TV's Hottest Triangles: Lost — Were You Team Jack or Team Sawyer?

Lost Triangle Kate Sawyer Jack

Not long after being stranded on a super-strange island, Lost‘s Kate Austen found herself drawn to two very different men — do-right Dr. Jack Shephard and a scalawag named “Sawyer” (aka James Ford).

Those who stuck with Lost to the very end know who Kate was with as the ABC series drew to a close, but was that the right choice?

THE CASE FOR JACK | Soon after meeting “cute” in the wake of the plane crash, as Kate received a crash course in suturing, she and Jack were entangled by trust issues — starting with the fact that she hadn’t revealed she had been in custody aboard the flight. And yet, tough as she was, Kate allowed herself to be a bit vulnerable in Jack’s company, as witnessed early on when she pulled him into an impetuous kiss.

Alas, the aforementioned trust issues, coupled with disagreements on survival strategy, always put a tiny wedge between the two. Kate’s caged-up Season 3 hook-up with Sawyer then triggered a sizeable rift, driving Jack to negotiate with Juliet and Ben to get him off the island. Yet Jack would always choose his people over opportunity. When Sawyer eventually paired off with Juliet, Kate and Jack inched closer together, setting the stage for a heartbreaking, love-declaring parting of the ways as Jack stayed behind as the island’s “protector.” But when all was said and done (like, really done), it was Kate who in the flash-sideways helped Jack get where he needed to be, as his island self met his end.

THE CASE FOR SAWYER | Meeting a bit less “cute” than she and Jack did — Sawyer saved Kate’s bacon by stepping in front of her to gun down a charging polar (!) bear — the con man and the fugitive felt an immediate bond in being the two castaways who “just don’t belong.” Similarly, their first kiss wasn’t quite as romantic as the one Kate and Jack shared, seeing as a tied-up Sawyer negotiated the liplock in trade for the 411 on Shannon’s missing inhalers.

These two would be forever drawn to each other, though, and their chemistry combusted during their Season 3 captivity in the cages, where they made love for the first time (amid fish biscuit crumbs, ptooey!). When their consummation did not go unnoticed by Jack, that freed “Freckles” and Sawyer to get even closer, to a degree that their romance even survived their disagreement on choosing Team Locke versus Team Jack at the start of Season 4. Rather, it would take no less than temporal displacement to distance the two, when Sawyer’s brave bailing from an overtaxed getaway helicopter landed him in the past, where he wound up playing house with his true soulmate, Juliet.

What’s your opinion on who Kate should have chosen? Log your vote in the poll below, then slug it out in the comments!

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