What to Watch Today

Scandal's End Begins, The Orville Rescues Charlize Theron

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Bailey is put on edge by the arrival of Harper Avery; Meredith deals with a familiar patient; Amelia tries to keep her secret. (Get scoop on flashback episode.)

  • NBC

    Cloud 9 holds a memorial service for a former employee killed in the tornado; Amy notices Dina is struggling with anxiety. (Miss the Season 3 premiere? Read recap.)

  • NBC
    The Good Place

    Eleanor and the others are faced with a difficult decision, as Michael attempts to turn things around. (Fall behind? Read Episode 3 recap.)

  • Fox
    The Orville

    Ed and the crew rescue the captain (played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron) of a stranded spaceship. (Watch sneak peek.)

  • ABC

    Final season premiere: Olivia is faced with her toughest decision yet, just 100 days into Mellie’s presidency. (Pop Quiz: How well do you remember the series’ pilot?)

  • Syfy
    Van Helsing

    Season 2 premiere: Vanessa and Mohamad search for Dylan; Dmitri’s stronghold weakens; Flesh gains a new ally.

  • NBC
    Will & Grace

    Will goes out with a younger man (played by Dear Evan Hansen‘s Ben Platt); Grace’s true feelings about Karen are revealed. (Read premiere recap.)

  • Syfy
    Ghost Wars

    Series premiere: An outcast (Tut‘s Avan Jogia) unleashes his repressed psychic powers to save his Alaskan town from a mass haunting; Vincent D’Onofrio (Marvel’s Daredevil), Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy), Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica), Kristin Lehman (Motive) and Meat Loaf (Fight Club) co-star.

  • NBC
    Chicago Fire

    Severide and Casey try to get to the bottom of who started the fire that trapped Boden’s wife. (EP weighs in on Severide’s backslide.)

  • ABC
    How to Get Away With Murder

    Annalise reconnects with a former client; the Keating 4 struggle to overcome their damaged reputations. (Read premiere post-mortem with Karla Souza.)