Timeless Cancelled at NBC — But Wrap-Up Movie Remains a Possibility

Timeless Cancelled No Season 3

History is repeating itself: NBC has again cancelled Timeless, TVLine has learned. Fans, though, should not yet give up all hope for some final closure.

Our sister site Deadline reports that NBC remains open to the possibility — remote as it may be, given the logistics and financial imprudency — of greenlighting a two-hour movie, to wrap up Season 2’s tantalizing loose ends.

“This is a sad day for the writers, actors, crew and especially the viewers of Timeless,” co-showrunner Shawn Ryan shared on Twitter Friday. “We are all extremely proud of what we made and know that it was more than just a show for so many of our fans. It became a passion and a cause for many of them.

“If NBC is sincere in wanting a two-hour movie to give much needed closure to our amazing @NBCTimeless fans, we are ready to make it,” he added. “We don’t want the journeys of Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus and the others to end yet.”

UPDATE: As for the series being shopped elsewhere, co-showrunner Eric Kripke says that there have been no nibbles, and that the movie thus represents the best chance at resolving things. “Behind the scenes, Sony has been trying hard to set it up elsewhere, but no luck so far,” he tweeted. “I think this two-hour movie is our best shot. We’re ready to make it if really wants it.”

Timeless of course made headlines a little over a year ago when it was axed after its freshman season — and then uncancelled just three days later by NBC. “[We] heard [about] the [fan] outcry and went back to the drawing board with our partners at [producing studio] Sony,” NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt explained at the time.

Following a year-long hiatus, the 10-episode second season premiered this March in its new Sundays-at-10 time slot to less-than-stellar ratings. However, the fan favorite bubble drama placed second in TVLine’s poll of shows readers most want renewed and topped our list of Best Season Finales.

The Season 2 finale, which aired May 13, concluded with a shocking cliffhanger: Future versions of Lucy and Wyatt arrived in the present-day bunker with a potential plan to save their dead teammate Rufus.

“It’s something that we hope to address in greater detail in Season 3 [if the show is renewed], exactly where that particular Wyatt and Lucy came from and what their circumstances are,” executive producer Shawn Ryan told TVLine during our post mortem Q&A.

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