Cable Renewal Scorecard 2015: What's Coming Back? What's Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

Renewed Cancelled TV 2015New year, newly-updated Cable Renewal Scorecard!

The following handy cheat sheet features the current status of more than 100 of the buzziest* non-broadcast, PBS and streaming offerings.

(*Due to issues related to length and our own sanity, not every cable series is included. Nor should they be. For our Broadcast Network Renewal Scorecard, click here.)

We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates.

And now the Scorecard, grouped alphabetically by network…

Bunheads: Officially cancelled
Baby Daddy: Season 5 premieres Feb. 3, 2016
Chasing Life: Season 2 finale aired Sept. 28; Officially cancelled
The Fosters: Season 3B premieres Jan. 18, 2016; Renewed for Season 4
The Lying Game: Officially cancelled
Melissa & Joey: Season 4 finale aired Aug. 5; Officially cancelled
Mystery Girls: Officially cancelled
Pretty Little Liars: Season 6B premieres Jan. 12, 2016; Already renewed for Season 7
Ravenswood: Officially cancelled
Stitchers: Renewed for Season 2
Switched at Birth: Season 4 finale aired Oct. 26; Renewed for Season 5
Twisted: Officially cancelled
Young & Hungry: Season 3 premieres Feb. 3, 2016.

Bates Motel: Renewed for Seasons 4 and 5
The Glades: Officially cancelled
Longmire: Cancelled by A&E; Renewed by Netflix for Season 5.
The Returned: Officially cancelled 
(formerly on CBS): Season 4 premiered Nov. 27

Rick and Morty:
Season 2 finale aired Oct. 4; Renewed for Season 3

The After: Pilot available; Season 1 releases in 2015. Series order cancelled.
Alpha House: Season 2 released October 2014
BoschSeason 1 released Feb. 13; Renewed for Season 2
Hand of God: Season 2 could go either way; Renewed for Season 2
Mad Dogs: Pilot available; Season 1 releases Jan. 22, 2016
The Man in the High Castle: Season 1 released Nov. 20; Renewed for Season 2
Mozart in the Jungle: Season 2 releases Dec. 30
The New Yorker Presents: Pilot available; Ordered to series
Red Oaks: Season 1 released Oct. 9; Season 2 too early to tell
Ripper Street: Season 3 finale aired June 17 on BBC America; Amazon Prime ordered Seasons 4 and 5
Transparent: Season 2 released Dec. 11

Better Call Saul: Season 2 premieres Feb. 15, 2016
Breaking Bad
Series finale aired Sept. 29, 2014
Halt and Catch Fire: Renewed for Season 3
Hell on Wheels: Back half of Season 5/final season to air Summer 2016
Humans: Renewed for Season 2
Into the Badlands: Season 1 premiered Nov. 15; Season 2 too early to tell.
Low Winter Sun
Officially cancelled
Mad Men: Series finale aired May 17
TURN: Washington’s Spies: Renewed for Season 3.
The Walking Dead: Season 6 resumes Feb. 21; already renewed for Season 7.


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  1. Laurie Emerson says:

    I did not realize that Legends had been renewed. Great news!

  2. TNT cancelling Perception was just truly stupid

  3. Nothing on Benched or The Librarians?

  4. Jenna says:

    Isn’t Broadchurch returning to BBCAmerica for Season 2?

  5. Julie says:

    So upset about The Divide being cancelled. Such a great show. It was must see TV for my husbandand I last summer. I assume there’s no chance of another network picking it up?

  6. “Start 2015 by being reminded of all the cool shows TNT and other Cable networks cancelled in 2014”, lol.

  7. Sparky77 says:

    Covert Affairs might be a safe bet but this has to be the final season – the numbers for this past season were terrible!!

    Still don’t understand why Witches of East End was cancelled. Really enjoyed the show, great cast and still felt like they had a whole lot of story to tell.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Terrible ratings. That’s why it was cancelled. Why do people keep asking this? I can understand asking why Perception was cancelled. It had decent, if unremarkable ratings. But, Witches of Eastend had just awful ratings and was off by 50% from it’s first season. If you look at the numbers the answer as to why is usually self explanatory.

