Did True Blood's Dead Deserve Better? Did Suits Have a Rare Fashion Don't? Orphan Snub? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Orphan Black, True Blood, Penny Dreadful and Big Brother!

1 | Watching scenes like Orphan Black‘s clone dance party, Cosima/Sarah’s bed chat and even Rachel taunting Sarah through the mirror, does it baffle you that the show doesn’t get more credit/recognition for its directing?

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2 | Can we talk (again) about how during the Crisis finale’s final showdown, it went from dark of night to sunshiney morning in the time it took Gibson to walk into the cabin and hear his daughter read a few lines from his manifesto? And how much do you hope that the EMTs delivered Gillian Anderson to the Hannibal set?

3 | Why did the all-knowing demon possessing Penny Dreadful’s Vanessa taunt Ethan with his and Dorian’s one-night stand rather than, say, the fact that (unless the show is misleading us) he’s Jack the Ripper?

4 | Falling Skies‘ “masked motorcyclist” Tom: Ugh? And where does the line form to smack wishy-washy Cochise?True Blood Tara Death

5 | Did True Blood‘s Tara deserve better than an off-screen death? (Speaking of which: Yes, Pam has other things on her mind, but shouldn’t she have sensed that her progeny bit the big one?)

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6 | Given the utter lameness of Rising Star‘s contestants and overall execution, wouldn’t ABC have been better off sticking with Duets?

7 | How badly do you need one of Randy’s hugs now that Enlisted is officially over?

8 | How did Devious Maids‘ Nick figure out so quickly that Marisol was trying to drug him?food-network-star-reuben-ruiz-jake-gyllenhaal

9 | Is Food Network Star‘s Reuben Ruiz really just Jake Gyllenhaal with a mountain man beard?

10 | We’ve said all we care to about the Daytime Emmys pre-show’s “social media experts”… but how about the producers who let several actors get interviewed by both teams? It was like, “Your root canal is done! Now go have some peanut brittle.”

11 | Why did The Talk‘s cohosts wear the same dresses for their day-after Daytime Emmys show as they did for the actual ceremony? Did they have them dry-cleaned inbetween?

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The Bachelorette12 | Inexplicable Bachelorette steam-room scene, or cover of a steamy gay erotica novel?

13 | Is it A) the fact that Mistresses‘ Dom is now Savi’s boss, B) the fact that their relationship is no longer illicit, or C) the fact that Savi has yet to fully deal with the loss of her baby, that’s sapped most of the sexual chemistry from their coupling? And speaking of, um, couplings… a quick “yes or no” poll: Will Karen wind up getting paid for her extracurricular “work” before the season is over?

14 | Would you have liked to be sitting next to 24‘s Chloe in that noisy pub as she worked her laptop to stop a massive terrorist attack on London? Also: Why was there no mention of the hit man’s cell phone (and its incoming call from Navarro) that had conspicuously been shown lying next to Jordan Reed’s bleeding body?

15 | Did it seem like Switched at Birth‘s Bay and Emmett accessed Matthew’s computer files way too easily? (Hello, no passwords?!) And did neither of them have a class they needed to be in at that time?

16 | What possible reason could So You Think You Can Dance have had for not showing us any supporting evidence for the decision to cut the seemingly flawless Armen Way, Johnny Waacks and Justine Lutz?

Suits17 | Whoa, stop the presses — did Suits‘ Donna have a fashion miss this week?! And is this takeover battle exposing a real ugly side of Mike?

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18 | Would Mystery Girls become a watchable show if they just got rid of the overacting performers?

19 | Did Taxi Brooklyn at first have you calling shenanigans on Ally Walker playing mom to Chyler Leigh? (Even though it jibes, given the actresses’ ages?)

20 | When Big Brother’s Cody said goodbye to his family, was anyone else reminded of Saturday Night Live‘s “Kissing Family” sketch?

21 | There’s no such thing as a dull Defiance bath scene, is there? (Stahma is shameless!) And which reunion made you beam most: Nolan/Amanda or Irisa/ Tommy? Lastly, who will be the one to ultimately get the stick out of Berlin’s butt?

22 | Undateable is unarguably a surprise summer treat, but can Ron Funches (who plays Shelly) maybe find a second way to deliver his lines? Also: TV’s Ed now playing dad to a sitcom’s 30something lead makes us feel old, right?

23 | Is Last Comic Standing surprising you with how genial, helpful and rarely caustic Roseanne is as a judge? But yikes, could the sketch challenge been less funny?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A says:

    18) oh my goodness yes! I had to stop watching. Way too much. Tons it down x10

  2. Jj says:

    5. Hell yes! Which is why I think she’s not really dead. Every important character that has died has had an onscreen death.

