Once Upon a Time Recap: Everything Is Oz-some

SUNNY MABREY, REBECCA MADER, MATREYA SCARRWENERThis Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, we learned how a girl from Kansas helped shape Zelena’s destiny, while in Storybrooke the arrival of Baby Charming gave birth to new slew of twists.

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IN THE OZ THAT WAS…. | Shortly after Zelena revealed the Wizard for what he was (and then turned him into a flying monkey), Glinda commends Greenie on her work and invites her to claim a seat alongside her real sisters, at the Table of Witches With Ample Cleavage. The witches of North, South and East represent wisdom, love and courage (brain! heart! the nerve!), while Zelena would stand for (snicker) innocence. It is explained that per the Book of Records (Hey, do you have the Beatles’ White Album?), it was prophesied that a sorceress from the West would arrive via cyclone to join them.

Alas, when another twister touches down in Oz and deposits a resilient ragamuffin named Dorothy, Zelena grows envious of the Gale girl — and then reads in the Book of Records that the prophesied sorceress would vanquish the greatest evil known to Oz and in doing so claim a seat at the witches’ table. Re-greened, Zelena dupes Dorothy into thinking she’s been melted by a pail of water (where did the kid get such a silly idea?!), and then poses as the Wizard to send Dorothy home by way of sparkly slippers, thus ridding her of her only adversary. Glinda vows to find a new candidate to fulfill the prophecy, but gets poofed away to the Enchanted Forest before she can do so.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | With Snow in labor, Zelena sets up a pentagram-y thing giant compass on the floor of a barn, with Charming’s hilt, Gold’s golden brain and Regina’s heart placed at three of the four edges. When Emma goes to run interference/”take the fight to Zelena,” the Wicked Witch lobs Hook into a tank of water, forcing Emma to fish him out and employ mouth-to-mouth resuscitation — thus triggering the “lips curse” and zapping away her magic. Zelena then storms the hospital, swatting away Robin Hood, his merry men, Belle and Regina, “freezing” Charming and then snatching away their freshly born baby boy. (Oh: It’s a boy!) With Emma’s light magic neutralized, what now?

Henry, Emma and Robin Hood believe that Regina has it within her — heart or not — to bust out some light magic of her own. (“You’re a hero now, and defeating bad guys is what heroes do,” Henry cheers.) So they storm the barn and, after a few hiccups and beat-downs, Regina declares, “I’m changing” as her hands glow white, and then she zaps Zelena down. “I make my own destiny,” she boasts as she rips off Zelena’s powerful pendant. But when Rumple goes in to kill his wicked captor, dagger-wielding Regina stops him from avenging Neal’s death.

Later, Regina visits her sister in the clink and offers what she once got herself: a second chance. Meanwhile, Rumple and Belle happily reunite, the former forever astonished by his lady love’s unwavering faith. Belle reveals that Regina gave her the Dark One’s dagger, and she wants to give it to him. Rumple, though, returns it to Belle as a gesture of trust, saying, “I am now and for all of the future yours.” Heyyyyy, that kinda sounded like a…. Yep, it is! “Will you marry me?” Rumple asks a giddy Belle.

As Charming reunites Snow with their baby and Emma makes clear to Hook she’s heading back to New York with Henry, Rumple pays jailed Zelena his own visit, revealing that the dagger Belle has is a fake, and that he in fact possesses the real one (thanks to dear ol’ dad’s “Follow the lady” trick). He uses the blade to destroy Zelena… but after he walks away, her dusty remains, I dunno, float through town (?), intermingle with green smoke that churned out of the vault where Regina hid Zelena’s pendant (?), and then make a beeline for the pentagram-y thing giant compass, where they swirled and emitted a flash of bright light.

All of which leads to the promo for next Sunday’s two-hour season finale:


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