Superman & Lois' Elizabeth Tulloch on Her Personal Connection to Lois Lane

Superman And Lois Interview

As Grimm‘s Juliette Silverton, Elizabeth Tulloch spent years unaware of the supernatural shenanigans happening around her. As Superman & Lois‘ titular reporter, things are (thankfully) very different.

“It’s so funny, that didn’t even occur to me,” Tulloch tells TVLine of the comparison between her two characters. “It just felt very passive for Juliette until she found out. As Lois, I’ve always known, so there’s more to do. When someone doesn’t know the secret, it creates this damsel in distress who’s unaware and kind of naive. I’m very happy we’re playing a version of this where she knows exactly what’s going on and they have no secrets from each other. They still have secrets from other people, just not each other.”

Though Superman & Lois premiered less than two weeks ago, CW viewers have known Tulloch’s Lois since the network’s 2018 “Elseworlds” crossover event. Tulloch says she felt an immediate connection to her character, not just because of her status as a DC icon, but because Tulloch already felt like she was walking in her shoes.

“When I booked the role in 2018, I was really pregnant and I was in the middle of my own investigation,” Tulloch recalls. “I found out that somebody I loosely knew was scamming people that I knew, and I started trying to piece together what was going on in my free time, because I somehow seemed to be someone that everybody involved had in common. And I was really into it, putting together the pieces of this puzzle. I remember saying to my husband David [Giuntoli], ‘How funny is this? She’s an investigative reporter, and here I am in the middle of this little investigation myself!'”

In its first two episodes, Superman & Lois has shown Tulloch’s character in full reporter mode, as she quit The Daily Planet to take on evil billionaire Morgan Edge from the local level, but it’s also given us many other colors in the Lois Lane rainbow, especially when it comes to raising her and Clark’s twin boys. That cocktail of personality traits is one of the reasons Tulloch really admires her character.

“I understand why she’s so iconic, and why she has remained so iconic for so long,” Tulloch says. “She’s opinionated and unapologetic, but she’s also vulnerable and romantic. She has a lot of depth, and I’m having so much fun playing her.”

New episodes of Superman & Lois air Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. (And it’s already been renewed for Season 2!) Your thoughts on the new series so far? Drop ’em in a comment below.