Mindy Project Finale Recap: Just a Boy, Standing in Front of a Girl, Asking Her to Love Him

The Mindy Project Season 2 Finale Recap

Warning: This recap, by its very nature, contains spoilers from Tuesday’s season finale of The Mindy Project. If you haven’t watched yet, scoot!

Mindy-Danny enthusiasts and rom-com fans alike had plenty to swoon over by the time The Mindy Project wrapped its second season Tuesday night.

Of course MFEO co-workers and pals Mindy and Danny wind up together by the end of the episode; after the way they’ve been smoldering since breaking up a few weeks back, Shulman & Associates was in danger of burning to the ground if the two docs didn’t finally become an official couple.

But before the reunion can happen, there are obstacles to surmount (such as Tim Daly’s gruffly sexy Charlie, and Danny’s tendency to change his mind at the worst possible moment) and movie homages to make (An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, most notably). So let’s review what takes place in “Danny and Mindy” — and then you’ll let us know what you thought of the season-ender. Cool?

MISSED CONNECTIONS | A week after making eyes with a cute stranger on the subway, Mindy finds a classified ad from the commuter, who calls himself “Andy” and seems to be talking directly to her. The starry-eyed physician strikes up a You’ve Got Mail-ish online correspondence with the too-good-to-be-true mystery guy… who turns out to be Danny! Morgan (of all people) figures out the ruse and confronts Dr. Castellano. “How’d you find out? How’d you find out?!” Danny says, amazed. He confesses that he created the virtual alter ego so that Mindy would fall in love with Andy and eventually, upon the big reveal, realize that she really loved Danny. “You’ve gotta make meeting Dr. L the perfect moment,” Morgan tells his boss, who’s planning to come clean that night, and when Tamra brings up the Empire State Building — the focal point of films like Affair and Sleepless — Danny thinks he’s got the evening sewn up.

SO MUCH FOR MY HAPPY ENDING | Mindy’s attempts to break up gently with Charlie become unnecessary when the cop is totally cool with her exploring her feelings for her mystery dude. He gives her a piece of advice — not to let “the rich kid from Staten Island” get in the way of her following her heart — and a kiss on the cheek, and then it’s 10-4, over and out for Det. Charlie. (We’ll miss you, Tim Daly!) Mindy stops by Danny’s place on her way to meet Andy, and casually mentions, “You were right about us not being together.” Her point: She’s sure he’s not into her, and she says she’s gotten over him, and they’re really good friends, so that’s cool, right? But she doesn’t see Danny’s face fall at hearing her words, and she doesn’t know that after she leaves, he scraps his plans to reveal his Andy-hood to her at the ESB. So she thinks she’s been stood up, and when it starts to rain, she gets a cold, to boot.

I’LL HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING | Danny’s attempts to come clean are thwarted when he visits a sick Mindy the next day, and all she wants to do is watch When Harry Met Sally and snuggle. As his voiceover informs us over a montage of the pair gallivanting around a golden-lit New York, maybe it’s not so bad to be just friends with such an awesome gal. But when they run into the guy Mindy thinks is Andy — and she beats the snot out of him until Danny confesses the truth — things go south. They argue all the way into the office, where he follows her into the ladies’ room and confesses his love. “I don’t believe you,” she says, starting to cry, “because you love me… until you don’t.” He begs for another chance, proposing another Empire State Building meet-up that night, but she tearfully declines.

CHANGE OF HEART | Mindy’s co-workers convince her to give Danny another shot, so she jets off to the Manhattan landmark. But Danny’s not there — when she didn’t show, he decided to grab a slice of pizza instead. (Smooth, Castellano.) Peter, Jeremy & Co. find the depressed doc chowing down and urge him to make good on his plan. So Danny takes off on a sprint through the city streets (a la Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally… if Harry got hit by a taxi on the way to the New Year’s party) as a malfunctioning elevator forces Mindy to climb to the top of the ESB. They reunite on the roof deck, where Mindy’s wheezing like Darth Vader with asthma. While The Cars’ “Drive” plays in the background, Danny once more professes his love, they bicker about how many children they’ll have, and then Drs. L and C  make out like they’re in the airplane galley all over again. (Ass grab FTW!)

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