Tomorrow People Finale Recaplet: Frozen in Time

The Tomorrow People Season 1 Finale RecapIt’s the end of the world as The Tomorrow People know it, and they don’t feel fine.

Monday night’s (season? series?) finale saw the superpowered folk and their human pals John and Astrid take on The Founder’s deadly machine before laying the groundwork for a radically different Season 2.

Before you weigh in on whether you’d like to see the new scenario play out, let’s review the action.

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Roger begs his own brother to shoot him in order to stop The Machine from destroying humankind. A tearful Jedikiah obeys, but it’s too late. The contraption already has the juice it needs, so Roger’s sacrifice ends up being all for naught.

Stephen wants to weaponize himself so he can kill The Founder for what he’s done to his family. But a heart-to-heart with Cara convinces him not to let go of his humanity. So it’s on to Russell’s plan: Draw the fight to the front of the building, which will distract The Founder’s super soldiers, while Stephen sneaks into the room with The Machine. Technically, it works. But alas, there’s another problem. The bubble that will freeze time for all humans — and from which they’ll never return to life — is already spreading.

“Don’t look at it. Look at me,” John says to a fearful Astrid. “You know what the best part about being human was? You.” Then the two are, literally, frozen in a liplock.

Back inside Ultra, Stephen fights off The Founder, teleporting him into The Machine’s center until he goes poof! Although time unfreezes, there’s still the threat of psycho Tomorrow Person Natalie, who shoots Cara. Somehow, Stephen’s rage manages to rewind time, saving Cara’s life in the process and getting him a grateful hug just as John approaches to witness the embrace. (Did John seem more upset that he wasn’t the one to save her or that Stephen and Cara were getting close?)

Two weeks later, John and Astrid are all coupley on the subway, exploring New York City’s boroughs, when Jedikiah approaches. Remember how earlier he said, “Just a man? John, that is all a father could want for his son”?

Actually, he wants a lot more. Jedikiah offers John Roger’s DNA so he can get his powers and his old life back.

As for the homo superiors, whatever Stephen did at Ultra sent out a beacon, bringing a whole new bunch of breakouts to the lair for their leader. “They’re here for us,” Stephen corrects Cara, taking her hand. Meanwhile, Cara’s spidey sense is tingling. She can tell Stephen did something to her – and she can feel John breaking out.

Turns out, the life Jedikiah is offering John is more akin to the one he had while at Ultra than his life with Cara at the lair. He’s the prototype for Jedikiah’s line of military super soldiers, and his first mission is to recruit Cara – whom he doesn’t remember!

Tomorrow People fans, what did you think of the finale’s last-minute twist? Are you hoping for a second season? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and don’t forget to grade the episode via the poll below!

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