The Big Bang Theory: Did That Just Happen?

Big Bang Theory EngagementIt was a day of big changes for The Big Bang Theory‘s Penny this Thursday night.

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As the penultimate episode of the season got underway, Penny got into a squabble with the director of her cheesetastic ape-girl movie, only because she was endeavoring to make it even a smidgen better. That not only lost her the job (they didn’t need her anyway for the full-ape scenes), it got Wil Wheaton booted as well.

At episode’s end, Penny and Leonard retreated to her place, where Penny realized a need to start making smart decisions, not just about her career but her life. “We could get married,” she suggests. Leonard, though, fears that she only wants to marry him because he’s a “bran muffin,” something that’s good for her and/or her colon, wen he’d rather be a Cinnabon, or at least a Pop-Tart.

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With that negotiation out of the way, Penny says she doesn’t need to be famous or even a working actress to be happy in life. “Then what do you need?” Leonard asks. Her answer: “You, you stupid Pop-Tart!”

Leonard nods, “I’m in,” leaving them to conclude, quietly, that they just got engaged. Huh. Anticlimactic indeed. Until, that is, Leonard fishes a ring out of his wallet — one he’s been lugging around “for a couple of years” (but that’s not important!).

“Penny, will you marry me?” he asks, on bended knee. “Oh my God, yes!” she beams. And there you have it — finally, this unlikely pair got on the same page.

Romance bloomed elsewhere on this week’s Big Bang, when after discussing an awkward run-in at the movies, where Raj saw Emily out with her tattoo artist, they get to making things a bit more exclusive — starting with Raj getting a tour of her one tattoo that is “not at all on her shoulder.”

What did you think of Leonard and Penny’s long-awaited, mutually agreed upon engagement?

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