What to Watch Today

Legacies Stages TVD Musical, Fast Foodies and More

  • HBO Max
    Selena + Chef

    Season 2 finale (three episodes): Selena gets an assist from Evan Funke, Graham Elliot and Marcela Valladolid. (New episodes of Esme & Roy and Haute Dog are also out today.)

  • CBS All Access
    The Stand

    In the series’ penultimate hour, the Boulder travelers face off against Flagg’s followers in New Vegas. (When does CBS All Access become Paramount+?)

  • Freeform

    Zoey navigates her feelings for Aaron, while the activist struggles to keep his message on target during a nationally televised interview.

  • The CW

    Micki is suspicious when Walker’s childhood BFF, Hoyt Rawlins (Hellcats‘ Matt Barr), returns to town. (Read Jared Padalecki preview; already renewed!)

  • NBC

    Sandra’s adopted son Tony begins working at the store; Garrett is thrust in the middle of Dina’s relationship with Brian.

  • The CW

    The students prepare for Salvatore: The Musical, a song-and-dance retelling of the school’s founding, featuring iconic roles like Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes. (Watch sneak peek; yep, renewed!)

  • Fox
    Last Man Standing

    Mike convinces Joe (recurring guest star Jay Leno) to use his inheritance money to buy a classic Jeep. (Watch Assembly Required promo.)

  • CBS
    The Unicorn

    Delia and Forrest get wildly competitive at tennis; Grace is reluctant to learn how to drive and confides in Michelle. (When does Clarice premiere/how is it?)

  • truTV
    Impractical Jokers

    Season 9 premiere: Brian, James, Joe and Sal are back!

  • CBS
    Star Trek: Discovery

    Season 1 broadcast finale: The Discovery crew struggles with Georgiou’s plan to put an end to the Klingon war. (Previously renewed for Season 4.)

  • truTV
    Fast Foodies

    Series premiere: Each week, Justin Sutherland (Iron Chef), Kristen Kish and Jeremy Ford (Top Chef) reimagine a different celebrity’s favorite fast food item. First up, Joel McHale and the Chicago-style wiener!

    On Feb. 4, 2003, 24‘s Kim Bauer found herself being hunted by a mountain lion. (Revisit that and more of TV’s worst plot twists.)