Ratings: Castle Returns Strong, Scorpion Steady, Gotham and Blacklist Dip, NCIS: LA Drops In New Slot

Csatle Season 7 Premiere Ratings

ABC’s Castle — with football preemptions now factored out — on Monday night returned to 10.8 million total viewers and a 2.2 rating (per finals), matching its previous premiere (11.5 mil/2.2) in the demo and up from its May finale (10.6 mil/2.1). TVLine readers gave the episode an average grade of “B+.”

Castle matched its highest-rated premiere since 2011 and equaled its highest-rated episode since April 2013 (Season 5’s “The Squab and the Quail”).

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Opening ABC’s night, Dancing With the Stars (12.5 mil/1.8) was down 18 percent in the demo week-to-week. (Read recap.)


NBC | The Voice (12.9 mil/4.0) ticked up from its premiere for the first time since Season 3, while The Blacklist (10.5 mil/2.8) opposite stiffer competition slipped 13 and 18 percent from its premiere.

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CBS | The Big Bang Theory (16.4 mil/4.8) slipped 9 and 11 percent from its season premiere. Even with a Big Bang repeat (12.3 mil/3.1) for a lead-in, Scorpion (13.4 mil/3.1) dipped just 3 percent and a tenth from its debut. NCIS: Los Angeles christened its new night with 10.5 mil and a 1.9, down sharply from its Season 4 premiere (16.4 mil/3.) and finale (14.9 mil/2.5), but improving (slightly) on Hostages‘ year-ago debut in the time slot (7.4 mil/1.8).

FOX | Gotham (7.5 mil/2.8) dipped 8 and 12 percent from its debut, while Sleepy Hollow (5.1 mil/1.7) was down 7 and 15 percent.

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THE CW | The iHeartRadio thing drew 820,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating.

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  1. Kubrick says:

    Expected NCISLA got creamed oh well I never really considered it as anything NCIS related, apart from Vance showing up every now and then.

  2. J.B. says:

    I was so disappointed in Gotham. The second episode felt like an entirely different show. I don’t understand how the tone, pacing and directing changed so quickly from the pilot to episode number two. However, I will say Jada P.S. extended screentime was a huge factor. She is redefining the definition of “chewing through the scenery”.

    • kidris90 says:

      She’s playing a Gotham villain. Chewing through scenery is pretty much a requirement for that world. And the show didn’t feel that different at all for me. Most people seem to think the 2nd episode was much better.

      • J.B. says:

        Just because she plays a villian doesn’t mean she gets a pass for bad acting. So, I’ll just agree to disagree about Jada.

        Wasn’t aware people liked the second episode better. Maybe I really was watching a different show.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          If you read the comments on my recap, it’s actually a very mixed bag of reactions.

        • kidris90 says:

          I’m talking about on Twitter. So many people seem relieved that all the easter eggs of villains weren’t “forced down our throats” this time around. I didn’t mind either episode, but I just wish there weren’t so many characters. Focus on just Gordon, Bullock, Bruce, and Selina. I don’t care about Gordon’s girlfriend or Fish Mooney.

          • J.B. says:

            Fair point about Twitter. I stay off during TV time so I didn’t notice it. Fish Mooney and Barbra aren’t very compelling characters. Though it looks like Barbara might be getting more development.

            I don’t mind all the characters. What I do mind is the need to put most of them, if not all, in both episodes then add the villian(s) of the week on top of that.

          • Jake says:

            I have learned you cannot judge a show by one episode. You have to give the show time to get off the ground and the actors time to get into their roles. People are so quick to judge that they miss out on really good programming. I have seen it happen over and over again. It also doesn’t help that right out of the gate a few critics bashed because they didn’t understand what the show was really trying to do. I like Gotham, I think it is great!

      • Grey says:

        I agree with “kidris90.”

    • tamara says:

      Well it’s the second episode, and not the pilot. The pilot tends to always be rushed. But the second episode its found its footing.

  3. M. says:

    Let’s hope for positive contract-negotiations and than Hello Castle season 8! :)

    • DL says:

      Hell yes. Awesome to see Castle still going strong. Been watching the show since the very first episode. And performance-wise, somehow Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic especially manage to get better and better. She was riveting on the premiere. Love the new mythology. Can’t wait to see where it leads!

    • Boiler says:

      For sure!!

