Netflix's Dumbest Cancellations Ever

Netflix Shows Cancelled

Netflix may have turned us all into TV-bingeing zombies, but even zombies have feelings. And when the shows we love are suddenly cancelled — often without a fair explanation — we aren’t exactly thrilled.

From one-and-done treasures like Everything Sucks! and Teenage Bounty Hunters to acclaimed shows like GLOW — which were promised additional seasons, only to have the rug pulled out from under them — TVLine is taking stock of the cancellations that we wish never happened.

To Netflix’s credit, the streaming giant has been known to occasionally save beloved shows cancelled by other networks. (It did so with NBC’s Manifest just a few hours ago, in fact.) But that doesn’t give it a free pass to get us hooked on its own shows, only to unceremoniously cancel them without giving us closure. No, sir.

Read on to see the shows we picked as Netflix’s most egregious cancellations, then drop a comment with your own additions to the list. Which shows were done dirty by the streaming giant?

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