Throwback Thursday

Scandal Pop Quiz! How Well Do You Remember the Series' Pilot?

Scandal Pilot Quiz

As ABC’s Scandal gears up for its final season, are you looking for a challenging, at-times stupidly specific quiz about the episode that started it all?

As Olivia Pope famously says, “Consider it taken care of.” (Or words to that effect.).

TVLine fired up the ol’ Netflix to revisit the series’ pilot, which was titled “Sweet Baby” and debuted in April 2012 (launching the Shondaland drama’s seven-episode freshman run). What follows in the quiz below are 27 questions that, if you also happened to watch the pilot recently-ish, might only present a moderate challenge. But if it’s been a while…? You’re going to be calling us names. (That said, No. 16 is a big, fat gimme if there ever was one!)

Your answer lighting up GREEN means you got it right, RED means wrong. On your mark, get set… gladiate!  

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