    • wordsmith says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Any character that major, they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to give us some shocking on screen splatter.

    • chrisnine11 says:

      I couldn’t figure out why we would not have seen her death scene and figured something had to be up? Is there some reason she would need to be in hiding?

  3. Daisy says:

    3. He’s Jack the Ripper? What…that doesn’t make…um, what? I must have missed something…

    • wordsmith says:

      There have been subtle hints dropped all along, possibly pointing in that direction. He definitely isn’t who he says he is. And there was that weird thing with the zoo wolves. So yeah, either the Ripper, or the Wolf Man. Neither really seem plausible, but they could probably pull it off somehow. We’ll see.

      • Rdub says:

        I’m going with Werewolf. Remember when he wouldn’t let Dr. Frankenstein take his blood!!

      • Daisy says:

        Yeah, werewolf makes sense. And as someone mentioned below, maybe they’ve mistakenly attributed werewolf killings to the Ripper. But out and out Jack the Ripper just never occurred to me for him. (I loved that zoo scene.)

        • I’m thinking that too. He’s not the real ripper, just the “last killings one” Which is bad enough, since there was a kid killed. But that last scene, with him exorcizing Vanessa, I got lostt. Was he a minister who fall of the wagon and because of that was cursed with being the “American werewolf in London”? I’ve to say, when I realized he ws the nly american in london, I got this movie name in my head immediately.

    • Katie_Mead says:

      I must have missed that too, as I’ve only seen the lupine hints for Ethan, with Caliban (The Creature, F’s monster) heading more towards Ripperdom. Mind you, if Caliban is to get his bride, Dr F will be needing more practise prettifying his female creation …

      • ivy says:

        plus remember in the pilot when Vanessa said we all have are curse’s
        i figured she was saying that to him as in his werewolf curse

  4. Aimee says:

    #1 – It baffles me that it doesn’t get more credit/recognition period.

  5. Ron says:

    #2) Yes! I need Gillian Anderson full time–or at least mostly full time–on Hannibal next season. There’s a story there as to why she’s on the plane, and I want all the ins-and-outs. Her character on Hannibal is one I have quite a number of questions about, and I need them answered.

  6. Lexy says:

    #1 (Orphan Black) – definitely.
    #5 (True Blood) – she sure did, which makes me wonder about her fate, they surely wouldn’t let her go like that, would they?
    #8 (Devious Maids) – his Spidey sense tingled.
    #13 (Mistresses) – never liked them much as a couple to be honest.

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Orphan Black deserves all the recognition when comes to the STUPID Emmys If they get snubbed again……that’s BS!

  8. D says:

    3) I think he’s a werewolf
    17) I miss the bromance (and I hate myself for using that term)

    • D says:

      oh and 2) i’d rather see them bring back the X-files for a new series or at least a mini

    • Daisy says:

      3. That makes way more sense than Jack the Ripper. I’ll go with werewolf.

      • amy says:

        I’m thinking werewolf, too, though the implication of Jack the Ripper was there in one of the first couple of episodes. Considering how they have altered the courses of several storylines (Mina; killing Van Helsing!), they might be planning to make JTR a werewolf to explain all the killings that were never solved.

  9. Wtactualf says:

    Yes, Tara definitely deserved a better send off. And fans deserve better writing than this. Take note TB writers: WE WANT ERIC NORTHMAN

    • ... says:

      It’s been one episode. Calm down.

      • Wtactualf says:

        Um, no. Eric Northman carries this show and he should be in every episode.

        • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

          I know that a lot of people feel the way that you do but, I find him to be one of my least favorite characters on the show. Whenever he is onscreen I find myself wishing that his screentime was given to someone else. I find the acting to be wooden and pretty one dimensional. It could be how the character is written but, I have always felt that way about him.

  10. Amanda says:

    #1. IKR
    #9 I dubbed him Amish Jake the minute I saw him in the first episode. Didn’t matter that he was Latino.
    #22 I love Ron Funches no matter what!
    #23 Yes, and ditto yikes!

  11. sarah says:

    13)I was never a fan of Dom and Savi. Still holding out hope she will get back together with Harry.
    17)Yes that top Donna was wearing was interesting. Personally I think Harvey is taking things too far!

    • Patrick says:

      Yeah, Harvey is the douche so far. He is taking things way too far. And to top it off, he acts surprised when Mike responds in kind. You can’t show up to a fist fight, pull out a knife, and then get mad when the other guy also pulls out a knife.

