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NCIS Spoilers Sloane LEaving

Has NCIS already filled a soon-to-be-vacated office? Will The Surgeon scrub in soon on Prodigal Son? Will WandaVision‘s Ralph reveal himself? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows!

Any scoop on Prodigal Son? –Maite
In the Fox drama’s next fresh episode (airing Tuesday, March 2), when Martin begins to work in the infirmary with Catherine Zeta Jones’ Dr. Vivian Capshaw, he might get close to performing surgery sooner than he thought. Bonus scoop: Jessica’s sister Birdie Milton (Filthy Rich‘s Rachel York) will soon be paying a visit, as Bright tries to solve the mystery of who Ainsley may have killed.


True or false: Did NCIS‘ Wilmer Valderrama leak on Instagram (see photo) the person replacing Maria Bello? –Dale

Ha, that’s a big ol’ FALSE. Rather, Zane Holtz (Katy Keene) is simply guest-starring as Special Agent Dale Sawyer in an upcoming episode where the team has to “play nice and work with other agents.” And from what co-showrunner Steve Binder told me, there will be no rush to fill the void left by Maria Bello’s imminently exiting Jack Sloane. “We have a core team, and I think it was a function of Maria that we were able to find so much to give her to do,” the EP explained. “If it’s not Maria [playing the forensic psychologist role], then I don’t know if we need to necessarily fill it right away.”

I would love to know more about Angelina’s role in Manifest Season 3. –Anouk
By Angelina, you mean the new 828er being played by The Americans‘ Holly Taylor? Well, having recently glimpsed the first five minutes of Season 3, I can tell you that Angelina appears in one of the very first scenes (following a fun peek at Michaela and Zeke’s honeymoon) — and it is not under the best of circumstances.

How many episodes are in Manifest Season 3? –Hector
Showrunner Jeff Rake confirms that the new season, (finally) arriving Thursday, April 1, will run 13 episodes.

New Amsterdam IggyI’d love to hear what’s in store for New Amsterdam’s Dr. Iggy Frome this season. Many thanks! –Jen
In Season 3 (premiering Tuesday, March 2), Tyler Labine’s character will struggle with an eating disorder that he’s been battling ever since he was a kid.  As a result, while Iggy is typically always so focused on helping others, he will realize that he may need some help of his own.

With Lucifer’s final season only being 10 episodes, will Trixie be a part of it? I know Scarlett Estevez has been busy filming a movie and now her new series, but it wouldn’t be right without her in the final season. –Beth
Worry not! I checked in with co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich (no relation), and they assured that “in both Season 5B and Season 6, fans will still definitely get their Trixie fix. We adore Scarlett and shuffled things around a bit to make sure we could keep the tale of the future President of Mars going!”

Has Nathaniel Arcand left FBI: Most Wanted? –Jennifer
Special Agent Clinton Skye, I am reminded, is on special assignment — and fans of the actor/character would be wise to stay tuned for an eventual update on his situation.

WandaVision AgnesI enjoyed your ideas on who WandaVision‘s Big Bad might be, but was surprised there was no mention of the mysterious Ralph. Any chance he will come out of the shadows to play a (villainous?) role in the final episodes? —Claire
I do wonder if Ralph will remain off-screen in the sitcom tradition of Vera and Maris — and Kathryn Hahn, who plays Agnes, didn’t lean either way when discussing Ralph’s possible appearance. “I don’t know! You’ll have to wait and see!” she hedged. “But that’s also an awesome sitcom trope. You’ve gotta have the crappy home life that you don’t want to return to, so you just end up sitting on your neighbor’s couch.”

Anything on Chicago Med‘s Dr. Choi? — Sierra
Did anyone else get the sense from this week’s episode that something might be brewing between Ethan and Dr. Sabeena Virani? Well, executive producers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider did tell us earlier this season that Ethan “will have some attractions,” and they will be “not requited.” In the meantime, Dr. Virani has agreed to go out with Will, but he runs the risk of ruining things with his recent decisions. “There are very strict rules with these trials, and Dr. Virani would be very upset if she found him bending the rules,” Schneider said.

All rise Emily LukeAnything about All Rise‘s Luke and Emily? –Aurora
The former lovebirds did seem to be inching toward a rekindling of sorts in the latest episode, where Luke properly celebrated Emily’s birthday. Moving forward, “Luke deeply wants to follow his heart, but the fear of making mistakes is holding him back,” his portrayer, J. Alex Brinson, tells Inside Line. “However ‘life’ sometimes has a way of helping us find our true path — and Luke is in for some surprises.”

Is Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 still coming, and if so, when? –Kirsten
Season 2 of the supernatural-tinged war drama is currently in production, though a premiere date has not yet been set.

Superman & LoisIt was exciting to read your positive review of Superman & Lois, but I’ve got to ask are there any plans for Jon Cryer to pop over as Earth-Prime’s Lex Luthor? –Brian
Having seen the first two episodes of the Arrowverse newcomer (premiering Tuesday, Feb. 23), I would say that an eventual appearance by Supergirl‘s Cryer is not out of the question.

Any word when Billions could possibly return? Also, when Shameless finally returns, will they run episodes consecutively? –Zack

I am hearing that while Billions has not quite started filming Season 6, it is still earmarked for a 2021 premiere. And yes, once the Shameless “Hall of Fame” specials have run their course, the final six episodes of the actual series will air uninterrupted.

Are we going to see Murdoc before this season of MacGyver ends? –Amel

And how! I didn’t get this column cobbled together in time to “break” this news, but in the March 5 episode, titled “Diamond + Quake + Carbon + Comms + Tower,” it is discovered that the team’s comms were hacked and have been recorded over the past few months by Murdoc (returning guest star David Dastmalchian), who is now in plotting with Andrews (guest star Joe Pantoliano) to kill thousands of innocent lives while revealing each Phoenix member’s most guarded secrets.

Any fun Chicago Fire guest stars to share, new or returning? –K.C.

As has been well reported for months now, guest casting is a sticky wicket amid the pandemic. “We’re talking about having Severide’s mom back, played by Kim Delaney, but honestly, we’re being very sensitive to where the world is and where we are,” showrunner Derek Haas told TVLine. “Our plan is that we’ll see Jennifer before the end of the season, but unfortunately I can’t promise that’s going to happen. We also always like to have Grissom on the show, too, which is our [Fire] Commissioner played by Gary Cole.”

Do you have any updates on if/when new episodes of Celebrity IOU will be dropping on Discovery+? –Scott

Wynonna Earp - Season 4I’m devastated to find out the last six episodes Wynonna Earp are finishing on Syfy. Any insight on what the theme(s) of the final episodes are? –Jenna

I have yet to fire up the first batch of final screeners, but I do have this leftover tease from the lovely Kat Barrell. “The Garden is still very much present, and the need to figure out what to do about these portals is going to be really explored in the second half of the season,” she shared. As hinted by the new trailer, “The danger that is the Garden is what we’re going to be really diving into.”

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