Castle Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

Castle Recap Beckett Wanted for MurderThe following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains major spoilers from this Monday’s episode of ABC’s Castle.

Castle may be the writer, but it was Beckett who in this week’s episode closed a major chapter in her life.

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Finally picking up on the thread last visited in the March episode “In the Belly of the Beast,” we see that Kate has been putting in some personal time following up on leads, laboring to connect Vulcan Simmons’ drug money to Senator Bracken’s presidential campaign. Most recently, Beckett’s had her eye on a D.C. consultant named Jason Marks, and when he turns up dead, she’s determined to find the evidence linking him to Vulcan.

Alas in that effort, Beckett winds up as a murder suspect, after Vulcan himself is found dead, with a bullet from Beckett’s gun in him. That sics both Internal Affairs and Bracken’s people on Beckett, who promptly vanishes. Then, one night at a sketchy hotel, Beckett finds Bracken in her room, accompanied by a pair of goons. The two adversaries have some loaded exchanges about Johanna’s murder and how it made Beckett the woman she is today. Sensing her time is about up, Kate goads Bracken into offing her himself (“Or don’t you have the balls?”), but he doesn’t take the bait. Instead, he leaves her to the goons, who slip her a pill and ply her with booze, in prep to fake a suicide. But just as they raise the gun to Beckett’s’ temple and wrap her finger on the trigger… she quickly turns it on one guy, puts a couple more into the other guy, and then puts back down the first guy with a pop to the chest and then two in the floor (for good, and badass, measure).

Beckett has had enough.

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When morning comes, Rick is driving his fiancée far away from all of that, bound for Canada, when Beckett flashes back to a conversation she had with Captain Montgomery when she first came to the precinct. Seeing that Kate was checking up on her mom’s murder, Montgomery inquires if she’s perused all of Johanna’s belongings, including any “cassette recordings.” (Lore has it, Bracken fears a mythical audio tape of him confessing to murder.) Caskett turn the car around and, with RySpo’s help, slip into Kate’s apartment to rifle through her mom’s things. They basically come up empty, though Rick finds in Johanna’s appointment book some coded reference to “Montgomery,” “evidence” and “family,” just before IA comes barging in.

Yet just as Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Espo are being led through the 12th, handcuffed, Beckett spies the elephant knickknack on her desk. She recalls how it used to be on her mother’s desk, and how Johanna referred to the figurines as “a family.” And sure ’nuff, when Beckett wrests open the display, a microcassette tumbles out, loaded with damning evidence against Bracken.

As the hour closes, the White House hopeful is giving a TV interview when Kate shows up, strides toward the gobsmacked politico and declares, “I found the tape. It’s over.” With a sigh of satisfaction-slash-emotional exhaustion, Beckett formally arrests Bracken for conspiracy, fraud and the murder of Johanna Beckett, handcuffs him and leads him out to a car as the press swarms. Bracken shoots Beckett a menacing look from within the vehicle, but she’s undeterred. In fact, she’s veritably beaming, now that a weight she carried for so many years has finally been eased off her shoulders. Reflecting on the years-long, often death-defying odyssey, “I never could have done this without you,” she says to Rick, the man she is due to wed in two weeks — or, you know, “next Monday” here in the real world.

Unless, that is, she already is married…. Heh.

What did you think of “Veritas”? Though there was a bit of retconning, and the Montgomery flashback proved a bit convenient/Ghost Obi Wan-like, it’s inarguable that the episode nonetheless provided greatly satisfying closure to this seasons-long thread. The myriad guest stars/blasts from the past were a nice touch, making this coda feel fully realized,, plus there’s something quite poetic about Kate having this long-festering nastiness cleared from her mind as she approaches her Big Day.

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