Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on [Spoiler]'s Next Move, Bonnie's Lies, Tyler's Fate and More

Vampire Diaries Enzo DiesSpoiler Alert! If you have yet to watch Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The bromance is over.

On Thursday night’s The Vampire Diaries, Enzo discovered that his pal Damon killed the love of his life. Then he got his heart ripped out, literally, by Stefan.

Damon’s former bestie may be dead now, but “his story isn’t over,” assures executive producer Caroline Dries.

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Below, the EP and star Ian Somerhalder dish on Enzo’s revenge from the great beyond, Bonnie’s major dilemma, Tyler’s capture, “Delena” and more. Plus: Get ready to say farewell — for good, this time — to some beloved characters!

ENZO’S VENDETTA | “He is going to become this ghost villain going forward,” previews Dries. “We’ll see him all the way through towards the finale.” But just how much damage can Enzo inflict from his very far away location? “He can do a lot from the Other Side,” Dries says. “He’s determined to make Damon and Stefan’s [lives] a living hell. All the turmoil on the Other Side is giving him more liberties than other ghosts have had. So his story isn’t just about him being the villain, but it’s also about us getting a new set of eyes into the Other Side.”

However, that doesn’t mean Enzo is content to stay put. “He’s pissed that he’s dead, but that’s amplified by the fact that around him, people are being sucked out of the ether,” explains Dries. “You’ll see in the next episode, Damon’s going to promise Enzo, ‘I will help you get out of here.'” Not that he knows how to free the vamp. “Damon makes the promise under extreme duress. Damon has no idea what he’s talking about when he makes that promise, which just adds to the complication.”

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Vampire Diaries Enzo DiesDAMON’S FEELINGS | With everyone lying to him about Enzo’s death, Damon is, understandably, “definitely not very happy” when he finds out the truth, says Somerhalder. As for his feelings about a certain ex-girlfriend, Dries notes that they deliberately had Damon not look at Elena much in the hour until she had her eyes closed. But next Thursday’s episode will “purposefully throw them in a world together where they can’t help but literally be on top of each other — the cabin in the woods story,” previews the EP. “They can’t be away from each other, they can’t be close to each other. So we’re playing into the drama of this weird purgatory in their relationship. How will they act when they can’t escape each other?”

THE TRAVELERS’ AGENDA | “What we’re trying to do is give the Travelers the simplest goal in the world,” explains Dries. “They just want a place to call home. They’re not trying to be bad guys about it, but here’s what we have to do.” So while the doppelganger blood allows them to undo magic, reverting bloodsuckers to their dead state, they “care less about vampires and more about undoing the curse that was put on them.” Adds Somerhalder: “They’re determined. There are some really cool scenes coming up with lots of Travelers… You’re almost sympathetic for them.”

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Vampire Diaries Enzo DiesBONNIE’S LIES | The witch is keeping a big secret about her fate from her beau — and it’ll stay that way. “We decided – it’s a little bit of a spoiler – what if Jeremy doesn’t find out?” reveals Dries. “Is that a nicer gift for him to have since he’s gone through dealing with Bonnie almost dying or dying a couple times? She’s been through this before. So what if she changes it up and is like, ‘I’m living on borrowed time anyway. I’m not supposed to be back here. So why don’t I just treat every day like a gift and not be putting a burden on other people?’ You might say she’s like a martyr, but that’s just her way of coping.”

TYLER’S DILEMMA | After losing Caroline earlier this season, the writers looked for a storyline in which actor Michael Trevino could channel the hybrid’s angst that wasn’t purely relationship-based. “We were like, ‘Let’s have what happened to Katherine happen to Tyler and make the drama of that, oh, there’s no getting out,'” explains Dries. Yes, it’s bad news for passengered Tyler because “that [Traveler] knife is gone. So he’s stuck. We wanted to play that out and give it its due as a full arc.” As such, his situation won’t reach its climax until the season finale.

SAY GOODBYE | “We want it so that moving forward, when characters do die, it’s death. Dead is dead,” stresses Dries. As a result, as the Other Side continues to fall apart, we’ll see more familiar faces return — “It’s just basically like a storage facility for all of our friends,” laughs the EP — and there will be some permanent deaths. “I can think of three offhand,” reveals Dries.

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