Star Wars TV Status Report: The Latest on Lando, Mando, Ahsoka and 5 Others

Star Wars TV Release Dates Ahsoka Lando

The Force is stronger than ever with live-action Star Wars TV series, especially in the wake of a Vanity Fair deep dive followed by Star Wars Celebration 2022.

To help you keep tabs on the double-secret officially announced facts as well as some of the stronger rumors, TVLine — at the cost of exactly zero Bothans’ lives! — has compiled this handy database of the live-action series that have debuted or been announced thus far, and where each one stands with casting, filming and scheduled release dates.

This list does not include but of is supplemental to any animated offerings, such as The Bad Batch (which will release Season 2 in Fall 2022), the animé anthology Visions (which will release Volume 2 in Spring 2023), and the recently announced Tales of the Jedi and Young Jedi Adventures series.

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