    • Moment says:

      Too early to even speak about contracts, it won’t be until well into the new year assuming Castle is still doing well that ABC even think about renewing it.

      • c-mo says:

        Folks it’s Castle, ABC couldn’t care less if it stays or goes and frankly I think they’d prefer it to go…even if it makes lots of $$ for them in syndication.

    • Badpenny says:

      I think Nathan is tired of the 14 hour days for 8.5 months of the year. I think the only way Castle would come back is if ABC agreed to only do 13 episode seasons. That way the actors have an extra 3 months of down time to do other things.

      • Just one thing says:

        That’s been my hope for a while. Not that networks are big on experimenting with existing series as much as they have become with new series launches, but I think Castle would do well as a 13-episode midseason or summer performer – particularly if everyone went into it knowing that was their final season.

      • Moment says:

        I doubt he’s tired of earning a 6 figure amount per episode. I bet he’s on over $200k an episode now.

        • Badpenny says:

          Once an actor has money in the bank they are generally wanting to branch-out and expand their craft. Nathan does a lot of side projects: radio show, voice overs, small movie rolls, etc. His need for Castle money is not in as big a demand as it was when he started the series; plus he is going to be getting Castle world-wide syndication residual checks for years. 13 episodes allows him to make “good” money from Castle and still do other creating things – which also makes him money.

    • Kristine S. says:

      Nathan Fillion isn’t interested in a season 8 so that’s going to be a problem.

      • Leanne says:

        How do you know that? I’m not wanting to be rude or combative I promise I just wonder what I’ve missed? The only things I’ve seen have said he would see how he felt when an option was presented to him but no one yet had mentioned season 8. I’ve seen a couple of people comment and say he won’t do another season so if you can point me to where that is said I’d be really grateful. Thanks!

        • Kristine S. says:

          Something said at Nerd HQ at Comic Con this year. If you watch the panel with Nathan and Alan Tudyk you’ll hear it.

        • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

          He never said it. It’s just a bunch of rumor mongers trying to read something into a benign statement made by Fillion. I don’t really understand it but, when it comes to Castle people like to act like they know Fillion and Stana Katic personally and try to talk like they have inside information from the actors about how they feel about each other personally and how they feel about the show. It’s one of the wierdest things that I’ve ever run across. Until you read that Fillion said it in an interview published from a reputable news source, such as TVLine, I wouldn’t believe anything said like that about this show.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            It’s as easy as pointing people to our Comic-Con video with Nathan or, more recently, his brand-new Q&A on Playboy.com.

          • Kristine S. says:

            Unless Alan Tudyk is a rumor monger I disagree. And even if Nathan is leaning towards not renewing his contract that doesn’t mean he couldn’t change his mind. Money has a way of swaying people.
            I personally hope he’s do everything after this season and does some other great work on something else. I think Castle has run it’s course. I have loved it since it premiered, but it’s just meh now. It’s a talented group of actors on that show and they deserve to work on a better quality show than what Castle is now.

          • Kristine S. says:

            And Fillion is a smart guy. He’s never going to say anything or do anything that could be construed as negative (such as not renewing his contract) regarding a show he’s working on. He knows how to play the Hollywood game.

          • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

            I’ve seen the video and read the interview in Playboy and I guess the point that I was trying to make was that for every good piece of information out there, and both of these are, there are a ton of bad pieces of information out there that are sourced by people that read way too much into everything. In neither the video nor the interview is there anything concrete said about the future of the show. Yet people insist on talking like they know the dude and how he feels about the show and his costars. I stand by what I originally said and that is unless it is reported by a reputable source don’t believe it. And even though Alan Tudyk is a really good friend of Fillion I wouldn’t trust him either. I’m not accusing him of lying, I just mean that nobody really knows what is in Fillion’s heart. Different industry but, look at what happened with LeBron James this last summer. Everybody swore that he was staying with the Heat. People were even quoting his friends as saying that he was staying. But, now he’s back in Cleveland. Joking around with your friends while playing video games people will say almost anything, it doesn’t make it true.

