SNL Season 46: TVLine Readers Rank Every Episode, From Worst to Best


Each weekend, TVLine highlights the best and worst of what Saturday Night Live has to offer, before turning it over to you, our readers, to weigh in on each episode.Below, we revisit how each of the previous Season 46 installments have fared, based on the average grade that you gave them.

Just how high does former cast member Kristen Wiig rate with the revival of fan-favorite characters (like the perpetually surprised Sue)? Did fellow alumni Chris Rock (who hosted the Season 46 premiere) and John Mulaney fare better or worse? Did Bill Burr lose points for his (somewhat) controversial monologue? And what about Timothée Chalamet, who acted opposite a very tiny horse?

Overall, Season 46’s first nine episodes were received a hair lower than the previous fall stretch (even if you exclude Eddie Murphy’s “A+” homecoming, which was an anomaly). Five of the nine episodes earned an average grade of “B” or higher (compared to last year’s six). However, of the remaining four episodes, not a single one rated lower than a “C+” (compared to last fall, which included a “D+” for a second-time host Kristen Stewart, whose episode earned the lowest reader score in four seasons).

Scroll down to see how TVLiners ultimately ranked each SNL Season 46 episode from worst to best, then tell us if you’re surprised by any of the results. (We’ll update these rankings throughout the season, so bookmark this page and check back soon!)