May Sweeps Scorecard 2014: Deaths, Weddings, Births, Sex, Resurrections, Firings and More!

May Sweeps SpoilersIf there’s one thing we look forward to more than May Sweeps, with its mayhem, murders and impromptu marriages, it’s the countdown to May Sweeps, when we get to hint at, speculate about and/or flat-out reveal who’ll be getting hooked up, bumped off or something in between’d. So, without further ado, we present TVLine’s fourth annual May Sweeps Scorecard!

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Same as always, it’s overstuffed with not only Sweeps teases but season finale teases as well. And since, c’mon, we can’t tell you everything we know, a bunch of the juiciest pieces of intel are obscured by [SPOILER] tags. And before you sulk about that, remember — just because we don’t tell you the answer right now doesn’t mean you can’t guess what it is.

A few things to remember before you scroll down and read on:

• Firstly, the bulk of the entries below pertain to series regulars or recurring characters from shows that air on a broadcast network (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW).

• Secondly, as the twists begin to leak, the Scorecard will be updated (and re-updated… ) until, finally, all the blanks are filled in and/or replaced by even more items! (Mind you, so as not to give away any classified intel, the blanks will often remain blank until after the plots to which they refer untwist on screen.) Regardless, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates.

• Lastly, if it’s on the Scorecard, it happens during May Sweeps, which this year begins April 24 and ends May 21.

OK, now you can go ahead and start reading The fourth annual TVLine May Sweeps Scorecard!

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Number of weddings: 6
1. AIRED May 7: Lisa and Malik/Suburgatory
2. AIRED May 11: Mr. Gold and Belle/Once Upon a Time
3. AIRED May 13: Boden and Donna/Chicago Fire
4. AIRED May 16: Monroe and Rosalee/Grimm
5. AIRED May 16: Brando and Sylvie/Hart of Dixie
6. AIRED May 21: Cam and Mitchell/Modern Family

Number of cancelled/delayed/interrupted weddings: 3
1. AIRED May 12: Rick and Kate’s wedding day interrupted by car crash/Castle
2. AIRED May 16:  Cricket and Stanley/Hart of Dixie 
3. AIRED May 16: Meatball and Lily Anne/Hart of Dixie

Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: 21
1. AIRED April 28: Max and Mike kissed/The Following
2. AIRED April 28: John and Astrid kissed/The Tomorrow People
3. AIRED April 28: Russell and Natalie kissed/The Tomorrow People
4. AIRED April 29: Hayley and Elijah kissed/The Originals
5. AIRED April 29: Will and Dr. Sam had sex, exchange “I Love Yous”/About a Boy
6. AIRED April 30: Lindsay and Severide had sex/Chicago P.D.
7. AIRED April 30: Juliette and Jeff had sex/Nashville
8. AIRED April 30: Monroe kissed Rachel/Revolution
9. AIRED May 2: Steve and Catherine exchanged ‘I Love Yous’/Hawaii Five-0
10. AIRED May 5: Carl and Victoria had sex/Mike & Molly
11. AIRED May 6: Mindy and Danny exchanged ‘I Love Yous’/The Mindy Project
12. AIRED May 7: Rayna and Luke exchanged “I Love Yours’/Nashville
13. AIRED May 7: Rollins and Amaro hooked up/Law & Order: SVU
14. AIRED May 8: Raj and Emily have sex/The Big Bang Theory
15. AIRED May 12: Sweets and Jessica/Bones
16. AIRED May 13: Fitz basically said “I love you” to Simmons/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
17. AIRED May 15: Bash and Kenna said “I love you”/Reign
18. AIRED May 16:  Zoe said “I love you” to Wade/Hart of Dixie
19. AIRED May 16:  Nick and Adalind had sex/Grimm
20. AIRED May 18: Jane and Lisbon kissed and said “I love you”/The Mentalist
21. AIRED May 21: Adam/Kim had sex/Chicago P.D.

Number of new pregnancies: 5
1. AIRED April 24: April/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED April 28: Taylor/Star-Crossed
3. AIRED May 6: Breena/NCIS
4. AIRED May 14: Lyla/Arrow
5. AIRED May 16:  Wanda/Hart of Dixie

Number of people giving birth: 3
1. AIRED April 24: Leslie/Parks and Recreation
2. AIRED May 4: Snow White/Once Upon a Time
3. AIRED May 13: Hayley/The Originals

Number of couples reuniting: 3
1. AIRED May 4: Rumple and Belle/Once Upon a Time
2. AIRED May 6: Mindy and Danny/The Mindy Project
3. AIRED May 11: Robin Hood and Marian/Once Upon a Time

Number of fatalities: 28
1. AIRED April 24: Enzo/The Vampire Diaries
2. AIRED April 27: Pascal/Revenge
3. AIRED April 28: Luke/The Following
4. AIRED May 1: Arthur Jeffries aka Professor Proton/The Big Bang Theory
5. AIRED May 2: Freddie Lounds/Hannibal (was eventually resurrected)
6. AIRED MAY 4: Zelena/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 5: Roger/The Tomorrow People 
8. AIRED May 6: Abaddon/Supernatural
9. AIRED May 7: Sebastian/Arrow
10. AIRED May 8: Stefan/The Vampire Diaries
11. AIRED May 11: Aiden/Revenge
12. AIRED May 12: Agent Malik/The Blacklist
13. AIRED May 13: Pete Collier/Person of Interest
14. AIRED May 13: Robert N. Hersh/Person of Interest
15. AIRED May 13: John Garret/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
16. AIRED May 13: Jackson/NCIS
17. AIRED May 13: Hayley/The Originals (returned as a hybrid)
18. AIRED May 13: Monique/The Originals
19. AIRED May 13: Genevieve/The Originals
20. AIRED May 13: Tessa/Supernatural
21. AIRED May 14: Isabel Rochev/Arrow
22. AIRED May 15: King Henry/Reign
23. AIRED May 15: Bonnie/The Vampire Diaries
24. AIRED May 15: Damon/The Vampire Diaries
25. AIRED May 15: Markos/The Vampire Diaries
26. AIRED May 20: Gadreel/Supernatural
27. AIRED May 20: Dean/Supernatural
28. AIRED May 21: Jin/Chicago P.D.


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