    • Jennifer Carter says:


    • Esther Anderson says:

      I totally agree about Witches….I usually avoid shows of that nature, but this one was awesome!

  8. thisismenow says:

    Hopefully they will announce 5B’s air date for Haven soon. After the final shot the cast and crew acknowledged they had essentially recorded the series finale. I am interested to see how the series ends.

    • Janinastorm says:

      I loved Haven.
      But I hated the way it was shown in Canada. You’d see a few episodes then nothing for ages and repeat. Same was true for Continuum.

  9. Jay says:

    Any news about The Transporter series on TNT?

  10. Bryce says:

    I would contest that if you’re going to keep listing Curb, you could list a lot of other never-quite-cancelled shows like In Treatment. But maybe that’s because my heart just wants more In Treatment.

  11. Lyn says:

    I’m astonished to realize that out of 5 pages of shows, I only watch 4 of them. Clearly, I’m out of touch.

  12. Mark says:

    What about Sense8 or the Marvel shows on Netflix?

    • Truss says:

      I have heard that even the lowest rated Netfilx Original’s get at least a second season before any decisions are made (I have no source to cite as I don’t remember where I read that). Sense8, while not getting stellar critic’s reviews, has had a fairly strong and positive viewer response. I’d be extremely surprised it we weren’t treated to at least a second season if not more.

      With all of that being said – Yes! Please add Sense8 (and the Marvel Netfilx shows) to the list!!!

  13. MJ says:

    Can you add hallmark tv shows please???

  14. cyrax86 says:

    Necessary Roughness was cancelled over a year ago, not sure if anyone was still looking for info about that… :)

  15. Keith says:

    The Glade was cancelled over a year ago.Season 3 of Ripper Street airs on BBCAmerica early this year.

  16. Kevin Graham says:

    What about Intruders on BBC America

    • kates2424 says:

      Wondering about that one too.

    • Tenney says:

      Looks like The Intruders was added and it is listed as a long shot. That totally bums me out. I Loved The Intruders, it was so well acted and it just sucked us in. That little girl who played Marcus/Madison was incredible. Fingers crossed there is a season 2.

  17. Billy booth says:

    Low WInter son was a gritty show that always had you on the edge. I am sorry to see the show and the terrific actors go.

  18. Frank says:

    Lifetime should have picked up Dallas from TNT … they have nothing. Dallas should “truly” come back to our TV screens. We need Linda Gray back on TV.

  19. Cathy Viviano says:

    The only cable shows I’ll miss are mad men and army wives :(

  20. kates2424 says:

    :( Please let In the Flesh get another season. I love that show. I also love Pretty Little Liars but I am wondering how long they can drag this out.

    This was sad because I was reminded that Enlightened and Being Human are over.

  21. Sophonisbe says:

    Bunheads’ only season ended in 2013 and the show was cancelled the same year… Why is it in this list ?

  22. MelindaB says:

    Do you have to keep rubbing it in that Bunheads was canceled? It is still painful.

  23. Not an embarrassment of riches for me, there’s barely anything here I was watching. Trying to get inspired by checking out the list didn’t really find shows that might stir my interest.

  24. Jill says:

    Ugh, Bunheads, why did you have to mention Bunheads. Twist the knife a little harder, won’t you? That one still stings a little.

  25. Jodie says:

    What about OWN?

  26. Carol says:

    It’s frustrating Bitten S2 has had no word on when it premiers on SyFy. Here’s hoping the date will be close to when it premiers on the Space channel (Feb). I’ve missed the Pack.

  27. Rick says:

    SyFy has become near totally unwatchable. Cancelling Being Human was the act of an idiot.

  28. Linda says:

    There r several shows on the list that should be cancelled. Perception is not one of them.

  29. leigh says:

    Matt would you count Cold Justice as a series to add to the list?

  30. suzyku says:

    Royal Pains being renewed for 2 more (boring) seasons is crazy while a “good” show, creative, like Perception is canceled! Oh the (stupid) powers that be!

    • prish says:

      I’m with you on this one, inconceivable at the choice to dump Perception and keep the other one.

