SNL: Joe Biden Becomes The Fly, Goes 'Full Goldblum' at VP Debate — WATCH

The fly on Mike Pence’s head had the Twitterverse abuzz during the vice presidential debate — so naturally, Saturday Night Live went all in during this weekend’s cold open.

In SNL‘s interpretation of events, Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden watched the debate from home and grew frustrated by Pence’s need to constantly interrupt his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris. In order to “save the soul of this nation,” Biden entered the transformation chamber from the 1986 film The Fly and became an insectoid-human creature. He then teleported to the debate stage and landed directly on Pence’s head, where he soon went “full Jeff Goldblum” and… launched into an ad for Apartments.com.

Shortly thereafter, Biden found himself joined by a second fly: the reincarnation of 2012 presidential hopeful Herman Cain, who died from COVID-19 complications on July 30 after attending one of President Trump’s maskless rallies.

“Those fools Trump and Pence killed me, man!” Kenan Thompson’s Cain exclaimed. “They invited me to a rally with no mask and said, ‘Everything is fiiiiiine, Herman.’ I catch corona, Trump tell me, ‘Everything is fiiiiiine, Herman…’ Three days later, I’m gone!”

Unfortunately for the reincarnated Cain, Maya Rudolph’s Harris was equipped with a fly swatter, and took him out before he could do any real damage.

As for Rudolph, she had a field day mimicking Harris’ many reactions to Pence’s interjections. (Best of all was the “Claire Huxtable side-eye.”) Her biggest applause, though, came when she stopped Pence in his tracks and (repeatedly) declared, “I’m speaking.”

Did you enjoy SNL‘s take on the VP debate? What about the decision to have Carrey’s Biden assume the role of the fly? Hit the comments with your reactions.