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Post Mortem: Castle Boss Talks Controversial Wedding Day Twist ('We're Going to Take Our Lumps'), Teases New Mythology Ahead

Castle Finale Wedding Car CrashWarning: The following contains major spoilers from the Season 6 finale of ABC’s Castle.

ABC’s Castle on Monday night invited viewers to RSVP for the long-awaited wedding between bestselling author Richard Castle and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. But did the duo’s Big Day go off without a hitch?

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With just days to go until their exchange of vows, Rick and Kate run into an unexpected obstacle when it is discovered that Ms. Beckett is actually a Mrs., having 15 years ago visited a drive-thru chapel with then-beau Rogan O’Leary (Warehouse 13‘s Eddie McClintock), while sloshed in Sin City. Finding Rogan and then getting him to sign off on a dissolution is easier said than done.

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Meanwhile back in New York City, the wedding itself was imploding. The venue? Shut down. The couture dress? Ruined. (Stop cheering, y’all.)

And yet… as the finale drew to a close, thanks to quick thinking by Martha and a gift from Jim, the wedding is happening, people!

Until it wasn’t.

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All dressed up and ready to wed — yet oddly unable to locate Rick — Kate gets a phone call. Next we see her, she is running down a Hamptons street, on her way to lay witness to a shocking, heartbreaking sight: Rick’s car, having seemingly been forced off the road by an ominous SUV, engulfed in flames.

TVLine invited series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to discuss the twists that transpired and what could possibly happen next, when Season 7 arrives in the fall.

TVLINE | I must say, this was, by and large, an entertaining hour. It was like a “four-quadrant” finale, delivering humor, tragedy, romance, mystery…. All of Castle‘s calling cards.
Thank you for saying that. We appreciate it. One of the things we were trying to accomplish was honoring where the show came from, with the romantic comedy, but also being able to deal with the deep, romantic elements. But we have been known to throw a sucker punch from time to time.

TVLINE | Talk about coming up with the overall idea for this finale.
Well, we knew we wanted to finish off Beckett’s trajectory of getting justice for her mother, in [the May 5 episode] “Veritas,” and we didn’t want that necessarily to be the last episode of the season. But we knew we wanted to deal with that before we got into the wedding stuff, because we wanted to have the sense that if Beckett was moving forward in life that she had that behind her. So, knowing that our second-to-last episode would be relatively weighty, coming into the last episode we were sitting around talking and thought, “Would there be a way to do a Preston Sturges/Coen Brothers-type screwball comedy?” To have some fun, get to see one of our characters in a bit of a new way. We had toyed with this notion of how to complicate the wedding without the conventional, “The old lover comes back into town” thing, and this was a new version of it, courtesy of Jeaneane Garofalo. I think she was the one who discovered, like 20 years later, that she had accidentally gotten married in Vegas not knowing that it was for real. So to be able to do that was exciting, because Beckett has always had the moral high ground in the relationship, because of Castle’s divorces.

TVLINE | Yeah, he even brings up her “one and done” line.
Exactly. And this makes her more human and much more endearing to him. In our minds it’s not a blow to her character, because she was 19 and thought she was being funny at the time, but it’s a huge complication when you have 300 people coming into town and the [wedding] venue is set…. “What are we going to do?” She didn’t want to be embarrassed, and it set us off on a really fun journey. Eddie McClintock playing Rogan gave us the sense that Beckett is drawn to those forces of nature that she can’t quite control.

TVLINE | OK, but talk about Castle Finale Car Crashyour peaks and valleys! You have the screwball comedy for three-quarters of the hour, and then you launch into a romantic swell — with Beckett’s mom’s dress, the scene with Martha, which was just wonderful – and then you yank the rug out from under us. Who was it in the writers room that dared to utter the words, “He drives off a cliff”?
[Laughs] I won’t ascribe blame, in case the fans take out their pitchforks. We’re actually very excited about where we’re going next season, and this helps set up some of the elements that we’re going to be dealing with coming back. We felt like it was an interesting way to end it, in a way that people will want to know what happened, what’s going on. We know that it’s a bit of an emotional blow to the audience but oftentimes good storytelling is. With the mythology that we’re introducing, we want to start it off with a bang. We’re just sorry that the audience has to wait until September to see how we’re going to resolve it.

TVLINE | Because make no mistake, the pitchforks will be out.
No doubt. No doubt. But to us, it’s an indication that they care. Hopefully, in the long term, their trust in us will be well-deserved. But in the short term we’re going to take our lumps.

TVLINE | Are you willing to say that whomever forced Castle’s car off the road is an existing adversary — be it 3XK, Annie Wersching’s plastic surgeon character, a Bracken thug, something pegged to Jackson Hunt, or even this Mickey-the-fugitive mobster guy?
I’ll say that we have a lot of interesting folks out there, and those are the questions we hope people are asking. We have some interesting answers when they come back. Or, at least, more interesting questions.

TVLINE | Nathan Fillion is signed for Season 7, right? This isn’t some loophole to put Castle through reconstructive surgery and have him come out looking like Travis Schuldt?
[Laughs] No, I don’t think we can quite “Doctor Who” Castle. Yeah, Nathan is signed on for Season 7.

TVLINE | What you did to the couture wedding dress…. Was that your way of acknowledging that some viewers weren’t fans of it? Even when I asked Stana for her thoughts on it, she gave a highly diplomatic answer.
It was acknowledging that, having some fun with it…. And also, as lovely as moment as that was in that particular episode [“More Than Skin Deep”], we wanted to make sure that Beckett’s wedding dress had a deeper sense of meaning to her. This was a way to honor that and allow her mother, who has been such a driving force in defining who she is, to “participate” in the wedding. But yeah, we heard the fans and knew that they were deeply divided on that dress, and for good reason.

TVLINE | You of course realize that, now more than ever, you owe the fans a proper wedding — at some point.
We know that we owe them a wedding that accurately reflects who Castle and Beckett are, yes.

TVLINE | I mean, we were so close. You even relocated the wedding ceremony to the Hamptons, which was on the wish list of many fans.
I know, I know….

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