    • Mary S says:

      I enjoy Royal Pains-it Is nice, fun, unassuming and I like the actors. It does not require a “brain trust” or deep thinking, it is just one of my guilty pleasures; I am curious what will happen next. PERCEPTION on the other hand, is also fun with a great cast AND gives you something to think about….I have been known to take notes from his lectures! I will miss it deeply…even though some of the storylines seemed to be heading into reaching a dead-end in my interest level. I will miss Daniel’s brand of craziness, but will not miss the on-again-off-again of her relationship with her ex. I think that may be what killed the show. Maybe it could be brought back, starting 6 months later, with the ex-hubby out of the picture? That would work very well for me….

  31. Mike says:

    What about Atlantis?

  32. Boiler says:

    Still very painful about Perception being cancelled. Has TNT ever said anything as to why since they kept other crap?? Haven’t watched TNT since they announced this. Figure I have 10 shows of Perception and R&I then ignore them

  33. Eammes says:

    Peaky Blinders?

  34. Ed says:

    How about “Vicious” on PBS and “Atlantis” on BBC America?

    • Moment says:

      Atlantis will depend on how well the show performs on BBC UK, it’s entirely out of BBC Americas hands.

    • Lyn says:

      I tried to like Vicious because I like the cast, but it is so poorly written and just bad cabaret. Something has gone wrong with Derek Jacobi IMO. He’s not good in this and wasn’t good in Last tango In Halifax either.

  35. jb says:

    Was BBC America’s The Game meant to be a single season?

  36. giovannif7 says:

    Are Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV:: both finished? They haven’t been on in a long time, but I can’t find any word of cancellation. The Heart She Holler just isn’t working as a replacement, at least for me.

  37. Amanda says:

    Wow Lifetime really cleared the bench… if it was that dismal all round then why not keep Witches of East End around for at least another season? I’m still bitter!

  38. Bob says:

    Anger Management Canceled…………………”Sorry Charlie”

  39. Patti says:

    Please bring back Psych…..please.

  40. Dan Kushnir says:

    The Bridge is cancelled??? WTH?

  41. dank16 says:

    The Bridge is cancelled???? WTH?

  42. tigersmurfette says:

    the red road! cant wait, especially since i just discovered i have the sundance channel. now just need an actual start date…

  43. Brendan says:

    Anything on Garfunkel and Oates on IFC?

  44. greysfan says:

    Perception being cancelled is a low act from TNT. Seriously what the hell!!! If USA cancel Covert Affairs i will scream!

  45. Rick Rude says:

    What happened with “Those Who Kill”…. that is a great show!!!

  46. Rick Rude says:

    …. an no mention of “Hannibal”

  47. erika says:

    Lifetime has made poor choices by canceling Witches of East end and The Lottery. Now all they have to fall back on is dance moms. I certainly have no interest in watching Lifetime now.I have no idea what the execs are doing.

    • Jennifer Carter says:

      I agree. I will never watch Lifetime again.

    • Esther Anderson says:

      Dance Moms…really??? That lady is a witch!!

    • Yvonne says:

      I have basically boycotted Lifetime for cancelling Witches of East End!! Loved it. And The Bridge!! What was that network thinking!!! And I truly hope TNT brings The Transporter back because otherwise we were left with an awful cliffhanger in Season Two finale last night!!!! Cancel the stupid reality shows and leave us with the shows we love!!

      • Amen!!! I am so very sick of these fake reality shows

      • Rho says:

        I know I loved Witches of East End too. I was craving a new witch show after Charmed ended and this show had a dark feel without a campy kiddy tone. Then they got rid of The Lottery. So now I have nothing to watch on that network…sucks! Transporter well I heard the actor had personal issues so that may determine if it comes back. If TNT does renew it maybe ITV will so we can still see it, like they did with Saving Hope

  48. Stef says:

    We started watching Benched because a friend recommended it and we’re hooked! I cannot remember the last time a show made me laughed so much!
    USA network really put it at a weird time slot but now that I’ve showed the episodes to a few friends and my parents they are as hooked as I am.
    I really hope we will get to see a second season!

  49. Dan says:

    I don’t watch anything there, but just to be helpful: I guess you forgot El Rey.

  50. Rook says:

    You forgot the amazing Garfunkel and Oates on IFC, as far as I know it hasn’t been cancelled.