jamie?

Good Trouble Love Triangle

Callie Adams Foster has always had a very complicated love life. But The Fosters spinoff Good Trouble has upped the ante by giving the gal not one, but two very worthy love interests.

Choosing between hunky artist Gael and sweet lawyer Jamie has been a nearly impossible task for Callie. So TVLine is breaking down the reasons why each guy is right for her, then asking you to pick Callie’s perfect suitor.

Good Trouble Callie/GaelTHE CASE FOR GAEL | From the moment Gael and Callie met, there was something electric in the air between them. While there’s no denying that the pair share a strong — and hot! — physical pull to each other, their connection is more than just superficial. Passionate and creative, Gael is a kindred spirit to fellow artist Callie. His soulful personality draws out a thoughtfulness from Callie and the kind of conversations that go on all night long (between sexy times, of course).

Good Trouble Callie/JamieTHE CASE FOR JAMIE | Stable but not in a boring way, and confident but not in a cocky way, Jamie is the kind of successful, intelligent and caring boyfriend you’d be proud to take home to Mom. He’s got his stuff together in a very adult way, but he’s also easygoing and knows how to have fun (see: Davia’s birthday episode). And when things get tough and real, like when Callie found out she failed the bar exam, he can be counted on for support.

Who do you think Callie should be with? Cast your vote via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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