      Harvey was basically setting Mike up for extremely well paid indentured servitude. He would never be able to be an attorney of record on any case, because that would be grounds for instant disbarment for everybody concerned. So he had in Mike a genius with a photographic memory and a knack for advanced math. Essentially an ideal Corporate attorney. Who could never be a name partner. Or take any credit. That’s horrible. And then to get mad when Mike moves into a field where he can use his brains, but that doesn’t require accreditation or licensure. That’s low. Eventually he would have stabbed Jessica in the back (its coming), and he could have blackmailed Mike into coming. Not blackmail, precisely, but Mike wouldn’t have another choice. So Mike was trapped. Harvey can’t get mad at Mike for leaving a situation with no hope.

  12. TVLine Fan Girl says:

    My question — Why is America’s Got Talent doing Guinness World Record Challenges instead of showing us talent or funny lack of talent, they can’t be short of auditions. The two challenges were just dumb.

  13. Newo says:

    6) but… but…. it “took twitter by storm” according to ABC promo dept LOL

    • Britt says:

      ABC has been over-exaggerating this entire show. Rising Star will be joining Duets soon enough.

    • chrisnine11 says:

      Yeah, when they start using promos like “It’s America’s new number one singing competition…at 8pm… on Mondays… based on the number of tweets” you know ratings aren’t good or at least what they wanted.

  14. Britt says:

    12) bhahahahaha
    17) The top of Donna’s outfit wasn’t flattering in that picture.

  15. Mary Ann says:

    Food Network Star: Reuben looks so much better now that he’s removed the werewolf fur. I thought, “wow, there was a nice looking guy underneath all that hair”. Wonder why he trimmed it.

  16. Kim R says:

    9. Yes to Reuben and Jake! haha I thought the same thing. :)
    17. Suits….not my favorite outfit on Donna for sure but as far as the Mike thing goes, he learned from Harvey and he is trying to apply what he learned. I think underneath the cutthroat world he is operating in, he is still the same Mike. I will say that I was afraid during the first half of the last episode they were going to dumb Louis down and make him ridiculous. I didn’t like that. Louis is definitely quirky but he is not stupid. I want them to be mindful of that balance as much as they are mindful with Donna’s balance. :)

    • Kim R says:

      I can’t remember if it was this week’s episode or last week’s but Jessica had a dress on that looked like someone didn’t sew the pattern together correctly and the sleeves were, in my opinion, horrible. It may have been pale pink? :)

    • Pinky R. says:

      I agree with your #17.

  17. John NYC says:

    21? I think Tommy has that on his to do list given that closing scene with he and Berlin in that clinch.. (Poor Irisa!, sniff)

  18. Bruce_F says:

    3) I don’t know where you get Jack the Ripper from. I’ve thought that, all season long, Penny Dreadful has been beating the audience over the head with not-so-subtle hints that Chandler is the Wolfman.

    • Temperance says:

      It’s pretty obvious – the long stare of trepidation at the almost full moon. The frequent mention of his dark side/all the things he’s done that he will never be forgiven for doing. The familiarity with both Native American lore and the ability to abjure/exorcise Vanessa’s demon..,

  19. Tom Charles says:

    22 | Undateable is unarguably a surprise summer treat, but can Ron Funches (who plays Shelly) maybe find a second way to deliver his lines? Also: TV’s Ed now playing dad to a sitcom’s 30something lead makes us feel old, right?
    I’d love for Undateable to stick around, it’s a decent show. Personally, I’m fine with Shelly as he is. And yeah, I was surprised to see Tom Cavanagh in the role and even more surprised to learn how old he is.

    • chrisnine11 says:

      I would rather Justin not sing in almost every episode. Ok, we get it. He likes to sing and he’s pretty good. But he doesn’t need to bust out in tune in every episode.

  20. c-mo says:

    18. It would be more watchable but there wouldn’t be a show to watch, all of the actors would be gone.

  21. David says:

    People keep making the argument that Pam should’ve sensed Tara’s death, but one of her first lines when we see her is something like, “Everything I touch dies.” Why are we assuming Pam didn’t sense it?

  22. Kate says:

    1) Maybe OB should get voters to get their eyeballs to the show for things like direction so they notice the story and acting. Sort of like how Arrow is majorly pumping their candidacy for a stunt emmy for the final fight between Oliver and Slade and I think given that Oliver doesn’t speak during it but that Slade does, they theorize, some curiosity might be arisen as to what the heck he is talking about.

    4) I appreciated that Tom was doing something. I think I more liked that Hal totally suspected it was his dad.

    5) That was my thought too since I thought that was some sort of connection and why Pam was pretty much looking for Eric.

    15) I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find out Emmett had figured out the password. Bay likely had a free period, but I think we have pretty much established that Emmett doesn’t actually give a flying crap about school.

    20) That is exactly what crossed my mind.

