Nashville Recap: Feelin' a Little Bit Crazy, Feelin' Like She Wants to Be Bad

Nashville Season 2 Recap Scarlett loses her stuff but grows a mean streak in this week’s Nashville, and the nastiness spreads among her family, friends and colleagues like norovirus on a cruise ship: quickly and leaving everyone a little shaky in its wake.

Meanwhile, Will and Layla decide whether or not they want to be the next Kardashians and Juliette makes her absolute worst decision yet, and it involves someone whose name rhymes with “jerky myrtle.” Read on for what happens in “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad.”

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THE BLAME GAME | Though it’s been a month since the last new episode, we pick up right where we left off: with Avery carrying an insensate Scarlett off stage while she flops around like a carp. Juliette & Co. hustle her to the jet and fly her back to Nashville, where Deacon and Rayna are waiting to escort her to a private clinic. All poor Ju wants is someone to toss her a thank you for her role in Operation: Blondie Goes Loco, but Rayna just kind of dismisses her as they all – including Avery – make for the hospital.

I honestly don’t think Rayna means much by it; after all, she’s too busy dealing with Deacon shooting her death glances and outright blaming her for pushing his niece too hard. And Deke, for his part, is busy trying to corral his loony sister Beverly, who claims her daughter had a psychotic break and is cursed with the same mental instability that plagued Bev and her own mother.

But don’t worry, Beverly has some choice words for Rayna, too. Turns out, she’s never been a fan. (Bucky got a chuckle out of me for the speed with which he beats it the heck outta there the moment the two women confront each other.) All you really need to know about the conversation is that at one point, Rayna says, “Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you have got so much nerve,” – and you can hear every single “r” in there – and that she shuts down Bev’s accusations by coming in close and dropping her voice an octave as she warns, “You find somebody else to tangle with, you hear?”

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CRAZY IS AS CRAZY DOES | The whole awful situation erupts when Scarlett surfaces out of her sedation, realizes she’s tied down to her bed and makes a break for it. (Side note: Who untied her?) Rayna, Beverly and Deacon chase after her, and while Deke runs interference with his sister – who hilariously cries out, “Do not make me chase you in these shoes!” — Rayna calms the skittish blonde, who claims she’d just mixed alcohol with too many of the uppers Liam gave her and that she is not crazy. Rayna gets the understatement-of-the-night award when she replies, “I know. But honey, you’re standing out here in a field in your hospital gown. It’s not making a good case for you.”

Over the next 24 hours, Scarlett realizes exactly how bad her meltdown was (thanks to some online videos with impeccable sound recordings), throws a sympathetic Juliette out of her room and sobs on Zoey’s shoulder. After the doctors clear her as both sane and not an addict of any sort, she finally gets the courage to tell Rayna that she doesn’t want to be a Highway 65 artist anymore. And Rayna, her face betraying not one inkling of the intense financial loss her fledgling company will now withstand because this flighty chick couldn’t put on her big girl pants the first OR second time this conversation came around, merely smiles and lets Scarlett out of her contract. Scar then signs herself out and gently but firmly orders her mother to go back home.

One more thing: The night before, Avery has a spat with a jealous Juliette and spends the night sleeping by Scarlett’s bed. In the morning, they have a chat about how he was her first love and how she’ll always have “a permanent piece of my heart”… and unbeknownst to Avery, Ju overhears the entire thing.

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MY EYES! MY EYES! | So then our Juliette does what she always does when she’s hurt: drinks too much and does something super avoidable and super stupid. At an industry party, she parks herself in front of an ice luge (heh), commiserates with Jeff Fordham – of ALL people – and then joins him in a back room for a little session of “How Quickly Can You Make My Record Go Platinum?” We see his smirky turtle lips on her neck and his smirky turtle paws on her thighs and honestly? This is the absolute worst thing you’ve done, Miss Juju. You even sang about this very situation in a song! “Trouble is/one more fireball/when I’m already lit/and it’s last call.” It pains me to use your lyrics against you, honey, but that’s what you get when you unshell the turtle. Even worse, Gunnar – who earlier in the episode turns down Jeff’s offer of a lucrative Edgehill writing contract – totally catches the pair post-act.

REALITY CHECK | Layla thinks it’s a great idea to let a reality show follow her and Will around. Will is, understandably, not as psyched about the proposition… especially after Jeff all but comes out and says he knows Will is gay. But Will doubles down and agrees, so set your DVRs for ‘Til Inevitable Sexuality Reveal Do Us Part: Will and Layla!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? What do you think Scarlett’s future looks like? What was your take on Gunnar’s new, Scarlett-inspired song? And there’s no way Avery and Juliette will last when/if he finds out about her party fling, right? Sound off in the comments!


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