Notorious Ratings

Ratings: Notorious Drops the Ball While Grey's Hits 11-Month Audience High

The only news ABC’s Notorious made last night was of the bad kind, dropping a full half of its Grey’s Anatomy lead-in in the ratings.

The non-#TGIT drama debuted to 5.4 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating on Thursday (per finals), well below anything Scandal ever did and down 39 percent from the D.C. drama’s finale. TVLine readers gave the pilot an average grade of “B-.”

Opening ABC’s night, Grey’s Anatomy opened its 13th season with 8.8 mil and a 2.5 (average grade “B”), marking its best numbers since Oct. 22 and Feb. 11 Nov. 19. Leading out of Notorious, How to Get Away With Murder did 5.1 mil/1.4 (average grade “A-“), down sharply from its sophomore opener (8.4 mil/2.6) but matching its finale.

Elsewhere on the night….

FOX | Leading out of Rosewood (3.7 mil/0.7), which returned to series lows/half of what Bones did a year ago in the time slot, Pitch premiered to 4.2 mil and a 1.1, up 28 percent and a tenth from Sleepy Hollow’s year-ago opener. Readers gave the baseball drama a “B+.”

NBC | Superstore opened Season 2 with 5.5 mil and a 1.5, matching its freshman average, while The Good Place (5.3 mil/1.4) expectedly dropped from its apres-Voice preview. Chicago Med (7 mil/1.4, “B” grade) was off two tenths from its freshman finale and down 11 percent and two tenths from The Blacklist‘s year-ago premiere in the 9 o’clock slot. The Blacklist itself (6.4 mil/1.3, “B+”) was on par with its May finale and up a tenth from (faint praise alert!) The Player‘s year-ago numbers.

CBS | Thursday Night Football (17.6 mil/5.4) was up 14 percent from last week’s finals (with NFL Network included).

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  1. fiberlicious says:

    Notorious was a bit disjointed, but I’ll stay with it for a while. Good case, decent dialog.

    Grey’s is gonna piss me off if M doesn’t tell him that Maggie likes him PRONTO.

  2. MK says:

    I stopped watching Notorious after 30 minutes. I kept holding it to Shonda standards even though this show isn’t hers, and it just was not measuring up.

    • Shonda has no standards. She let other writers trash her show. It started off great. It has no more zing.It’s predictable seen one episode seen them all. No fire of others things that could be happening. Sick and tired of Olivia Pope and her father, Dang move on.

      • Leanne says:

        notorious is a good show. Its action however adult entertainment. HTGAWM is getting stupid. Blacklist best show on TV and love the Chicago shows. pitch no, quantico went off so its get deleted off my recordings. Love Piper

  3. SG says:

    Remember how Thursday 8PM used to be ABC’s death slot? Funny how it’s their best slot now, and all it took was putting Grey’s Anatomy there.

  4. TheloNaGrapso says:

    Both Notorious and Pitch are not worth the time. Funny how all of a sudden there is nothing to watch Thursday at 9.

  5. CAN says:

    I thought it had something to do with Tori Spelling so I passed.

  6. Kevin K says:

    The Blacklist keeps getting better and better on Thursdays and last night’s season premiere was mind blowing and suspenseful.

  7. I Wonder... says:

    I’m curious about how many people didn’t realize there was another new episode of The Good Place this week. Obviously can’t quantify it, but my parents certainly didn’t know. #anecdotalevidence

    • Yeah NBC handled the promotion of the show horribly.

      • TheloNaGrapso says:

        This was the most promoted show (even more than This is Us) of the network. They made it clear about the special Monday premiere, for a Thursday show.

    • Seun Fayiga says:

      I thought the exact same thing too. I hope they catch up though. Feel bad for its ratings drop. Its so sad that TV today needs the success of another show as a lead-in or lead out to become a success and not because of its quality

    • TheloNaGrapso says:

      Don’t think this is big factor. Big factors: premiere was following the Voice, premieres always get way bigger ratings. And from what I’ve read people say it was an interesting concept but it’s not really a comedy, in terms of it been funny. I actually agree with that assessment, I gave it a third episode last night, and now I’m done. That’s also something you can’t quantity as well, and obviously they are people that enjoy it, but this would be one of the three factors. There were also ads about a new Thursday episode, and they kept saying that Monday was a “special premiere on a special time”.

    • Shay M. says:

      Agreed. I thought it was just a re-showing of the premiere, not an entirely new episode. But that may be because I tend to skip commercials and not watch “live”.

      I’m not sure what the upside is for doing an early showing with today’s viewing habits.

  8. Carol says:

    I’m in the minority here as I enjoyed the show. It is new and new things take time to build up an audience. As for Grey’s, please! That show hasn’t entertained me in years…and I’m not a Meredith fan at all, ever was!

  9. Sara says:

    Go Grey’s!! That’s what I call a great season premiere.

  10. anthony speroni says:

    I enjoyed Notorious very much. I hope it is given a chance and not cancelled.

