TV's Hottest Triangles: Jane the Virgin — Team Rafael or Team Michael?

Jane the Virgin

For Jane the Virgin‘s titular heroine, it’s always been Michael. Or Rafael.

Or Michael. Or Rafael.

The telenovela-inspired soap has played up its central love triangle for five seasons, leaving fans sharply divided on whether Jane’s baby daddy or her onetime husband is her soulmate.

While Jane may have already made her pick on the show, is it ever really over? TVLine is breaking down the reasons why each fella is worthy of Jane’s love, then asking you to pick the perfect guy for the gal.

Jane the Virgin Team RafaelTHE CASE FOR RAFAEL | You could say Jane and Rafael’s relationship was fated: After all, when Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated with his sperm, it brought the characters back together years after a summer crush. Under very strange circumstances, what started as two people forced into an unconventional family grew into a physical attraction and then a true friendship, which begot a deeper romance. Throughout the many stages of their relationship, Rafael supported Jane’s dreams and pushed her to be brave, while she inspired him to be better. Through marriages and deaths and jail time, the pair kept finding their way back to each other, as if their love was meant to be. And there’s no denying that Rafael and Jane have smokin’ hot chemistry.

Jane the Virgin Team MichaelTHE CASE FOR MICHAEL | The sweet, affable detective swept Jane off her feet with his sincere personality and slightly dorky (but in a good way!) sense of humor. While waiting for marriage to have sex might have sent other guys running, Michael patiently waited and respected his girlfriend’s boundaries. And though he initially freaked out when Jane announced she was pregnant with Rafael’s baby — can you really blame him? — he knew that what he had with Jane could withstand even the strangest of circumstances, and stood by her. Plus, Jane married the guy, so doesn’t that kind of say it all? If he hadn’t “died” and lost his memory, we’re betting they’d still be together.

Who do you think Jane should be with? Cast your vote via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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