        • James D says:

          I honestly don’t understand this, I’ve heard a bunch of people talking about it, but it seems sort of ridiculous to me. if they pay him he’ll show up it’s as simple as that no matter what his personal prefrences is, and as far as i understand it he never says i want to leave the show he mentions that he doesn’t want the show to be dragged out past it’s prime. as long as the writers come up new stuff to do and the cast get their pay checks they will keep it going, if the numbers don’t plumit of course :)

        • Angela says:

          The only reason I can think that you are talking about the end of castle is you want it to be I think the show is great I hope castle continues to go strong and for all the rumors wait and see because most rumors are just rumors Go castle

      • Grey says:

        You should read his interview in Playboy. He said he’s taking a wait and see approach (I’m paraphasing). It reads in such a way as to say, if the stories and new mythology are good and the fans are enjoying it then let’s continue. None of us know for sure what’s going on behind closed doors except for the folks actually behind those doors.

    • Grey says:

      From you lips to God’s ears. :)

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Last night’s episode of The Blacklist was fantastic. Liking Scorpion but not loving it. There’s a definite weak link on that team and she’s incredibly annoying to me, just saying, lol. Haven’t watch Gotham yet.

    • Kubrick says:

      Hey is Scorpion any good? I made a vow never to watch anything with Katerine Mcphee but some have been saying the ahow its self is at best a comfort show.

      • DL says:

        Yeah, I watched the pilot and it just seemed to be a fun procedural. Was enjoyable enough that I DVRed last night’s episode. Partly though I’m watching it because of my nostalgia for Numb3rs, which I loved, since the crime-solving genius aspect reminds me of it. Also, I actually thought McPhee was quite good on the premiere. She had some great acting moments.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        For me it’s good, not great. Just depends on what you like. Mcphee is actually pretty good in this one. The one I’m having a hard time with is Happy. Don’t even know the actress name but I find her portrayal of this character extremely bad. But as a whole I can over look that, at least so far.

        • Kubrick says:


        • Boiler says:

          Not a Katherine fan but maybe I’ll check out Scorpion. Nothing else on at that time that I watch.

        • Sweetpea says:

          Oh my gosh! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Happy’s voice annoys the crap out of me and it just ruins the scenes she’s in. Otherwise, I am really enjoying it. You definitely have to suspend belief but I watch tv for entertainment not intellectual stimulation so I’m good with that. Katherine McPhee is surprisingly not annoying me and Finch from American Pie is on it. I hope it sticks around. Not much else on for me on Mondays.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            The voice and her demeanor are just bad. She’s trying (and failing miserably) to be some sort of cool, tough, my sh*t don’t stink gal and it’s just not happening. She looks like a fool more than anything. I feel bad for the actress if this is intentional.

    • lsperling says:

      I can’t make up my mind about Scorpion. I agree with you about the irritating character if you aren’t referring to the mom. The characters aren’t meshing for me yet.

  5. Stacey says:

    Maybe they should think about doing that three show NCIS Tuesday night after all. NCIS: LA probably would do better than Person of Interest. Showed how much being on Tuesday helped. But then how many people knew of the move? They probably expected it to return to Tuesdays this week! Apparently there was some disruption in some LA markets for Scorpion. NCIS: LA appeared half away into the program for about five or so minutes…. But then who knows what happens when more people become aware it is on Monday for NCIS: LA!

    • Kubrick says:

      LA’s days are numbered its a miracle its lasted as long as it has.

    • Chloe says:

      Gosh, no. I like NCIS, and I like Sam, Callen, and Hetty on NCIS:LA, but I don’t think I could tolerate three hours of NCIS shows. LA isn’t a great show (I agree with others’ comments about the ongoing Densi stuff), but it’s mildly entertaining and I love LL Cool J. I’m not too keen on NOLA, so I’d be glad to have last year’s Tuesday night lineup back on CBS. Well, on the days that SHIELD is in reruns, at least.

  6. Overall all of these numbers are exceptionally strong for the second episode for each of these shows.

  7. BetiSA says:

    Castle will be adjusted down, but the final numbers will be much better than I expected!

    • Stacey says:

      It had a major polorizing cliffhanger. I expected the premiere to be higher as people would be curious at the fallout, then they would either come back or leave. Given the hype, I didn’t think it would be low!

    • Moment says:

      ABC had quite a few adjustments up last week. Castle may hold or even adjust up.

      • c-mo says:

        I definitely don’t see it adjusting down, KC isn’t a large market and I’m sure the NE fans in Boston changed the channel at halftime.

