2018 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Already Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

2018 Renewal Scorecard

TVLine’s annual cheat sheet of relief, anxiety and utter despair known as the Renewal Scorecard has arrived!

From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows are good to return for another season… and which will join Notorious over at the MIA Network. To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the “bubble,” we once again present you with our easy-to-browse scorecard.

(Our Cable TV Renewal Scorecard can be found here, while our brand-new Streaming Renewal Scorecard is here.)

We’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel — including info on full-season pickups! — so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. As a reminder, the eight levels in TVLine’s reliable renewal grid are as follows:

♦ Officially renewed
♦ A sure thing
♦ A safe bet
♦ Could go either way
♦ A long-shot
♦ Essentially cancelled
♦ Officially cancelled
♦ Too early to tell

And now, the Scorecard. (Use these links to jump to CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW; Cable/Streaming series can be found on their own scorecard.)


The $100,000 Pyramid: Returns Summer 2018
Alex Inc.: A long-shot. Officially cancelled
America’s Funniest: Officially renewed
American Housewife:
Could go either way. Officially renewed
American Idol: Officially renewed
The Bachelor: Officially renewed
Bachelor in Paradise: Returns Summer 2018
Battle of the Network Stars: A long-shot
black-ish: A sure thing. Officially renewed
Boy Band: Unofficially cancelled
Celebrity Family Feud: Returns Summer 2018
Child Support: Officially renewed
The Crossing: A long-shot. Officially cancelled
Dancing With the Stars: Officially renewed
Deception: A long-shot Officially cancelled
Designated Survivor:
A long-shot. Officially cancelled
For the People: A long-shot. Officially renewed
Fresh Off the Boat: A safe bet. Officially renewed
The Goldbergs: Officially renewed
The Gong Show: Could go either way. Renewed for Season 2
The Good Doctor: Officially renewed
Grey’s Anatomy: A sure thing Officially renewed
How to Get Away With Murder: A sure thing. Officially renewed
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World: A long-shotOfficially cancelled
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Could go either way. Officially renewed
Marvel’s Inhumans: A long-shotOfficially cancelled
Match Game: Returns Summer 2018
The Mayor: Could go either way. Officially cancelled
The Middle: Officially cancelled; series finale airs Spring 2018
Modern Family
: Officially renewed 
Once Upon a Time:
A long-shot. Officially cancelled 
 Could go either way. Officially cancelled
Roseanne revival: Officially renewed. UPDATE: Cancelled
Officially cancelled; series finale aired April 19
Shark Tank:
A sure thing. Officially renewed 
Could go either way. Officially renewed
Splitting Up Together: A safe bet. Officially renewed
Station 19: A safe bet. Officially renewed
Take Two: Too early to tell
Ten Days in the Valley:
Officially cancelled 
To Tell the Truth:
Returns Summer 2018
The Toy Box: Could go either way. Officially cancelled