How to Watch the Oscar Nominees Online — Now Streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, Showtime and Others

Looking to catch up on Oscar-nominated films from the comfort of your home? TVLine has got you covered with this very handy streaming guide.

Several movies are available to stream through subscriptions to Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock and other services. Others are available to rent or purchase online, making it easy to fit in more viewing parties ahead of the Academy Awards that will air Sunday, March 12 on ABC.

If you’re looking to to knock out as many movies as possible with the fewest subscriptions, TVLine recommends you sign up for HBO Max and Netflix. By subscribing to these two services, you can watch a quarter of the major nominees included in this list.

Everything Everywhere All at Once leads the Oscar pack this year with a whopping 11 nominations, including a Best Picture nod, and is available to stream on Showtime. (If you’re a Paramount+ subscriber, you can easily upgrade your membership by canceling your current plan and signing up for a Showtime/Paramount+ bundle. Amazon Prime Video and Hulu also offer subscribers the chance to purchase a Showtime add-on.)

The 95th Academy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will feature the presentation of all 23 categories — so you’ll want to watch as many notable films as possible to stay in the loop. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some of the major nominees including best picture, lead actor/actress, best director, best cinematography, and best animated feature film, and where to stream them. (Read a complete list of Oscar nominations.)

Scroll down to find out how to stream these major nominees, then let us know in the comments what you decide to watch online.