        • Moment says:

          Oh well, anything above a 2 is still good :)

        • RBA says:

          Per ESPN The game rated 43.7 in KC and 30.1 in Boston…. These are the combine ratings for ABC and ESPN. The Boston and KC market make up 3% of the national total (Boston 2.13 and KC .85)

          Without knowing the split between ESPN and the ABC affiliates in those markets, I will say that at least a 3 tenths downward adjustment is probable.

        • Grey says:

          …”and I’m sure the NE fans in Boston changed the channel at halftime.”

          LOL. Ouch.

  8. Matthew Weber says:

    Really happy Castle did so well. I hope they get renewed for a 8th season. I know ABC doesn’t renew until after the seasons are over usually (or at least that is what they did last year), but I’m still hoping for another few seasons of this excellent show!

  9. Andrea says:

    Even if Castle goes down in the final numbers, which is probably will, it might still be above a 2 which would be great.

  10. JeffDJ says:

    I didn’t see “Forever” mentioned in the article. How did episode 3 of that do last night? So far I’m still enjoying that more than “Gotham.”

  11. Moment says:

    Good for The Blacklist, bad for Sleepy Hollow, Fox did make a point of mentioning how expensive the show is for them, a 1.7 2 episodes might not cut it.

  12. Babybop says:

    The fact that Sleepy Hollow has slipping ratings is terrifying. It just can’t get cancelled after two seasons! It’s the only reason I get through Mondays!

  13. Diane says:

    Good news for Castle. They were smart to make this a mystery that could go on for more episodes.

    I gave up on Gotham and I watched DTWS in a half an hour on the dvr. I’m losing interest.

    Knew the new time slot for NCISLA would be bad news. Plus last season’s boring finale didn’t help either.

  14. JeffDJ says:

    Ah, sorry for the mix-up. Here in Canada, its regular spot is Mondays at 9. It’s rare that we don’t air shows at the same day/time as the U.S., but obviously this is one of those cases.

  15. Pat says:

    I loved NCIS LA. Hopefully, it will be returned to its proper spot on Tuesday Nights..The show was fantastic last night. I will always watch this live over Castle. I still watch Castle but I have not seen last nights episode which is sitting on my DVR.

  16. Rae says:

    An above comment stated that NCIS LA days are numbered and they are surprised it last this long. For the past five seasons it averages 14-16 million live viewers. It didn’t do as well on Monday night but I don’t think its days are numbered. There is a lot going on Monday…going against Castle and The Blacklist is tough. I love and watch all three-Castle, LA, and the Blacklist. Since I watch DWTS, I keep it on ABC and watch Castle. I DVR LA and watch Blacklist on demand. I know to some and maybe CBS thought so too for all three NCIS to be on one night but I would love the triple threat! I will be watching NCIS and NOLA along with dvr LA for my own triple threat tonight! CBS should consider moving POI.

  17. Boiler says:

    Didn’t see anyone address this: Did anybody think the last few minutes of Big Bang Theory at the ballpark somewhat cruel. Maybe it is just me but I think it would have been neater had the robot worked. Oh well, I’ll keep watching

    • ninamags says:

      Yeah,that was sort of mean. The robot was inspired. The Nerds could win every once in a while.

      Sheldon and his lame girlfriend were even more annoying than usual. It’s laughable that they would be a better couple than anybody else. Penny should have just mentioned that she and Leonard touch and actually have sex. That would have shut those idiots up.

    • John NYC says:

      Agreed: I was completely expecting a cool launcher.

  18. Katherine215 says:

    Question about NCIS:LA – I’m an intermittent watcher, so forgive me if I missed discussion on this. The scene with Kensi arguing with Talia implied that Kensi and Deeks hadn’t had sex. But I thought they did in the episode where he tricks her into having dinner with him then says he wants to be back at his apartment with her. Am I wrong about this? Or is it unconfirmed?

  19. christina says:

    LOVE those ratings for Castle! Even if they get adjusted down, I’m still happy. I really loved everything about that premiere last night and I’m glad people tuned in.

  20. Chad Smith says:

    Can’t stand Castle. Stana Katic is the worst actress on television. And second worst isn’t even close.

    • Jul says:

      ??? Castle has many flaws like every show but Katic is definitly not one of them!

    • DL says:

      She’s fantastic. Troll elsewhere, Chad. :-)

      • Chad Smith says:

        Nope. She’s just godawful. Never enjoyed her in anything. She even brought down the quality of 24 when she was on it and that’s the best show of all time.

