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Superstore's Ben Feldman, EPs on Amy and Jonah's Love Story: What Needed to Happen to Stick the Finale Landing?

Superstore Series Finale

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Superstore‘s March 25 series finale.

Amy and Jonah fans got just the ending they were hoping for during Thursday’s Superstore — and then there was more.

In the NBC comedy’s series finale, Amy found out that Jonah had recently broken up with Hannah. Soon after, she confronted her ex. First, she told him that she finally binge-watched The Americans during quarantine. Then she said that she was sorry for the way she left. “It was selfish and awful… and my brain short-circuited,” she said. “Suddenly I had all these options for the first time in my life, and I got to decide what I want. But how do I decide what I want? … Jonah, I didn’t know what I wanted, but I know now.”

Superstore Series FinaleBut it wasn’t that simple. Jonah was happy that Amy figured things out, but he was still hurt by the way things ended between them, and he needed Amy to see that. “I’m not just something you can schedule for whenever you’re free,” he told her. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what I want anymore.”

Rather than wait for Jonah to figure it out on his own, Amy approached him at closing time and asked him why he stayed at Cloud 9 for six years. “You know why,” he said. And that’s when Amy laid all her cards on the table: “When I first met you, I thought you were the most annoying person I’d ever met, with your moments of beauty, seize-the-day crap — like you’d watched Dead Poets Society too many times,” she said. “I hated how cheesy you were, I hated how woke you were, I hated how often you used the word ‘artisan’… But most of all, I hated how you believed that life could be better than it was. And yet, here we are, and my life is so much better than it was because of you. And I screwed it all up. I know that. But you waited six years for me, so if I have to wait another—”

And that’s when he stopped her and kissed her. The kiss was eventually interrupted by a customer inquiring about menstrual cups — the very same customer who interrupted Amy to ask about stool softener in the pilot.

What followed was an emotional flash forward — more on that here! — that revealed that Amy and Jonah eventually got married and had a kid of their own: a son named Carter. As the series drew to a close, Amy tucked Parker and Carter into bed, then shut the lights, revealing glow stars on the bedroom ceiling. It was another “moment of beauty.” (The finale also solved the mystery of the severed feet — more on that here.)

In separate interviews, TVLine spoke with series star/producer Ben Feldman, as well as executive producers/co-showrunners Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller, about bringing the #Simmosa arc to a satisfying close.

Superstore Series FinaleTVLINE | Gabe, when we spoke in November, you mentioned Amy and Jonah’s love story wasn’t necessarily over. Was them getting back together the ending you always had in mind — at least since America Ferrera first announced she was leaving?
MILLER | It was, and it wasn’t. We knew that’s where we would head for the end of the series, but we really thought there might be more seasons. It obviously all had to get moved up, and there were challenges involved with that.

TVLINE | I’m sure fans who just tuned in were delighted by just how present Amy was in these last two episodes. Once you knew the series was ending, was America the first call you made, to make sure not only that she was available, but that she’d be able to return in such a large capacity?
GREEN | We did call her right away. She’s living in New York, and we knew how busy her schedule is now. We thought, hopefully, we could get her for one episode, and we were lucky enough to be able to get her for two episodes. And then we said, “Can we get one more scene to allow for some forward momentum heading into these last two episodes? It would be fun to reveal her at the end [of 6×13].”
MILLER | It was our version of a Marvel post-credits sequence. [Laughs]

Superstore Series FinaleTVLINE | Ben, beyond what it means to the fans who championed this couple for so long, how important was it for you to see Jonah and Amy get back together — this time for good?
FELDMAN | It was very important to me because Amy is such an integral part of Jonah’s growth as a character and as a human. It would certainly feel like something is missing [if they didn’t get back together]. When we did get the news that this season would be our last, one of the very first calls I made was to the other producers, and I said, “Give her whatever she wants. Get her back. And get her back for as much as we can.” [Laughs] America really, really wanted to come back. She had always said the idea was to come back whenever we were wrapping it up. We didn’t know it’d be 20 minutes after she left, but it was tremendously important.

TVLINE | Aside from Jonah’s minor breakdown in “The Trough,” Jonah hadn’t discussed his breakup with Amy much this season. How critical was it that Jonah confront his feelings about it before he and Amy kissed and made up?
FELDMAN | It was important to me, but also to America. America said, “Let’s make sure Jonah is getting what he wants here, and is fighting for what he wants, and is standing up for himself. Let’s make sure that’s an important element of this dynamic.” We played with a lot of different levels of how [heated] it would get. You only have so much real estate when you tell the final story within two episodes, so you can’t go nuts. In a dream world, I would have liked five episodes, at least, to tell that arc. But I think we did absolutely everything we could, given the time we were afforded… How we went about doing it, and the level of drama and heat and emotion, was under careful consideration. It was an ongoing, intense discussion between America and myself, the writers and the other producers.
GREEN | [Jonah breaking down in “The Trough”] came from wanting to do justice to how hard that must have been for him [to see Amy go]. We were wary of making it seem like he had completely moved on too soon after so many seasons of pining after Amy, then dating Amy, and then the way the breakup happened. Even before we knew that she’d be coming back at the end of this season, it felt important to have him get it all out on the table and express how he had been feeling, to honor his emotional state.

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