Parks and Recreation Finale Recap: A Fresh Start

Parks and Recreation Season 6 Finale RecapThe future is bright for Leslie Knope.

The close of Thursday’s Parks and Recreation Season 6 finale jumped ahead three years to find Leslie at work in her new job after convincing Grant to let her move the Midwest office from Chicago to Pawnee.

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Earlier in the episode, Grant told her she could hire two people for her staff of six. She got shot down by Ron, who laughed at her, and Andy and April, who told Leslie the city sounds like it it has lots to offer, but she “likes to do nothing with no one.”

Thus, we discover that Jerry Larry Terry is the only one who seems to be working for Leslie. But there’s someone even more inept than him at the new office: guest star Jon Hamm, who thanks Leslie for the literally hundreds of opportunities after she fires him. (Noo, come back, Jon Hamm!)

Meanwhile, Ben strolls in, wearing a tux, and tells his wife everyone is waiting in his office. He suggests they hear what they have to say. What do you think the mysterious meeting is about? And could Ben’s fancy attire have something to do with his Cones of Dunshire game taking off three years earlier?

Then we meet Ben and Leslie’s toddler kids — that’s one way to skip repeating a pregnancy storyline! — who are being babysat by April and Andy. (Why is Andy’s arm broken?!)

The time jump certainly presents an interesting reset of sorts for Season 7 and leaves a lot of questions. Like what are Ron, Donna and Tom up to? Before you hit the comments with your thoughts/theories, let’s review some other highlights and memorable quotes from the episode:

* Craig: “From now on, everyone call me Kristen. Because I am wigging out.”

* Leslie’s response to meeting FLOTUS Michelle Obama is super loud.

* Ben trying to win over a tech startup to get Pawnee free wifi: “We lead the country in online pizza ordering. In fact, a lot of people go to the library just to order pizza online.” He eventually wins the company over by beating them at Cones of Dunshire.

* Ron’s ex Tammy II makes a return, threatening, “I will defeat you right in my pants.” Did she make good on her promise?

* Another mystery to ponder: Did Andy and April actually get divorced and remarried like they wanted?

* Tom’s Bistro’s soft opening is a disaster — Ron’s a perfectionist with the chairs, the menus feature pictures of Larry’s dog’s rectum — but a second dinner with the Unity concert VIPs is a success.

* Ben totally has a crush on Letters to Cleo’s lead singer.

* Ron to Leslie: “The sentimental people in this office will probably miss you.”

* Ron finally makes his very public debut as Duke Silver, helping Mouse Rat close out the Unity concert with an ode to Lil’ Sebastian, accompanied by a hologram pony. (Ben’s look at the camera after the hologram appears is priceless.)

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