  11. Diane says:

    What was network thinking putting this new show on a Thursday? Too many returning shows plus Football! Putting it opposite Chicago Med was INSANE idea! Thumbs down to ABC!👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  12. ggny says:

    Considering the hype behind Pitch them ratings are terrible. Was really expecting it to be higher

  13. angelowal says:

    I enjoyed Notorious – I hope viewers give it a chance…..

  14. drhenning says:

    Considering how Notorious got ripped by critics… surprised it did that much.. I don’t think it’s DOA frankly since these Thursday night ratings are all down because of football.. some went back up when the NFL game got one-sided,, I thought the show itself got better.. I really liked Pitch for the mood… I guess the dad being dead was a nice late surprise that was hidden pretty well.. I wonder if all the Fox Sports guys on the show will be there all season??

  15. Leo says:

    Should we start worrying about HTGAWM.? Because I still want to watch Season 10 of HTGAWM.

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      Yes, you should be worried. This is the type of show that has to start out strong and it didn’t. For all the talk of Notorious’ failure, it had a bad lead-in with HTGAWM and actually had more viewers.

    • Abg says:

      You honestly think this is a ten season kind of show? I like it a lot. It is a lot of fun. But it seems like a 5 season show at most.

  16. peegee says:

    I watched Notorious- not impressed with the lead actors Story line good- but I don’t think the female lead carries it at all- and I never liked Daniel Sujata in anything

  17. shirley says:

    If ABC looses it’s powerful Thursday night then I feel sorry for the fans who invest time in to watching..
    I don’t do ABC anymore. Too disappointed in their thought process.
    There excuse is we are moving in another direction.
    So do your viewers

  18. HAP says:

    I think one problem with Notorious was there had been a number of tepid reviews prior to its premier, so it may have turned some folks off. I found the show to be quite good. I wish it the best, especially since I came to love Piper on Covert Affairs.

  19. Theresa says:

    I was looking so forward to Grey’s & Chicago Med but the background music was soooo in the foreground on both of those shows that it was very difficult to hear many of the characters.
    I do hope something will be done about that or I won’t be watching them for long. I am lousy about reading lips.

  20. Sarah says:

    Fox brought this on themselves by keeping Rosewood, IMO. I just feel bad for Pitch.

  21. analog says:

    ABC has to at least show all of Notorious’s produced episodes right? They’re just waiting for Scandal anyway.

    • Nero tTVfiddler says:

      Bingo – ABC needed a series for fall season until ABC and Shondaland can get Scandal back up and filming – ready for winter/spring run to May. Nortorious’ job is to not lose (or not lose too many) viewers from lead-in Grey’s. If Notorious can just do that – just keep viewers, it might make it to winter season/January, and who knows, perhaps a ‘back-9’ order along the way.

      On the flip side, despite the bad reviews, Notorious needs to hold onto the viewers it has now after its debut (w/DVR +7, etc. counted.) What I’ll be watching is the numbers next week, episode 2. If the numbers go down further, that’s trouble. If they start to spiral, and worse, begin (if they haven’t yet already) to impact the numbers for lead-out HTGAWM, *that’s* big trouble. ABC will have to do something then more quickly, perhaps by late October. ABC does not want to go into November ‘sweeps’ (if that matters much anymore) with a weak link in its important Thursday lineup… particularly since by November, CBS will not have NFL football at that point.

      Time will tell – promotion for Nortorious has not been a problem (ABC has pumped money into it) – if there is a problem, it lies in the concept/writing and/or casting. Heart. Characters on series television, no matter how bad they may be, need some sense of ‘heart’ – of a core, to get viewers to tune in week after week, month after month. Does Notorious have that? Yes? Then it might make it. No? It’s over.

      • KLS says:

        Next week’s numbers may be up overall due to the 2 small-market NFL teams (Miami-Cin). But I wanted to question your reasoning as to the strength of the CBS lineup vs NBC’s without football:
        CBS: Big Bang Theory, Great Indoors, Mom, Life in Pieces, Pure Genius
        NBC: Superstore, The Good Place, Chicago Med, The Blacklist
        Thurs @9 is a very competitive slot. It will be interesting to see if Mom does better then Chicago Med vs football.
        Last year showed (with decent numbers for Shades of Blue @10 for NBC) that HTGAWM is extremely vulnerable, no matter what the lead-in.

        • Nero tTVfiddler says:

          Fair enough – HTGAWM is not Scandal, true. But ABC needs Shondaland right now, and if team Shonda has questions regarding the placement of Notorious and the impact it may have on their shows, ABC will listen.

          Regarding the CBS Thursday schedule, I think (IMHO) it has some vulnerabilities… ‘Great Indoors’ is not a slam dunk – it will need to get at least the numbers Pieces was getting last season in that slot – that will be the compare year-on-year for folks like us looking at the numbers. And Pure Genius is going to be a hard sell – I just have a feeling that show will not wow viewers. And you are correct – Mom is the linchpin of the lineup at 9pm – it has to do the heavy lifting and improve year-on-year on the numbers to allow CBS traction on that night throughout the evening. If Mom stumbles, goodbye Pieces and Genius.