    • jake says:

      No, I disagree. Nina Dobrev from TVD is highly over-rated and just plain cannot act past one emotion. She’s the Kristen Stewart of TV.

    • moshai says:

      Stana Katic is a good actress whose performance in the premier was the highlight of the episode. She knocked it out of the park.

    • carbono says:

      Yeah Chad me thinks you are talking out of your arse on this one. She was a little stiff in seasons 1 & early 2 but she has become a powerhouse of a perfomer in the role of Kate Beckett!! Juts watch her in the season 7 premiere for 1; the array of emotions that she had to perform was 2nd to none.I am not 1 of these “Stana is the greatest” & compare her to Meryl Streep” like some of her, shall we say overzealous fans, but she continually knocks it out of the park as Kate Beckett.

  21. herman1959 says:

    There is no need for panic at this point. Almost every 2nd episode show dipped because the previous season’s cliff hanger is resolved (in most cases) and viewers are not as motivated to watch a second episode -no surprise there. The obvious exception is The Blacklist since neither of the 2 cliffhangers have been resolved which I think is a mistake, but we’ll see. Anyway, I REFUSE to give up on Sleepy Hollow at this point (hear me FOX?).

  22. sarah j says:

    I watch the Blacklist that is the only show I watch at that time. However I am not surprised that the rates are lower this week as more people seem to watch Castle.
    Also sadly for those people that watch NCIS LA, CBS made a bad move putting it on Monday nights against Castle and the Blacklist.

  23. Grey says:

    “Castle” will most likely be adjusted down but even so, “What the hell, ‘Catle’!” :) Those are pretty awesome statistics for a show in it’s seventh season. After adjustments it will probably finish somewhere between 1.8+ to 2.0-ish. Still very respectable. Well done. I suspect many did like me and watched “Castle” live and will watch “The Blacklist” delayed.

  24. Kathryn says:

    I see all the Castle haters who swore they’d stop watching after last season tuned in anyway…

    • tp says:

      I’m not a hater but I think it’s over for me. I tuned in to see if it had stopped being the Beckett show but it hasn’t. I think it’s time for me to let go. Kinda hurts since I’ve been in love with this show since the first episode. I even got several friends on board.

  25. robinepowell says:

    I’m so used to Big Bang being on Thursdays I forgot it was on last night. Probably the same for a few others.

  26. James D says:

    Awesome for Castle it certainly conjured up some dicisive opinions but the bottom line is people watched it which is great i hope the numbers stay strong this season. Gotham I’m not so sure about. I hope it can keep some consistancy but the writing needs to improve if I’m going to continue watching it. I enjoyed Scorpion last night so I will continue to watch it.

  27. lkh says:

    Question: is Blacklist moving to another night?

    • Moment says:

      Yes, it’s moving to Thursdays at 9pm on Feb 5, 2015. State of Affairs replaces it in the 10pm Monday slot on Nov 17, 2014. At which point The Blacklist will go on hiatus until Feb. The show also will air a new episode Feb 1, 2015 in the post Super Bowl slot. Basically NBC are all but securing its renewal with this schedule.

  28. jake says:

    I could do with one less CSI or NCIS..what next CSI Ozark, AL..enough already!

  29. Rich Abey says:

    Glad to see Castle is doing well in the ratings, especially after last night’s premiere turning out to ‘Exceeded Expectations’ of most long-time fans who were dissapointed with last seasons finale, and also despite the heavier than usual competition (vs both Blacklist & NCIS:LA)

  30. Jacqui says:

    Castle? yawn. Now that it’s up against NCIS: LA, I won’t be bothering with Castle anymore…

    • carbono says:

      Kind of thought the same but I am so glad I didn’t listen to myself! Thought it was an intriguing premiere. I loved Nathan since Firefly but I’m now sold on Stana as well. Writers have some issues but I’m hoping this will be a great year especially since a lot of signs point to it’s end.

  31. jane says:

    I can’t understand Happy. Very frustrating. I don’t want to but it may cause me to stop watching. Is it an accent, character trait? I find I need to rewind and listen a couple of times to get what she says. I am not deaf or otherwise disabled. Frustrating to say the least as I want to like this show.

  32. They had better not cancel NCIS-LA. it is up against 2 excellent shows. they need to put it back on Tues night and get rid of Person of Interest.