What to Watch Today

The Resident Heads for Hiatus, Delilah Debuts and More

  • The CW
    The Flash

    Cisco expresses concern when Barry gains the power of speed thinking. (How’d they pull off Barry’s Council of Wells? And who got accolades?)

  • CBS

    The team delves into the competitive world of food trucks after a man is found frozen to death in one. (Will Maria Bello’s Sloane be replaced any time soon?)

  • OWN
    Queen Sugar

    Micah and Charley’s relationship continues to flourish; Ralph Angel takes pride in his new job and talks to Darla about their future.

  • Fox
    The Resident

    Midseason finale: Nic must confront her trauma when the man who attacked her is admitted to the emergency room; new intern Leela struggles on her first day.

  • ABC
    To Tell the Truth

    Celebrity panelists include Brad Garrett, Cheryl Hines and Big Boy.

  • OWN

    Series premiere: A highly principled lawyer (Maahra Hill) does her best to raise two kids alone and keep her ties to family, friends and faith strong. (Watch trailer.)

  • CBS

    OA and Mona disagree on a reluctant informant’s rights in the wake of a bombing that killed three people. (Second spinoff in the works!)

  • The CW
    Superman & Lois

    Clark shares part of his history with his sons; Lois and Chrissy dig deeper into Morgan Edge. (Read Elizabeth Tulloch Q&A; when does Supergirl return?)

  • CBS
    FBI: Most Wanted

    The team hunts for a repeat offender and the child he abducted after he killed the boy’s mom; Miguel Gomez (The Strain) joins the cast as Special Agent Ivan Ortiz.

  • NBC
    New Amsterdam

    Max deals with the devastating consequences of one of his policies; Bloom has a startling realization about Iggy. (What happened to Season 2’s “lost” episode?)