  22. Ken says:

    I’m a little worried about How To Get Away With Murder with those numbers. I mean i don’t see this show going for 10 years, but i would like a solid 5-6 seasons and those numbers aren’t healthy.

    • Nero tTVfiddler says:

      Agree… as I noted just up-thread, what ABC will have to determine (quickly if possible) is what impact Notorious had on the HTGAWM numbers. If you are worried about the numbers (and rightfully so), you can imagine ABC and Shondaland’s concern.

      What ABC might do (soon?) is perhaps ‘double-pump’ a Greys at 8 and 9pm sometime in early October. If Greys at 9pm does better numbers than Notorious, and the ratings improve in that scenario for HTGAWM, then ABC will point to Notorious as the problem.

      If (when?) that happens, ABC will quietly ‘bench’ (AKA ‘shelf’) Notorious for ‘retooling’, and perhaps we’ll see ABC drop in some ‘filler’ for 8pm (leaving Greys at 9) until Scandal comes back in winter at 9pm. For ABC, that day will not come soon enough.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        -175 TVLine Power User points for wayyyy too many airquotes.

        • Nero tTVfiddler says:

          Fair enough Matt – no more air quotes. I’ll try to be a bit less verbose as well. I get carried away when I see blood in the water (no air quotes!) on the schedule. Lower numbers for ABC at 9pm Thursday means opportunity for FOX, CBS and NBC (and CW) to gain traction.

  23. Luli says:

    13 seasons and Grey’s Anatomy still dominates! I’m excited that they are focusing on the originals this season.

  24. LTA says:

    There is just too much programming on Thursday night. I really enjoy Rosewood, but I loved it on Wed night at 8. I hate that it is against Grey’s. I loved Pitch, but it is in a tough slot when Scandal returns. I don’t find Monday – Wednesday TV particularly interesting, with a few exceptions. A lot of the shows I enjoy are on Thursday (aside from Empire & This is Us).

  25. Jared says:

    Pitch was ok but way overhyped by the critics. I was sitting through it wondering if we were even watching the same show. It had some bright spots but I doubt I’ll tune in next week. Rosewood on the other hand should have never been renewed to begin with.

  26. Leanne says:

    Notorious was great. fast moving, interesting, no superstore bore. Blacklist was great too, kept you on edge of seat. great show. Greys needs to be honest with people they love. Alex needs to know she is married. I hope they don’t run that line into the ground. Actually Thursday good nite on TV even with Football on.

  27. Cat says:

    I enjoyed Pitch and I was hoping the ratings would be higher. HTGAWM was great. Viola Davis is a great actress!

  28. Rosemary says:

    Great. Lots of interaction. Good play on relationships

  29. David says:

    Thought Notorious was really pretty good. Twists and turns already. Nay Sayers may not be giving it a chance because of it being based on Gregrios and cable news producer. People may also be so Shonra-struck they won’t watch because it messes with “her night.” I will follow it faithfully if ABC just supports it adequately

  30. Diane says:

    I’m usually a fan of Grey’s Anatomy but the storyline with Jo allowing Alex to beat DeLuca to a pulp was one thing but another to continue to keep her mouth shut about her whole hidden life was another. I think that people bailed from watching Grey’s and that’s why the Notorious numbers weren’t great. Notorious was fast paced and can possibly grow to be pretty good. I love HTGAWM and I think the threads teasing the rest of the season look exciting. Viola Davis rocks!

    • Leanne says:

      100% agree. Don’t like with a storyline goes he’s a doctor for having s don’t like with a storyline goes he’s a doctor for having sakes. Then why doesn’t she tell him Nortorious was great fast-moving And an actual plot line. If Greys drags out this plot line with Alex this is doomed

  31. kmw says:

    Wow as bad as the reviews were for Notorious I didn’t think it would do that bad. Not only that but Pitch did even worse than I thought( even if its numbers were better than Sleepy Hollow’s) I was wrong about both shows coming out strong. And what can you say about Grey’s Anatomy. It is going to go on forever at this rate. Even HTGAWM numbers weren’t as good as I thought but at least they were near last seasons finale. Getting back to Pitch FOX should have seen a little of this coming putting Rosewood in front of it. Yikes What a bad night for these newcomers

  32. MdaVT says:

    Watched Notorious for maybe 8 minutes. The leads are not likable, won’t be back.

  33. mrkewl1 says:

    I bypassed Chicago Med for this. Not again. Huge disappointment

  34. vp44 says:

    please give it a chance, I liked it. Love Piper since Covert Affairs, give it CHANCE.

  35. Carol_R says:

    I turned off Notorious after 30 minutes. I like Piper Perabo, but none of the characters were likable. I won’t be watching it again. It was a big disappointment.

  36. njartist says:

    Notorious was just plain awful. I like Perabo and the others but what a mess
    a show about unsympathetic characters and a ridiculous story line. Covert
    Affairs should have continued for a few more seasons instead they cancel it
    due to costs & replaced it with Dig.

  37. Leanne says:

    scandal started out good and if they had stayed with the main theme/plot and moved forward it was good. Its getting stupid now. We’ll see what happens