SNL Video: Maya Rudolph's Beyoncé Can't Handle Her Hot Wings — Watch

SNL - Beyonce Hot Ones - Maya Rudolph

Saturday Night Live turned up the heat on Queen Bey this weekend with an appearance on Hot Ones.

Maya Rudolph‘s Beyoncé Knowles-Carter served as the guest of honor on the late-night sketch series’ version of the popular YouTube talk show, which saw the 28-time Grammy winner suffer through a platter of increasingly spicy chicken wings. Mikey Day filled in as Sean Evans.

“I still can’t tell if this is beneath me,” Knowles said, immediately following her introduction. “But my sister Solange loves this show, so I said I’d do it.”

The Texas native insisted she could handle her wings, but quickly realized she was wrong. The first wing was laced with Hitler’s Anus Roasted Reaper Sauce, with a Scoville level of 135,600. “I don’t love the name, but the wing looks good,” she said.

Despite the heat, Bey refused to drink a glass of milk on camera, telling Evans, “That’s not a good look for Yoncé.” But after she took a bite of her second wing, smothered in Devil’s Diarrhea Scorpion Sauce, “B” had had enough.

“Beyoncé’s head is wet,” she exclaimed in the third person, as sweat dripped from her brow. When water didn’t help, she finally gave in and took a giant swig of room-temperature milk. (“Ooh, Solange in trouble now!”)

Before long, Knowles called in her personal stylist (played by Kenan Thompson) and delivered a very unusual set of instructions: “I need you to take my wig off, put six ice cubes on my head, then put my wig back on.”

Before her stylist could commit, Bey’s personal publicist ran out and put a stop to the madness. What followed was one last attempt by Evans to get the interview back on track, but Knowles had clearly had enough. “Dude, it’s taking all my concentration to keep from blowing my pants on your janky-ass show,” she told him.

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