Game of Thrones: Who's Still Alive After the Bloody Battle of King's Landing?

Game of THrones List of Characters Alive Dead Season 8 Episode 5 PHotos

War is hell. War waged with by an angry queen with a singe-happy dragon in a tightly packed urban area? Well, that’s just incredibly efficient.

Hence the reason behind the sky-high body count in Sunday’s Game of Thrones. The Battle of King’s Landing became the deadliest fight the series has ever staged, with characters who have been with the show since its pilot getting picked off like moths drawn to a bug zapper.

It was a bad episode for siblings, with both the Clegane brothers (The Hound and The Mountain) and the Lannister twins (Jaime and Cersei) meeting their ends within the city’s walls. Poor Lord Varys felt khaleesi’s fatal wrath even before the fighting began. And Euron Greyjoy shuffled off this mortal coil with a cocky smile on his face and a song in his scheming heart: After all, he knew he’d mortally wounded the Kingslayer.

To help you keep track of who’s still among the living — versus who’s now on their way to go jewelry shopping with Melisandre — we’ve assembled this handy list of the major players still alive in Westeros and beyond.  We’ll update the gallery at right after every single final season episode. If you don’t see a skull in the photo, you can assume that that character is still around… for now. (And for a detailed recap of Episode 5, go here.)

Click on the gallery above — or go to it directly here — then bookmark it and make sure to check back after each new Thrones installment. 

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