Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Once, Arrow, Liars, The Last Ship, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf and More

Castle Spoilers Rick DeadIs Castle‘s biggest bad down for the count? Will Once Upon a Time‘s Elsa be chillin’ like a villain? What’s the classical twist to Arrow‘s next adversary? Who’s jumped off The Last Ship? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Will the shift in showrunners on Castle have an effect on current storyline set up in the Season 6 finale? –Rachael
In a word, nope. Everything I am hearing from well-placed sources indicates that while David Amann will be taking over the day-to-day running of the show, the vision very much remains that of series creator Andrew W. Marlowe — so much so that I have no qualms answering the next question with a quote from AWM….

The Castle finale was en fuego! Any news on what’s coming up for Season 7? –DarkDefender
I can tell you what’s not coming up – any new regurgitation of the Bracken storyline. Which, to me, rules out the squirrelly senator as the igniter of Castle’s fiery finale fate. “The Bracken arc is pretty much over,” Marlowe told me after the finale. “We know who [killed Johanna], Beckett has gotten juctice…. If there is any future storytelling with Senator Brecken, it would be breaking new ground and not going back to revisit the old ghosts.” That said, “Bracken isn’t dead, he’s a formidable person and he may someday entertain notions for revenge,” Marlowe allowed, “but it would be [in the context of] storytelling that moves us forward.”

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I’ve read two different Once Upon a Time articles (both quoting TVLine, by the way), one stating that Elsa will be in nine episodes and the other stating that Anna will be in nine episodes. I thought I read on your site that it would be Elsa. Could you please clarify? –MGM
Oh, the Internet. Just one big game of “Telephone,” isn’t it? Elsa will appear in about nine episodes, Anna is slated for six to eight, and Kristoff is in as many as six.

Is Once Upon a Time‘s Elsa going to be evil? Or can we assume she will follow the movie character? –Margie
See, that’s the question I had the second it was confirmed who exactly we saw there in the barn. So I asked the series creators if we’ll perhaps be seeing Elsa beforeFrozen movie spoiler alert! — she and Anna happily reunited, back when she was in that epic snit. “Maybe yes, maybe no. It could be after,” Adam Horowitz hedged. “One can be in a snit for many reasons.”

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It was said at the beginning of Season 5 that NCIS: LA would be losing a team member. Is that still going to happen? –Meghan
Oh, the Internet. Just one big game of “Telephone,” isn’t it? The team member that was “lost” was Kensi, when she got pulled from the L.A. team and sent to Afghanistan. Mystery solved!

Any new news on Arrow Season 3? The wait is killing us! –Jeff
‘Member the “Seth” guy I told you about a couple of weeks ago? Well, the casting for that role has since been tweaked, and he is now described as a “shade of a man” with a quiet intensity, a “criminal mastermind who whistles classical music” as he goes about his devious business. There’s also talk of him having “reptilian eyes.” Whomever he is, he will be the Big Bad for the season opener.

What can you tell us about the Sleepy Hollow premiere? –Deyna
I’ve got nothing new on the premiere. But if you want to look a-head to Episode 6, I can tell you that there’s a new hunk in town – the late Sheriff Corbin’s son Joe, a well-built, all-American Marine carrying a big chip on his shoulder.

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Got anything about Major Crimes? –Ilona
Sharon’s son Ricky, who pops up in Episode 9, is a real piece of work, throwing shade left and right at his new “brother” Rusty. But when Ricky goes too far and psychoanalyzes his mom’s reasons for taking in the street rat, just you watch as Mama Bear’s claws come out!

It’s going to be a long, dry summer without Reign. I’ll take anything you can give me to hold me over. –Christina
All told, series star Adelaide Kane foresees an “intense second season,” based on how the freshman run ended. “I’d say we have a lot of stuff – and a darker direction — to look forward to,” she told me, adding that she hopes to share more scenes in the future with Caitlin Stasey (who plays Kenna). P.S. “Dry.” Reign. Excellent wordplay.

Can you tell us anything about Season 2 of Masters of Sex? I’m eagerly awaiting the premiere! –Jacquelyn
According to Teddy Sears, “We are going to see Dr. Langham be even more ruthless and untethered” when the Showtime hit returns July 13. “He’s looking to re-anchor, to reorganize, his life, and he does so quite unsuccessfully and I think quite hilariously. We’re having a lot of fun shooting it!”

Michaela McManus (Law & Order: SVU) was supposed to be on The Last Ship on TNT — she’s even in one of the early promos, but when I got to the same scene in that episode it was another actress who wasn’t her. What gives? –Colleen
What gives is that McManus’ character, Lt. Jackie Makena, was excised from the pilot. Onetime Leverage guest star Marissa Neitling was subsequently cast in a similar role, as the Combat Information Center’s Lt. Kara Foster.

Who played the president in the first episode of The Last Ship? Could that have been Angie Dickinson? –Loretta
Angie Dickinson, no. Deborah May, yes.

Anything about Teen Wolf‘s Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall? –Wahiba
If you’re asking about their romantic relationship — it’s no secret that many ‘ship those two — you shouldn’t expect any new developments on that front. But Stiles’ dad and Scott’s mom do have some pretty big interactions coming up, and we’re still not used to hearing them talk about werewolves together. (Seriously, this is a teen drama. What ever happened to parents being left in the dark?)

Do you have any scoop on the big revelation in the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars? –Jon
Which “big revelation” would that be? Because last we checked there will be several, including which guy Hanna will be sticking with for the foreseeable future. Episode 100 marks Caleb’s return to Rosewood, and while we’re all excited for the former Ravenswoodsman’s homecoming, Hanna still has that little matter of Travis to sort out. Something tells me her new man won’t appreciate being dropped like a bad habit. Bonus scoop: Episode 12 will introduce us to Mona’s momma, Leona.

Any Rookie Blue scoop? Preferably McSwarek-flavoured? –Sara
We have not seen the last of Sam’s ex Marlo! “She’s an excellent police officer,” says EP Tassie Cameron. “We spent a lot of time trying to establish that in Season 4, trying to show how good she is at her job. So there’s a big case that brings her back, in a different capacity.”

Got anything on Orphan Black? –Leia
It would seem that those who sp-egg-ulated about that nitrogen tank Helena left behind in Felix’s loft before getting grabbed are right, that her babies are now in the hands of her sestra. “They could be [her eggs],” co-creator Graeme Manson allowed, confirming this much: “She’s taken something from the Prolethean farm and left them for her sisters.”

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I watched the official trailer for ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder a bunch of times but there is no sign of Katie Findlay. Is she still part of the show? –Marko
Oh, yes. The Carrie Diaries/The Killing alumna is very much a part of the show.

I would really like to know exactly what pilots you think are watchable, in a big list! Consider it! –Rebooted
I’ll of course be posting my annual First Impressions series later this summer, but for now I’m keeping a running “rankings” over on my Facebook page. Thus far, the Top 3 dramas I have watched are How to Get Away With Murder, Gotham and Madam Secretary, while Selfie and Marry Me are leading the sitcom pack – with a huuuuge, sad gap separating No. 3 and below.

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