    21) I know, what is funny is last season, I was so uncomfortable as well, but somehow this year its like, oh my goodness this is funny. I think I felt Irissa and Tommy’s more because there was something there before they left, but I found Nolan and Amanda’s more interesting. I hope he understands this won’t be like her sister. I appreciated Berlin (please let Tommy call her Jessica, she clearly finds it annoying so Irissa calls her it and it sticks) and I won’t be surprised to find out she basically is a human version of Irissa and as committed to the nomad life as Irissa is, Berlin is to the E-Rep. I totally understood her point she was making to Nolan and like when shows go all meta on us.

  23. Gerri says:

    7. Yes I could use a Randy Hug.
    17. Thankfully Mike did give Harvey his Dad’s tapes.
    20. Yes that was uncomfortable to watch but totally reminded me of the kissing family sketch with James Franco.

  24. C.C. says:

    22) Shelly can deliver his lines any way he wants because I die every time! Undateable is just very enjoyable! I love it. Which means it will get canceled!

  25. Trevor says:

    #5 (True Blood) I have been so frustrated with how this show has been handling Tara since the early seasons and especially now. Her relationship with spam was so ridiculously glossed over-I don’t think it was ever even referenced last season. And there won’t be any closure to that storyline now that she’s dead, which should have been a jaw-dropping moment, but since we didn’t see it, I assumed she actually survived until I read her interview in Entertainment Weekly where Rutina Wesley confirms the death. The writers quite literally appeared to have given up on Tara-for the millionth and final time, which is upsetting to me because Rutina Wesley is extremely talented and the character had so much more potential than the writers realized.

    • Wtactualf says:

      I agree. At the very least, she deserved an onscreen death. Look at the send off Terry got compared to Tara. It’s garbage.

    • Ang says:

      I mentioned this in the comments for the true blood post, but I think that the death was off screen because Lettie Mae really killed Tara. We will see how it happened eventually.

  26. HAP says:

    A definite yes on #6. Duets was a much better show, simply because the coach- judges were so caring and funny.

    As for #22, NBC needs to give a pick up to Undateable.

  27. Sparky says:

    Much better chemistry between Dom and Siobhain in the UK version of Mistresses and the storyline for the most part was better written.

    First faux pas by the Suits wardrobe people. Ok maybe second that pink outfit that Jessica wore a couple of weeks ago was very distracting.

  28. RD says:

    17. I had to LOL reading this comment! I don’t usually care much how characters dress, but Donna is so fashionable and well costumed usually that the contrast made me feel uncomfortable every time she was onscreen! That is what I noticed most! Thanks for the validation, I’m not the only one…

  29. DavidSask says:

    I didn’t even know that was Ally on Taxi Brooklyn until now lol. Last Comic Standing away form the stand-up is suicide, Wanda should know better deserves the ratings slide now!

  30. webly3 says:

    20.) YES!

  31. Jillian says:

    5. I don’t think Tara is dead. My theory is that she killed that HepV vamp she was fighting and that was the blood we saw. Since her mother let her drink her blood before, I am guessing that Tara caught HepV from her mom and ran off with the rest of the HepV vamps. Her mother told everyone it was Tara so that they wouldn’t know she was a carrier and that she infected her daughter. It might be a wild theory but it is True Blood so it could be palpable.

  32. Francine says:

    5- Yes, but I can only hope there will be more to this story. As far as Pam not feeling we death- did it ever show for sure that the scenes of her we saw were present day?

  33. Ram510 says:

    7) Enlisted was a gem and will be missed.
    8) it was obvious Marisol was up to something
    13) Savi/Dom are done. She needs to be with the other crash victim
    18) Mystery Girls needs a new supporting cast, it could be a fun show

  34. Temperance says:

    3 – Ethan is the Wolfman, not the mundane Jack The Ripper. Ethan wasn’t in the country when the Ripper was killing; in fact, it’d stopped three years previous. 16 – the loss of Armen was pretty inexplicable and a terrible decision. And they kept that horrible girl that just whines and falls apart incessantly while blubbering about her father? Eeech.

  35. BT says:

    1) and 20) Yes!

  36. Androme says:

    6) Ask again when episode four airs?
    Seriously, people can’t wait to judge the second the first episode airs.

  37. Heathers says:

    #7 I could use a good Randy hug! #17. Donna’s dress was completely work INappropriate! And what’s up with Jessica’s attire lately, with the huge protruding collars on her suits and dresses? How did she not get makeup all over that white suit?

  38. Marie says:

    8: I neve understood how nobody figured out Marisol rigt aay at the beggning of season one! She is terrible at lying!

  39. Larry says:

    I also enjoy Undateable and isn’t Justin supposed to be late 20s at most?

  40. Elena says:

    I feel like this entire season of Suits has been a fashion miss.