The Following Finale Recap: Chapter Closed?

following-s2finale-325The Following wouldn’t have been The Following if it hadn’t ended its second season with death.

So naturally, Monday’s finale included the demise of psychotwin Luke — but not Claire or Joe, as many fans predicted.

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Here’s what went down, in a nutshell:

• While Ryan waited to show himself in the church, Joe killed Pastor Tanner’s kid and Ryan fielded a call from Luke, who said he’d trade Claire for Joe — alive.

• During the chaos of the police entering the church, Ryan and Mike snuck Joe out the back and into a cop car — but not before Ryan got in one good punch, because, y’know, mortal enemies and all.

• One of Joe’s followers caught up with the car and rammed it from behind, nearly killing both Joe and Ryan. But when the acolyte helped Joe from the car, Joe took the man’s gun and shot him, then helped Ryan from the wreckage.

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• Carroll and Hardy made it to the twins’ New Jersey mansion, where they saved Claire from hanging just in time for her to freak out at seeing Joe… and for Luke to gas them into unconsciousness. When they all came to, the twins put the men through a game of Russian roulette that risked Claire’s life many times over and ended when Mike shot Luke from outside. Luke exited with Claire; Joe freed himself with a convenient table knife and took off, as well.

• Joe found Claire and begged her forgiveness, which definitely wasn’t happening. Ryan, Max and Mike pulled the serial killed away and pointed their guns at him, causing Joe to cry “Do it!” — it started out as a goad but turned into a plea. However Ryan got a hold of himself, turned his gun away and told Mike to call the FBI.

• Luke died, thanks to a shot from Max’s gun, but Mark grabbed his body and ran off with it. Mike and Max later made out.

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• Ryan was all ready to start things up with Claire once more, but she turned him down — despite their mutual exchange of “I love yous.” “Go build a future for yourself, Ryan, whatever that is.”

• Joe was taken off in chains, but not before Ryan told him, “You won’t be seeing me any more,” talking up how his new life wouldn’t include the killer.

• Back in New York, Ryan celebrated by having his traditional post-“I captured evil” dinner of Chinese, then woke in a sweat after a nightmare that Mark was in his apartment. Meanwhile, the twin was actually loading his brother’s body into a car driven by… someone we don’t see. “Thank you for coming,” Mark says. “I didn’t know who else to call.”

And… that’s the season? That’s the season! What did you think of the episode? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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