What to Watch Today

School Spirits Conjured, Top Chef and YOU Return, Poker Face and History of the World Wrap and More

  • Hulu
    History of the World, Part II

    Series finale (two episodes): There’s peace (and lunch) in the Middle East; Shirley Chisholm heads to the Watergate; the Berlin Wall comes down; Christianity gets a makeover. (How to Stream!)

  • Peacock
    Poker Face

    Season 1 finale: Charlie is caught in the crossfire of a deadly power play; Ron Perlman, Benjamin Bratt, Clea DuVall, Simon Helberg and Rhea Perlman guest-star. (Check renewal status.)

  • Paramount+
    School Spirits

    Series premiere (first three episodes): Disney Channel vet Peyton List (BUNK’D) plays a teenager in the afterlife attempting to solve her own murder; Milo Manheim (ZOMBIES) co-stars. (Watch trailer.)

  • Paramount+
    Star Trek: Picard

    Picard, Riker and crew must confront the sins of their past and heal fresh wounds. (Who were the Performers of the Week?)

  • Netflix

    Season 4, Part 2 premiere: That killer reveal was only the beginning! Trust us when we say you are not prepared for what comes next. (Watch trailer.)

  • CBS
    Young Sheldon

    Georgie and Mandy struggle as new parents; Sheldon deals with the failure of his database; Missy feels forgotten. (Scoop on the George-and-Mary fallout!)

  • CBS

    Matt Walsh’s Elias Woodstone returns, determined to receive Hetty’s forgiveness and stay out of Hell. (So Help Me Todd hosts Ground Floor reunion!)

  • Fox
    Animal Control

    Animal Control responds when a bear makes itself comfortable in someone’s hot tub; Frank questions his night with Dolores.

  • Bravo
    Top Chef

    Season 20 premiere: Sixteen former cheftestants from 11 different international editions head into culinary battle. (Watch trailer.)

  • ABC
    Alaska Daily

    As the team grapples with the aftermath of the incident, new discoveries are made surrounding Gloria’s death.