Eye on Emmy: The Good Wife Courts a Multitude of Guest Star Contenders

Guest stars are of course a fixture on virtually all scripted series, but none seems to do it with quite the gusto of CBS’ The Good Wife. Relying on established stars (or, in the case of two from this past season, the daughters of Oscar winners), The Good Wife offers Emmy voters a multitude of choices for the Guest Performer in a Drama Series categories.

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  1. ggny says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Wendi Scott Carr is a horrible character? The way she acts and talks just makes me not want to watch her…Imo she is the worst character on The Good Wife

    • Saint Alicia says:

      You’re not alone, she was so good at being awful it was terrible (if that makes sense). Her sanctimonious yet slimy demeanor made my skin crawl; so glad she’s gone and if I never see Wendi Scott-Carr again it will be too soon.
      Unfortunately, Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) is the same breed of villain, which makes me dread his scenes. TGW just seems to love vile characters… :\

      • TV Gord says:

        So you only want shiny happy people on TV shows? How boring would that be? Every show needs its antagonists to keep things interesting…just as real life does! ;-)

        • KevyB says:

          There’s villains and then there’s moustache-twirling villains, and both of these two fill that role. I much prefer the more entertaining villainy of Michael J Fox and Martha Plimpton, though sometimes even they get into a little moustache-twirling themselves. As for who should get the Emmy? Carrie Preston! That character is sheer genius.

    • ojie king says:


  2. Ashley says:

    I think Anika Noni Rose should be nominated more for her role on Private Practice. Her scenes with Taye Diggs’ Sam were heartbreakingly amazing. I liked her performance far more in that role than in this one (and not because you’re supposed to, but because her emotional acting is stellar).

    • ojie king says:

      In my opinion, she was one of the best guest stars they have had. Wendy Scott Carr is soo bad she is good. The Private Practice one was good but too too…..

  3. Cathy says:

    Agree; her character was horrible. Anika Noni Rose was better on Private Practice.

    Matthew Perry and Martha Plimpton need to submit their names; loved both of them.

  4. sam says:

    I liked anika better on the good wife — on private practice she was really really annoying — but shows what a great actress she is — she literally went from one show airing to a few days later to this other character.

  5. Brad says:


  6. qeee says:

    It’s tough because TGW chooses good guest-stars. Most likely to get nomination would be Matthew Perry and Matthew J. fox but Maybe Dylan Baker & Martha Plimpton. I would love if Carrie Preston got some Emmy Love though.

  7. Ryan says:

    Carrie Preston gets my vote (if I had one)! I love when she shows up, and she’s even more enjoyable on Good Wife than True Blood!

    • Jazzyt2u says:

      Yeah she is. I LOVE her on this show waaay better than on True Blood and I’m a True Blood fan…

  8. Leah says:

    Loved them all, but the winner for me is Carrie Preston.

  9. Saint Alicia says:

    Oh, and Celeste Serrano/Lisa Edelstein or Colin Sweeney/Dylan Baker for the nom/win!

  10. To have an amazing ensemble cast (Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Archie Panjabi, Matt Czuchry, Josh Charles, Alan Cumming) and to still be able to create such an amazing wide range of characters shows how truly phenomenal the writers of this show are.

    LOVE The Good Wife.

  11. mia says:

    Carrie Preston is by far my favourite guest star on TGW. I hope she comes back at some point

  12. Cathy says:

    I knew I was missing someone! Love Carrie Preston on TGW; actually not as fond of her on True Blood. It seems like TGW uses her skills better.

  13. TMW says:

    Carrie Preston, Carrie Preston, Carrie Preston. Her performances have been utterly fantastic.

  14. Stacy says:

    Can’t stand Amy Sedaris’ character. She is perhaps the sole exclusion from the list; as others have said TGW has killer guest stars. I love so many of them, but top of my list is Carrie Preston. Elsbeth is so fun & original.

  15. wordsmith says:

    They said two daughters of Oscar winners – am I missing something? Mamie Gummer is obviously one, who is the other?

  16. airhead says:

    Carrie Preston all the way. Elsbeth never fails to make me laugh, and she always seems to have tricks up her sleeve

    • Mimi says:

      THIS! But I also like Michael J. Fox and Martha Plimpton! The “Dream Team” was one of the best episodes of the season! Every time they appeared on screen I started laughing. They were great together!

  17. someone says:

    The Good Wife needs to start a spin-off with these people, they’re all so great.

  18. noa says:

    i LOVE all these women. can’t choose who I likes the most. maybe Carrie Preston? but they were all amazing. great characters, great performances.

  19. isabel says:

    Not only does the show have an incredible cast, it also has superb guest stars. Any of them are worthy of getting a nomination.

  20. Adele says:

    I really loved Lisa Edelstein as Celeste.

    • Julie says:

      Oh yess!!! Lisa Edelstein totally deserves an Emmy!!!! She is incredibly talented!!! Loved Celeste! Emmy for Lisa Edelstein!! :D

  21. ana says:

    Lisa edelstein the best

  22. flor says:

    Love Martha Plimpton and Lisa Edelstein. :D

  23. Polly says:

    Martha Plimpton, Amy Sedaris and Michael J. Fox are my top 3 picks.
    Honorable mention to Matthew Perry.

  24. pia says:

    Martha Plimpton, Carrie Preston and Matthew Perry should get a nom.

  25. EveatEden says:

    Oh wow, they were all so good. Loved Carrie Preston, Martha Plimpton, Mamie Gummer, and Michael J. Fox the most but really all of them were excellent! TGW gets such great actors/actresses for these type roles! They are all so good in so different ways!

  26. abfidy says:

    The best thing about The Good Wife’s guest spots is that they never feel like the writer’s just wrote someone in for the sake of a viewing boost. Each of those guest stars, love them or hate them, had a distinct well-rounded character to work with.

  27. Celeste Serrano/Lisa Edelstein! she is awesome.

  28. camila says:

    Lisa Edelstein
    as ‘Celeste Serrano’

  29. LoveHuddy says:

    Lisa Edelstein was so funny ! Was good to see her in that kind of character !

  30. Amy says:

    Can I just say, I love this show. Here are just 13 of the reasons why.

  31. Pearl says:

    Honestly, the Emmys could have a list of guest stars nominess only with good wife’s actors, and no one would be angry. PLEASE!!! MATHEW PERRY NEEDS A WIN. At the exactly same time i could see the last characters he did (like Mr. Sunshine) it didn’t look at all whith them. I mean, this is the ebst part he got in YEARS! And I would just love if he could forget his pilot and just become a regular on the show. He’s much more entertainy in a drama character than in a comedy one. He rocked Alicia’s world!

  32. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    lisa edelstein!!

  33. Marie says:

    Martha Plimpton as Patti Nyholm, very clever

  34. itzelselene98 says:

    THE BEST!!! *_______________*

  35. TayMilani says:

    Lisa Edelstein amei Celeste Serrano Best**

  36. Mandy says:

    Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox clearly deserve the wins!
    If I had to choose seconds, Mamie Gummer and Matthew Perry would be next for sure.

  37. Funky says:

    Parker Posey deserves some love here!