Superstore Premiere Recap: Amy and Jonah Kissed — So Now What?

Superstore reopened its doors on Thursday, immediately addressing Amy and Jonah’s twister-fueled kiss.

The Season 3 premiere picks up two months after the tornado. The grand reopening of Cloud 9 has arrived, but the store is nowhere near ready. Glenn, who has spent the summer agonizing over whether he now believes in Allah, misread instructions from Corporate to bring everyone back to work a week sooner to prepare for the big day. Now with just four hours to spare, the employees rush to replenish the shelves before Jeff (who now wears a toupee!) arrives for the big ribbon-cutting ceremony with Cloud 9’s head of marketing celebrity guest Howie Mandel.

As preparations get underway, Jonah reveals to Cheyenne and Mateo that his apartment building was destroyed in the storm, and he’s been living in a FEMA trailer ever since. Cheyenne takes it upon herself to suggest that Jonah move into Garrett’s two-bedroom apartment, but Garrett is reluctant to say yes. Afterwards, Marcus insists Jonah come stay with him, but makes it weird when he implies they’ll be luring women back to his apartment for the occasional devil’s threeway. (So yeah, it’s a no.) Later, Garrett comes around on letting Jonah stay with him, but enforces a few strict rules. For instance, Jonah can’t be around when Garrett’s black friends come over on Wednesdays.

Amy and Jonah eventually bump into each other and decide it would be best to avoid any and all discussion of the kiss, especially since Amy returned home to estranged husband Adam. Later that day, Dina tasks Amy and Jonah with dressing up as Despicable Me Minions for the grand re-opening. Once in costume, Amy reveals to Jonah that she and Adam are getting a divorce. Then, in an effort to cut the tension, she jokingly asks Jonah if he wants to have sex. Jonah doesn’t pick up on the humor right away, and his lack of response says everything we need to know: Things aren’t getting any less awkward between these two anytime soon!

Elsewhere in the episode…

* Mateo has no idea whether ex-boyfriend Jeff ever got the voicemail he sent during the tornado, during which he confessed his unrelenting love. Jeff doesn’t make mention of the voicemail upon his arrival for the grand reopening, and reveals to Mateo that he’s back with his ex-boyfriend.

* Dina, who lacks in pop-culture knowledge, spends much of the episode mistaking Mandel for a new hire. Even after she finds out he’s judge on America’s Got Talent, she takes away his carrot sticks and orders him to clean up around the registers.

* Myrtle survived the tornado! But Brett, whom we last saw outside as the twister approached Cloud 9, is still nowhere to be found.

* Carol sets out to get revenge on Sandra after being left for dead during the tornado. As Sandra is busy restocking a shelf, Carol attempts to drop a heavy box on Sandra’s head.

* Later, Sandra reveals that Jerry was hit by a flying mailbox during the storm, and has been in a coma ever since. He’s recently started breathing on his own again, though, so that’s good.

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